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So I know weve been talking a lot about the the charger EP. Thats coming out next year were less than a year away from it coming out. We know kind of what it may look like uh its still kind of a concept at this moment, so that the the current design really isnt finalized. We know the horsepower that its going to have. We know that its three different levels and those levels have two different horsepower upgrades that you can add to it things of that nature um. So we know a little bit about the car now. One thing that has not been discussed from Dodge is the price of the car, so we know a good bit about the car. We still dont know like some of the features and stuff uh that the car would come with, and we also we really dont know what this price of this car is going to be. Looking like now, I looked at an article. I was reading the article from car and driver, so in the article I was looking at, you know Car and Driver. They kind of you know they do this with all the cars. They give an estimate on how much the cars will be based on what they know and kind of like the industry and things of that nature right so with the three different levels. This is kind of the pricing theyre expecting when these cars come out. So for the three um models that Dodge has coming out for this EB charger, we know they got the 340, the 440 and the SRT Banshee right, so the cheapest one, the the cheapest one on the low end is going to be the 340 which it gives.

I think about 450 horsepower um and the 34 is kind of the kilowatt. So what not right so were looking at that theyre estimating this to be sixty thousand dollars, and that is the cheapest one. The 440, which is going to be the step up, which I think is like 590 horsepower 590 horsepower, were looking at 70 000 for that one and the SRT Banshee was gon na, be the top of the line. Joint. Of course, uh were looking at 95 000 for that one, so Im looking at all three of the prices of these cars and honestly man, they look pretty steep man, they definitely look pretty expensive right and I want to put in perspective like with the cheapest car, Like what else is on the market that is kind of comparable to a certain extent, currently, 60k right now gets you into a wide body scat, with some options and things of that nature. The six thousand dollars almost gets you into a new uh Challenger Hellcat. I think that was around like 78 or something like that, so its working with that a little bit, I mean, of course, its still going to be more for the Hellcat, but and thats not gon na be auction. That is still almost to that range. Of course, we always go to the used option. To use. Hellcat is going to be around that price range as well, but also comparing this car to other EB cars on the market.

Like the Tesla of course. Of course, a lot of the performance versions are going to be more than 60 000, but they do have a good bit of cars that are gon na, be under 60 000. uh Ford with their Maki Mustang. The top of the line Maki Mustang is 63 000. Starting out right were talking like the one with the most power is gon na give you the most feature, things like that: 63 000.. That is, of course, a little bit more than the least expensive. Eb that Dodge is gon na be coming out next year now granted fours SUV that they have. My key SUV is, you know, not geared towards performance, but the GT model is their highest performing one and Dodges entry level EV is going to cost just as much as that. So with that price comparison, it leads you to wonder like what is this car going to come out with like what is this car going to have um? You know just base right like far as the cheapest you get in, because we mostly know like when these manufacturers show these new cars. They typically show the cars with as much features on them as possible. They want the car to look as good as possible, so the this charger that weve been seeing that Dodge has been unveiling to us and showing to us has more than likely like all the premium things on it like the interior is probably the most premium.

It would get the wheels are the most premium, its gon na get uh theres. Probably some other features on there as well, but what were seeing is going to be the top of the line with everything on it. So when you take that you know the car theyve been showing us away and add on the like the base model stuff to it like what does the car actually look like at that point? What do you all lose as far as the Statics Creature Comforts and all that type of stuff, and we mostly on this video, been talking about that? The cheaper option of the EB Chargers that are coming out next year, like the banshee, the SRT one, is going to cost nearly a hundred thousand dollars like what kind of Technology. What is this car is going to have to make it worth a hundred thousand dollars right its Im just saying, with these prices that these cars are gon na, be I mean Grant. I know people there are people out there that you know theyre, not feeling the EBS or things like that whatsoever. These prices really are going to make it hard for people to even want to buy one. At this point right I mean granted. I think these cars are pretty much gon na be geared towards being performance. Cars performance EP cards, which is going to drive up the price, but you got ta think about like this, like the people like, if youre in the Dodge community and things like that, like how many people actually have a sixty thousand dollar Dodge Charger Challenger right now, Right like who is going to go out and buy the lower end of the these EB cars and spending sixty thousand dollars on them like who, who really is gon na? Do that like right now, if youre spending 60 000 on a car, especially in the Dodge, on the Dodge side of things, more parts of things, youre getting more of the the mid to the high end of what Dodge has to offer? But the EB is going to change all that its two thousand dollars just gets you in the entry level now Dodge on their uh, never left campaign they do have like they do have like a garage door where they have the whole new, like uh symbol.

For the you know, the electric charger, the whole e muscle thing or whatnot, so they still will be doing a reveal, probably for the final production version of this particular car and theyll – probably go and not probably but theyll definitely go into more details as to kind Of what features this car will come with and what really is going to make this car or really set this car apart from other EBS, and things like that? I know Dodge hasnt said a lot about the features that this car will have. Um we dont even know the interior that this in the car is going to be whats gon na be in the car we dont know if this car is going to look the same or anything like that. This car is still a concept at this. At this time right, but I will say this theres a couple things I did notice like on the Uconnect of the car that lead me to believe theres gon na help. This thing is going to have a lot of features on it that they didnt really mention or talk about right. A couple things I did see on the Uconnect that they showed from the car. It did have like the whole performance pages and things like that and the different Drive modes. I saw like a burnout mode, a drift mode. I also saw like an option to adjust suspension ride height, so the car is going to have airbags, or at least the option to have airbag suspension and things of that nature.

Now, how much thats going to add to the cost of the car Im pretty Im going to the Sprint thats going to add a pretty penny to the cost of the car? Pretty much I mean its safe to say that, with the whole Direct Connect catalog and this electric car, they are going to make sure that if you want to mod this particular car that youre going to have to go through them to do it, which I mean Its going to kind of suck because you really youre going to be kind of tied down to as to what you can do with the car and all that type of stuff, but I mean its kind of the way were going into. Unfortunately, now I want to hear you guys thoughts here on the price of these EV Vehicles were talking at least 60 000 for the low end and were looking at 95 000 for the high end. As of right now, we dont have all the uh all the specs on these cars. We have the power levels, but we dont have the feature that these cars I have and things like that right now, do you feel its working? Do you feel like these cars gon na be worth? You know, 60. 70. 90. Almost 100. 000. Let me know in the comments below what you think. Thank you so much for tuning in if you made it this far in the video make sure you subscribe to the Channel watch around for the Long Haul.

Like I said we do a lot of car related stuff on here. We want you around for all of that um.