This is the new Kia ev6 GT. Yes, this is the 576 horsepower Kia. This will rival some supercars for a fraction of the price Music coming outside the GT benefits from the unique looks of the regular ev6. You have a very Sleek sloped front end that rear is kind of like it has a fast back style to it, even though its a four door, it looks very, very sleek and definitely a unique rear end. You have the same roof spoiler, but the bumpers are a little bit different. I really like what Kia does with their light treatments, so you have that signature LED lighting in the front and even in the rear. You know the way that the rear tail lights are shaped and and the backup light itself. I like how its centered down below its a very subtle GT badge, but the only one giveaway that this is different than the regular ev6 GT line, would be the wheels versus other 21 inch wheels, but its whats behind them. You get larger rotors and you have these four piston green calipers behind them, so they look really good. They really stand out in my opinion, and they work very well with the whole package lets go inside because its freezing Music, oh man, I am driving a four wheeled missile holy smoke before we get to the GT part of this review lets just briefly talk about The interior in this ev6 GT so essentially its the same as the regular ev6, but this is the top of the line in the ev6 lineup, so there are no options its fully fully loaded.

If you want to know everything about that, ev6 make sure to check out our other review that we did where we compared it as well with our ioniq 5. So we go get into the dimensions a little bit more, but yeah Im not going to repeat a lot of that right here, but fully loaded. We have the power sunroof. We have wireless charging. Here we have the Dual 12.3 inch screens Apple, carplay, Android, auto you even have the blind spot monitor 360 camera. It comes with all that. Remember you have that dual style system for your climate control, where you one the button that actually doubles as something for your volume as well as your heat set. It then set it now well see it now, not a huge fan of it, but I can deal with that for sure I do like that. They do have your heated seat and your heated steering wheel buttons as separate buttons. You dont have to go through any type of menus like iron ionic, 5, but speaking of seats check these out. You got this great green theme happening. You can see. The stitching here on this is artificial leather. With suede inserts, you got the nice GT in the brushed metal here now. These are GT bucket seats, way, more supportive, lighter weight thinner and because of that, you actually get a little bit more leg room for the rear seat, passengers because theyre a little bit thinner.

Now one thing to be aware of, though these bucket seats are completely manual, meaning there is no power adjustment at all theres, no memory for your seats, thats all manual makes it easier, maybe if youre doing track days and youre switching with another driver, its just its Quick to adjust back and forth, but if you really want you know those power seats, youre not going to get them theyre not available on the GT trim onto the drive of this GT. This is the most powerful Kia ever produced now, when you actually hit that green button on the steering wheel, you transform this thing into an absolute monster, and the nice thing about the GT button were not even we havent even hit it yet were in normal mode. Is uh in normal mode, youre getting still north of 400 horsepower, but when you hit that GT button, you go into 576 horsepower and 545 pound feet of torque and then Ill think about this button. When I hit it, it automatically feels like its just geared down. If this was a conventional automatic transmission, we are on some twisty roads right now, its so responsive the throttle. Oh, my goodness, now the difference between this special button here and other vehicles that have similar buttons is that this is not a boost mode. Its not a sport response button like Porsche, has where youre limited in time of how much power you have when you are in that GT mode.

You are just unleashing all the power all at once and you can just keep it in that mode for as long as you want – and this thing is addictive – I Im telling you man, oh man, very easy to drive. You can easily get yourself into a lot of trouble with this, just in the type of speeds that you can get in such a short period of time. Zero to a hundred kilometers an hour in this GT will run you only 3.5 seconds yeah. That is super super quick, so 0 60 is about 3.4 seconds. That is quicker. They did a test with a whole bunch of super cars even and that is quicker than a Lamborghini, Huracan Evo, as well as a Ferrari as well Ill show you the results right. There but yeah all in an electric Kia, thats right its its pretty amazing, the bang for the buck, if youre into high acceleration its pretty hard to beat something like this plus you get all the Creature Comforts of the top of the line, EV IL now when Youre in GT mode that actually turns your traction control off. I can actually, I could break the wheels loose in here now. This GT is also equipped with an electronic limited slip differential and going around some of these tighter Corners. It just makes the sink feel so. Agile, it just rotates so easily. Of course, you have all wheel drive this things always going to hook up.

However, with this much power and torque, theres still bound to be some wheel, spin, its a little bit wet out right now and but once again we have the traction control off. If I mount it, the traction is its its its insane. How much traction it has? Even with traction, control off and that much torque it just hooks up and just pulls you right back if youre in a private closed course, there is another mode that is pretty special to the GT, and that is drift mode and nice thing about it. Kia has made it so its pretty well impossible. You cant do it, while youre driving, you basically basically have to stop to actually engage it. You have to pull the paddles in. You have to hit a button and once youre in drift mode. That allows pretty well all the power and torque to go to those rear wheels. Plus it actually turns down a lot of any of those, those driving nannies to let this thing really really go, and when it goes, you can just let this thing hang out and unfortunately were on public roads right now should not do it on public roads. I know its its tempting. It is tempting Im telling you but uh Im, smart enough and um, and I dont want to spend any time in jail or get this car pounded to do it on the road. But if you have a truck or you have a big skid pad that you can do that, you could do some good drifting here.

I really Envy the people that did go to the launch of this ev6 GT where they were at the track and they were able to actually try that out. Uh yeah, you know its like super super jealous here, handling wise. They didnt just put in a whole bunch of more power and call it the day the chassis has been stiffened. You have a little bit different front suspension and you have adaptive suspension on this as well. All in all were going around these tighter Corners. As I was mentioned with that limited slip, it is just its like carving some skis. I got some things sliding around there, because you have that nice flat floor back there theres no hump to stop it from going back and forth thats. Okay, I can deal with that and with big Power and speed. You need to actually be able to stop and do it well. Well. Theyve got that handled. You have up from the 12.8 inch rotors on the regular ev6. You go up to 15 inch rotors in the front on this GT, with four piston calipers and 14.2 inch in the rear and theyre, both ventilated on the regular one. The back ones are just solid discs with great power you get, unfortunately, not great range and thats par for the course right. You make a ton of horsepower. Youre gon na have to feed that engine or feed these electric motors, more energy. So, on the long range ev6 that we tested before we were getting, that was all wheel drive by the way about 406 kilometers for a max range.

This ev6 GT drops that down to just 330 two kilometers and they use the same batteries thats. Why? So? This nut increased size battery so yeah. That is a little bit a of a trade off that youre gon na have to decide. Can you live with that? You know what I dont do long drives. I could definitely live with this much power and being electric its just its just so much cheaper than having this type of Power with a gasoline engine and things the starship everyday reviews has taken off if hard acceleration launches put a grin on your face or you Like a vehicle that you could essentially get into any spot even on the highway here, if I would want to get over a need to accelerate hard its like youre there, you know its its so addictive the type of acceleration. This has not even just off the line even rolling starts. We are doing a hundred and something kilometers an hour right now, and if I hit that throttle that is thats for real. That is how much acceleration this has doing 60 plus miles an hour. It really really is amazing. These are really good times that were living in yeah. This does not have the same type of emotion that some of you may be looking for in a nice V8 engine, perhaps or a mid engine exotic car, but theres. No doubt you put yourself into this drivers seat you hit that throttle.

If you like, to drive, youre gon na have fun and its going to put a grin on your face regardless thats it from the inside of the Kia. Ev6 GT. Hope you enjoyed the video make sure like And subscribe.