Uh FIA event, its pretty pretty special. This is going to be an account of what I see here in front of me. How exciting is Formula E for India and you know what right now we are in the pitch. The qualifying is about to begin so lets get started on that, but first lets have a look at the pin and Farina Batista. We are here on behalf of Mahindra and I just walked in and saw something spectacular guess what this is the Batista for. Those of you who do not know this is a really really quick electric car. These are the numbers Music and this one views the name of Jihan darwala, who is one of Indias, very own Racers whos, also a reserve writer for Formula E for Mahindra racing, and this car really really looks sweet. Uh see all this exposed carbon fiber, I mean the design of the sky is just Im the first time Im seeing this car in the flesh and it looks mind boggling, it looks seriously fast. It looks like it could give these Formula E cars a run for their money, for those of you wondering what really acts as the safety car when it comes to a formula e race. Well, I have the answer for you right here in front of me. This is the Porsche icon, and this is the official safety car off Formula E and when the races are out live, you can actually see this car in action on track, and it is too seriously quick.

Let us know what you think of the Livery down in the comments below alright, so the action is on Music. What the racers are trying to do over here is try and stay behind one another, and that is to get a streamline effect. Even though theyre not racing against each other right now, but theyre racing against the clock to set the fastest lap time, the car behind them can follow with less distance and therefore getting more speed and getting a better time. And that is why you see that even in qualifying these cars are following each other really really closely all right. That was some mouth watering action, but the qualifying has come to a stop for now and thats, because there has been an incident and in fact the blue lights came on, and for those of you who do not know what a blue light is well, the Martians Have strollers if the impact is a 20g impact, then medical intervention is required, and that is why the blue lights come on. Apart from that, I want to talk to you about a little about the qualifying format, because the qualifying format for Formula E is different than what it is for formula one and now in Formula a you go out onto a track in batches of 11 and then The top four from each group are taken and put into a top eight to get a pit against each other in a quarter final, semi final and then a final shootout.

Well, this does not explain the entirety of the process that goes behind uh the entire qualifying format, but it is an eye into and it is a pretty interesting format because its not ultimately the best time thats going to be leading the grid, but its obviously going To be a one versus one at the end of the day, and that really matters a lot in getting Pole Position, foreign guys we are here in the pitch the qualifying is over. It was an exciting one and the fact is that Jaguar actually made it with two drivers up till the semi finals, where one of the side drivers, Sam bird, got disqualified for stepping over the line. That means he was off track limits. Uh were actually right in front of the Jaguar Mirage and its their other driver, Mitch Evans. That has actually managed to grab pole position and its going to be an interesting race, because sitting from pole is going to have a lot of Advantage but hes all. He will also have to dictate the pace of the race and obviously, with things like Attack Mode coming into the picture, its going to be an interesting one were expecting that Mahindra might shine this being their home race but tip up until now. Things have not really favored them, but lets see what the race wins, because Lucas Degrassi whos the main driver whos the lead driver whos. Also a veteran in Formula E, has been known to bring his A game when it comes to the race theres.

So much of excitement in the air theres people whove seen Formula E for the first time, including me, and this being able to be so close to the cars. I think thats the best part about all of this uh. Obviously, once the race is live, we wont have access to the pit Lane anymore, but seeing these mechanics work on these cars in whatever amount of time they have, I think thats thats, really the key to seeing the efficiency of these machines. The efficiency of these people to get these cars out on track racing foreign, so one more interesting bit before the race gets underway. Is this its the drivers? Great walk where the drivers are being ferried around in these small little tuk tuks? If you would call them uh, three wheelers theyll be going around the track so that uh people can see them. They can see the track obviously, and my favorite the Porsche tycon safety car. I think it looks gorgeous close to being three in the evening and thats when the race starts uh, so we only have about a few minutes. I think around 15 minutes before the race starts. The stands are starting to get full. The cars will soon be coming by for a pass by as they get on the warm up lap before the start of the race, and in fact we are not very far away from the start of the race were going to hope to catch.

It live uh. Fingers crossed we get there, we get the shot foreign Music Applause as youve just seen the race has begun. This is an undo. This is where everybody is spending most of our time. It was not easy to move around the circuit and the cars go really really fast here, because this is actually part of a long, long straight and theyve put in the chicane here. The chicane for namesake just to store the cars on, because otherwise theyre reaching quite and high top speed before they reach the end of the straight. As you can see, the password icon has come around and all the cars have lined up behind it in an equidistant manner. This is what the safety car does itll soon uh be back in the pit Lane once uh the debris out on track once the car thats out there on track has been removed and the racing will resume all right. The update is this that uh Mahindra has actually done pretty well, and this is theyre still not on the podium places, but their second driver, as one would say that is Oliver Roland – has actually made up. A lot of places has actually performed well, its not him. Whos made up a lot of its Lucas de Cassie whos made up a lot of places, but Oliver Roland has put in a really consistent performance. Today, hes currently running in fifth theres, only a couple of laps of the race left uh.

Well, you know what Im gon na head to the Finish Line, to find out where he finishes. Oh, my God. That was a picture perfect finish frankly, because the leader Vern had almost no battery left when he crossed the Finish Line, while the people behind him had a decent amount of battery left. So you know what lets head to the pits and find out what things are like now, while we were trying to get to the pits, the crowd was actually quite a lot and the actual Podium was outside the venue, so thats, where we headed Music, so were Here the events done in dusted, the winners have been announced and it was honestly a madhouse. A lot of people turned up, a lot of celebrities turned up to watch the event and the racing was fun intense and I think, as a first time, watching an FIA event uh. This was definitely a step up in the kind of quality and the kind of entertainment that there was to offer. That was all from the fromalehi from Hyderabad thats all for now, hes hoping that the action returns next year.