The one behind me is the single motor and it is a seriously quirky bit of Kit, so lets dive straight into all the weird things about it right now: foreign Music designer and you can kind of see that weve parked the aura cat behind it or just The gwm aura here in Australia, so you can see the familial resemblance between the sort of Porsche Chrome, ringed headlights, kind of cute little bit, VW Beetle, you can. Let me know your thoughts down below come down the side, the craziest wheel, design, Ive, seen in a long time, and I reckon thats a good cue to jump inside to see how wacky this cabin is Music foreign. If you thought this thing was taikan outside its even more taikan in here, this is very reminiscent of a Porsche Design – well at least this bit back here and the triple dials in front of the R2 but thats about where it ends. Because of the rest of this Aura, speed is just super quirky, but perhaps not to its fault. I cant understand anything on the screen here, but what I can understand is weve got physical dials here to adjust the fan, speed, temperature and your drive mode and Im. So grateful that were seeing a return to this, even in a car as Quirky and cool as this vehicle youve also got this light sort of Gray, colored interior and this very Porsche tycan esque steering wheel, which actually feels quite good in the hands, thin spindly rim And then the backseat space is pretty compromised.

It is definitely more of a GT Sports kind of vehicle, rather than a full, all out practical family carrying machine. But I guess thats kind of the point of this car Music foreign and around the back. We see a sort of melange of Porsche taikan Porsche Panamera, and I think this is very bentley esque. Let me know your thoughts again in the comments down below now: its not ready for sale in Australia, yet it hasnt been confirmed for our Market at the time of me, filming this video and thats. Why weve got Mandarin script here on the back. Youve also got this cool pop out spoiler, and the boot is a little bit interesting. It definitely suits the coupe GT aesthetic, rather than being something quite as practical as a Tesla Model 3 or a pulsar 2. Music right off the bat. This thing is a really quirky machine. We are in a single motor version, so its got 150 kilowatts of power and 340 newton meters of torque, of course, its electric, so its instantly accessible. But the big news is that there will be a performance version of this. That will get to 100ks an hour in 4.3 seconds, its a twin motor version of this car, so the same front, motor duplicated into the back and this ones front wheel, drive so well get to a twisty bit in a minute because were starting out on this. Nice simulation of an Australian highway kind of cruising along just chilling steering is definitely sharper than the smaller bodied gwm Aura, the small car.

It definitely has a slightly sportier vibe to it, not super heavy again. I am back in normal mode here. So when we get to the twisty bits, well give you a little bit of feedback there, light sort of direct and the pedal feedback. It sort of suffers from the same issue that I noted in the smaller car, and that is a little bit of lag on. Driver input feels like it takes half a second to pick up on the throttle response and then half a second to come off on the one panel mode, thats, probably going to make it smoother to drive if youre not used to an EV. But for me, Ive been driving a fair few lately model threes and pole, star 2, so Im really a fan of one pedal at the moment. But you can turn that off and go normal, Blended mode which were about to do now its going to go into sport mode and see what it does on a twisty Road here at aarc lets. Do that cameras coming up too very nice percent gradient section of the aarc a little bit twistier a little bit narrower this first corner is a tightening radius itll happen. Its quite tricky so well see how this thing goes in. Let me tip it in Ive got to remember that sport means no one pedal yeah, quite soft bit of body roll going on, but talented that engine noise is super, weird its like being in an EV, but youve got a simulated V6.

How strange another little tricky! One brake pedal fairly confidence, inspiring wow cool, yeah, funky huh. What an interesting car now ride quality, because this is sort of where we can assess a bit of that. As I said, we tipped it into that corner back there. Its a pretty soft car definitely doesnt feel as supportive in the corners as a Tesla Model 3 or a Pulstar 2 with a performance pack, but there is theres a light feeling to it. The way that the steering is weighted, its quite digital, so it does make it feel, like it tips in quite sharply. I dont know its gon na be interesting. I really want to get this out onto a good piece of road. That is, if it ever does come to Australia. Thats still to be confirmed. This thing were in now is probably only going to be about the same price as a pole, star 2 or a Tesla Model 3. gwm says it may even be cheaper than those two, but were yet to see final pricing. Let me give you, as we come to the end of this little drive a little rundown of the battery pack sizes, so theres two battery pack sizes. This one were in right now. The single motor is the smaller of the two, so about 63 kilowatt hours, and then the bigger motor gets an 85 kilowatt hour battery, and that means that you get about they say 550 Ks in any DC testing in this model that were in right now.

So the shorter range and thatll be obviously confirmed with wltp protocol weve got 286 showing to empty here from 52 of battery with this driving were doing right now is not in any way indicative of what youd be doing on the road. So actually, that number gives me a fair amount of confidence in this vehicle, but were going to have to wait and see its cool, its funky, its different. Is it better than whats out there necessarily Im, not sure, were gon na have to get them on the same piece of road all the cars and give them a proper test, but yeah? Let me know what you think of this thing in the comments section down below the pink colorway thats sort of slightly feminine pitch, whether you think thats, the right thing for gwm to be doing, or they should be changing, that for Australia and whether you reckon this Thing really is a Tesla Model 3 and a Pulstar 2 killer.