It then theres the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, but well its not exactly a big car for Europe. Is it no, the most important Jeep for a decade? Is this its the all electric Jeep Avenger Music? The Avenger is a small SUV based on the same fundamental platform as cars like the Vauxhall marker, electric, the DS3 e tents and the Peugeot e 2008, which means itll also take on models such as the forthcoming all new Hyundai Kona and the smart hashtag one. The Jeep uses the updated 54 kilowatt hour battery from the DS for a 248 mile range, plus that cars more powerful 154 brake horsepower motor, which will soon make its way across the parent group. Stalantiss range of small EVS weve actually driven this car before, albeit in quite controlled conditions, at geeks test track in Italy. But even so we thought this would be a good opportunity to have another good poke around the car and show you guys some of the most important elements that we think you should know about. The good news is that, even if, though, its a little bit shorter than the Jeeps, we know and love its a full 16 centimeters shorter than the Renegade theres, still plenty of GP styling cues. Take this seven slot. Grille youve got the wide stocky starts. Youve got cladding that runs all the way around the car, which Jeep actually says could save you as much as a thousand pounds over the lifetime of the car from scuffs and scrapes.

But Jeep wants this to be a customizable car, its going to offer over a hundred options and accessories, whether thats, Graphics or different colors for the roof. Youve got rubber mats or premium carpets. Jeep wants you to make this car your own theres a usual raised. Ride height and some underbody protection, and you even get snow mud and Sand Drive modes, but remember this is front wheel drive only so its likely to be a bit all show no go when it comes to the kind of stuff that jeep is famous for or At least for the time being, 4×4 versions have been touted, but how many buyers of this type of car are going to be taking this thing off road, the toughest thing this things likely to see is the ramp up into the supermarket car park. Lets be realistic. Full prices for the mini electric jeep havent been revealed for the flashy first edition pretty much. The car that you see here is already on sale from 36 and a half thousand pounds its got a strong kit list, but Jeep says theyll be cheaper and more expensive models in time. The full range goes on sale in the spring as it stands, though, this mid to high spec of engine with 18 inch wheels. Dual 10.25 inch displays heated seats and loads of safety kits undercuts even the cheapest, the S3, while a Kia e Nero. Admittedly, a slightly bigger car starts from around the the same price that, in our eyes, makes this Jeep actually look like half decent value, so business as usual on the outside, but actually in here it feels a little bit more Fiat.

There are similarities, believe it or not with the electric 500. The way the screen sits proud up here, the flashes of color on the dash and the shortcut buttons down here. I suppose it shouldnt really come as much of a surprise when you consider that jeep and Fiat sit under the same umbrella, but there are still plenty of unique features. This is obviously a much bigger car than the Fiat 500 well take a seat in the back. In a moment, but even up here, youve got this infotainment screen its obviously running Jeep software and you get loads of connected features. Quality. Its okay youve got some scratchier Plastics on the doors and the dash, but the steering wheel feels lovely storage thats. A real plus Point: theres 34 liters dotted around the cabin theres. A big bin between here youve got a nice storage shelf up there for phones, some cup holders down here and a lidded cubby between the front seats. Uk specs are being finalized as we speak, but its likely that, in addition to that flashy first edition well get the usual longitude and limited trim levels. The former we expect will come with LED lights. A smaller 7 inch instrument panel, plus a 10.25 inch screen. You see here youll also get parking, sensors and probably smaller Wheels. Meanwhile, the pricier of the two specs will ramp up the KitKat with the larger instrument panel, different seat upholstery and a powered tailgate with hands free gesture control.

You can get your hands on one. This first edition looks like it could be The Sweet Spot of Kit versus price jumping in the back. You immediately notice that there is a little bit more room back here than there is in say a mocker or a DS3, certainly in terms of leg and knee room, but also in terms of Headroom as well. Im six foot tall – and I can sit here pretty comfortably – well want to go three across the back for long distances, especially because this center console here really does protrude into the rear. But well show me a small crossover that is comfortable for three in the back. For long Journeys, otherwise, though you get a single USB slot down there and some pockets in the back of the doors, but otherwise, as youd expect. As we mentioned a couple of times, the Avenger uses a familiar recipe, the same battery and motor as the recently faced Edition DS3, as well as the same charging, Tech and a similar range plugging into 100 kilowatt. Rapid charger should be good for a 10 to 80 top up in around half an hour or fully recharging at home is doable overnight in just over seven hours. The boot measures 341 liters, which is pretty competitive in this area of the market, its a bit bigger than the Vauxhall a little bit smaller than the Peugeot, but its a decent shape and size and theres some storage under there for keeping your charging cables.

Now Jeeps is actually going to offer a reversible boot floor, so you can turn it over and Chuck in your Mucky boots and then take out and hose it down its a wonder really why more kind of Lifestyle cars like this one dont offer it as an Option seems to find things a little bit back to front here, given the fact that weve actually already driven the new Jeep Avenger. But I hope youll agree that this is a good way to bring this car to life and maybe allow you guys to visualize some of the things that perhaps we couldnt in writing. But all things considered, the new Jeep Avenger seems like a worthy addition to the current crop of small electric SUVs. It might not be a Jeep in the conventional sense, but theres plenty of cool quirky features that make some of this cars Rivals. Look like well refrigerators. There are at least three more gpvs in the pipeline, so if youre considering one add it to your shortlist head to for all the latest electric and hybrid car advice, news and reviews and check us out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.