The best Eevee brand is byd the best what communism can offer to the world price, build quality, warranty, service and honor. Experience on all models is great. I didnt find any other car company in the world that makes Evie that beats byz in all those standards and, in my experience, the best byd is Yuan, plus also known as 803 lets start from the design. This car has strange and futuristic design front reminds me of fungi frog, remember: feng, shui or feng shui or function whatever you want to call it and Im certain that inspiration was the Friendship Rock and whatever happened to function. I remember it was very big all over the world I in the end of the 90s beginning of 2000s, and then out of nowhere just disappeared. If you know what happened to function, let me know in the comments. I love that it has great aerodynamics. When you drive the car, you dont hear anything and thats very rare in EV Vehicles. You can feel that designers worked hard to decrease the noise and increase the range side. Design of the car reminds me of very bad attempts to copy legendary landsat Delta integrally, and I do like it. I like that. It reminds me of very bad try, because when I look in general at the car, I think it has Soul. It has this warm feeling that it gives me what I do not like about this car is the stupid Chrome at the back.

I dont know why they put this shiny thing. Almost in all, the byg models at the back of the car design in the back is also very simple and pleasant. To look at this vehicle is Affordable. I will tell the price later, but nevertheless, the car doesnt look affordable. It looks stylish, modern and very popular. Even luxury compared to previous trash can that came from byg. This looks gorgeous when I look at it. I have this feeling that car is special, and I have this feeling, because this car was designed by a special man, Mr Wolfgang Egger hes responsible for Alfa Romeo. 156, 166, 147 and legendary Alfa Romeo 8C. That Jeremy Clarkson considers to be the art in automotive industry interior continues to shock you with design and luxurious quality. Before review of this car, I was expecting to see good quality and you know nice standards because all byd cars have nice Interiors. But here I was shocked for the money that this car costs you get actual luxurious stuff interior feels better than interior. In the mini cars it has this mini Vibe and build quality is excellent. Its same as Lexus everything I touch feels scared and made from good materials. Byji says that interior was inspired by Fitness and strings on the door were inspired by boxing ring. For me, the door reminds me of a guitar strings. Steering wheel feels good leather is great from the first glance. Small screen is not pleasant to look at you feel like somebody cheated, you have your money, but you get used to it and enjoy the Simplicity of it all buttons and control.

Knobs are well thought through and very user friendly. When I sit here, I have a feeling that engineers and designers work endlessly, so I will feel here loved and cared. If I combined lots of all my ex girlfriends, I will feel half as loved as I feel in byduance interior thats. How good it is teaching everywhere is Flawless its perfect. An army Groove is same size as interior. So you get a lot of sunlight. All the components of the panoramic roof are made from expensive materials. I love the design of release, handle its a very interesting and very unique. Even the rubber under the door is thicker than in other cars. This huge monitor has all the features that you need and many more that you do not. Unfortunately, if you want to use uh GPS, you need Chinese SIM card. Otherwise, just doesnt work owner just connects his phone and uses Google Maps and it integrates really good with the screen. Also screen can be rotated, as in any other byd cars. We have great 360 camera automatic parking, sleep, descent, heel, assist and remote start function. Also, we have some strange driving modes, so standards, poor Comfort, we dont have sport, it says exercise and then we have like snow and economy. Also we have adaptive cruise control and many many other things, but the best feature is karaoke. Apparently, karaoke helps to prevent stress and overworking yourself and in China where people do work a lot.

They need karaoke machine everywhere, thats why many big cars have inbuilt karaoke system, so I decided to try it Music. If you think my singing is horrible, please like And subscribe under the hood, we have front wheel, drive electric motor. Also, we have battery the capacity of 60.4 kilowatt, it generates 150 kilowatt of power and uh 204 brake horsepower claimed range from the factory is 510 kilometers, but in reality owner says 470 kilometers 480, sometimes and in the winter it shows 300 kilometers zero. 200 kilometers will happen in 7.5 seconds. Some say 7 seconds. If you will catch some grip during the aggressive start. Trunk is spacious and theres. Nothing else that I can report on the trunk. This particular car shows how aggressively China attacks world car market today. China is the second biggest exporter of the car in the world right behind Japan, and now Western Government thinks how to stop the Chinese attack with increasing of tariffs and taxes for importing cars from China, but right now its just debating on it. There is no actual actions, but I think they will come very soon, because price of this magnificence in China starts from 23 000 and our version costs about 27.58 000. The factory warranty of this car is 6 years or 160 000 kilometers, and so far for the past four years, byg cars been very, very reliable. I cannot think of any other EV in this price range that will be better.

It has many features. Performance is not bad handling is good. This car is like my ex girlfriend only difference between this car and my ex girlfriend that when I told her that she is perfect, she cheated on me. Music, byg Yuan is very surprisingly shocking. Car. First of all, it has sound isolation. This is one of like very rare cars that I drove the EV vehicles that has normal uh sound isolation and its actually its better than normal, its its good, its, not bad, usually its horrible. In all electric vehicles. I mean its not better than the Petrol gas cars here. It is just okay and uh. When you like floor it, the power is instant and its very aggressive. If you, if you like, relaxed considering youre, not thinking about anything like this relax, if you floor it, it will throw you back like immediately its very severe, of course, its EV vehicle, but all of them have different uh acceleration modes. What I like is brakes when I just got into the car and start driving this vehicle Ive touched the brakes. I almost hit my face to the steering wheel, but then owner said you will get used to it immediately and I got used to it immediately. That was shocking. I did not expect that. I was like no way I will get used to such a sensitive brakes, but I feel like two kilometers, not two kilometers 200 meters. I got like its like my own son.

You know its like my own child. I understand it so much what I love about this car is the interior. Everything I touch is nice everywhere. I look at is nice to look at my eyes. Doesnt hurt really. I try really hard to say something bad about this car. What I do not like in this vehicle is the rear view a mirror. This is the only thing I do not like thats it now. Its like snowing, the weather is very bad. Roll is very bad and we will floor it right now again so immediately, even with the eve Brad sorry I got to my native tongue, even if the ESP system is on the car slips when you the wheel slips when you just store it just immature. Yes, now we are going to our corner at 70. 70. Yes, now its 70 kilometers and lets go. It keeps perfect wine, perfect wine. So what happened right now? I knew that it will slide it didnt slide, but it didnt. Let me know that the car helped me to be a better driver, because everything that I did it did silently just like a very good wife, with very bad husband husband. That is a loser that cannot find a good job cannot provide, and she helps him to be a successful man without him actually knowing about it. This is what it does to me Id like. I know very weird comparison, but nothing to ex like in my mind that nothing comes even near it.

This car will do the job for you, keeping the line, keeping you safe, giving you some fun without killing yourself. This is like really. I can feel the pain and suffering of all the uh software writers in the byd that rolled this program to respond so good in such a weather condition with such a bad driver as me, its just amazing I I couldnt even expect such good handling from this Car you can throw it at any speed at any corner with the ESP, without the SP really Im too afraid to turn it off its, not the weather, its, not my car Im, not good driver, so I dont know what will happen, but with the ASP, its Just wonderful stability control system here is better than you know, then my best friend its better than my ex girlfriend that I miss every day. Please call me its just something from another planet here really. I did not like other byg cars, yet theyre, good theyre nice, but what shocks me about byd all the different cars they all feel different. For instance, all the Volvo cars have the same acceleration response you push it. It gives you a survey of whether or not you want to drive fast, and then you feel the survey, and then it goes fast. This is how acceleration pedal feels in every Volvo same did in byg Hunt exactly same car when I just drove it. I close my eyes.

I push the accelerator. My leg told me its a Volvo, its not byg hand. It has this luxury in the Senate. Byg tank also has the luxurious of GLS very, very close similarity, but here is just different car, its different brand. Really it feels like a different brand. It has something special about this car Im, really considering buying it like after w140 and yeah. After that, we went for it Im thinking about. If I will buy the EV, it will be this not Tesla, not any other brand. This car, this version yeah, I really like it. I like how it looks, feels drives everything here is nice. I really love to hate cars really like to find something that annoys me here. Its just like everything is its like a perfect goal that you always dream of, and you cannot say anything bad, even if you try really hard if youre being stupid, toxic aggressive to her shes somehow loves you and makes you feel safe. This is what the car does with me and to me. Thank you so much for watching my video. Please subscribe to my channel because I know many of you watch it without subscribing and thats creepy. Also uh tell me what you think about this car. Like do you like uh, do you agree with me or not? If not, why not and dont forget about food for Life projects, its a charity organization that feeds every Saturday homeless, people they located in Uzbekistan? They need your financial support or volunteers.

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