At a time when most households are facing Rising living costs, the mg4 provides an affordable opportunity for buyers to make the transition to an all electric car that offers low day to day running costs and great flexibility. There are often sacrifices to be made when looking for the best value auction in any Market sector, but in the case of the mg4 youll be more than pleasantly surprised. The boot could be slightly bigger and some of the materials in the cabin are more hard wearing than high end, but as an overall package youll struggle to beat the mg4ev lets discuss about features, features on board. The mg4ev include a 10.25 inch infotainment system with Android, auto and apple carplay in a 7 inch digital driver display. It also gets connected car tech, heated front seats and steering wheel wireless phone charger and v2l vehicle to load feature. If we talk about safety on the safety front, it gets multiple airbags, ABS with EBD and a 360 degree camera. Furthermore, it is equipped with full Suite Advanced Driver assistance systems, adage functionalities, including autonomous emergency braking aeb adaptive cruise control Lane keep assist lka with Lane departure warning system and rear cross traffic alert. Development of EV technology has increased at a rapid rate over recent years. Bigger batteries, increased efficiency and Speedy charging options are just some of the advancements that have helped battery power become more attractive to buyers. Although the relatively expensive cost to purchase or lease an electric car continues to put some off making the switch from Petrol and Diesel models.

Small EVS, such as the mini electric Peugeot e 208 and Dinky, Fiat 500, are all priced from around 28 000 pounds to 30 000 pounds and if youre in the market for an all electric family SUV, then youll need even deeper pockets. Mg has clearly held this issue in mind when designing its mg4 EV hatchback, because it offers a spacious interior, good standard equipment and a decent driving range all with a starting price of around 27 000 pounds. Other electric family hatchbacks include the Cooper born and Nissan Leaf, while the crossover style of the Vauxhall, mochae and Kia Niro EV will hold equal appeal. Although again, all of these models are more expensive than the mg4. So what do you get with? Mgs? First bespoke all electric car well: firstly, the mg4 is built on the manufacturers, modular scalable platform MSP, which underpins a range of mgevs. The mg4 has a single rear mounted motor with a choice of two battery sizes, 51 kilowatt hours or 64 kilowatt hours units. While power is 168 BHP or 200 BHP, depending on which battery you choose a maximum range of 281 miles on the combined cycle for the SE, long range model should be enough for most needs and 150 kilowatts. Rapid charging capability will help with fast recharging on longer Journeys. Standard equipment is generous with all cars featuring 17 inch, alloy wheels, automatic, LED headlights, rear parking, sensors adaptive cruise control in a 10.25 inch infotainment touchscreen with Apple carplay and Android, auto connectivity.

If youre not fussed about luxuries, such as heated seats, Wireless smartphone charging and an upgraded audio system which are included with the top spec trophy version, then the SC Long Range model could be the one to go for hope. You liked our videos and please subscribe to our channel to get latest updates.