engine, revving, suspenseful music, The Porsche Taycan GTS seems to have fallen between the cracks. In terms of internet interest and video views – and I think its because its touted as that most unusual of things – a drivers EV. Not just a rocket sled, with a wham bam of a sub three naught to 60, but something with nuance and engagement.. And that doesnt seem to have much an audience.. This is, though, if you love, Cobras and Corvettes, then you cant also like an EV.. If you like steak, then you cant also enjoy something vegetarian like a margarita pizza., But the two are not mutually exclusive, and I think where praise is due, it should be given this Taycan GTS is really good to drive., Not just good, to drive for an EV. Its just really good to drive., And they got me thinking why dont we benchmark it against a non EV, which is where this comes in the 992 GTS, perhaps pound for pound the best 911 on sale, today. And fortunately not just the same color as the Taycan. But also a fairly similar price at around 110000 pounds.. I know that in isolation, the Taycan is brilliant, but by benchmarking it against the quintessential Porsche well, we should get the full picture. Now before we go any further. I want to level the playing field a bit because there are undeniably areas where we know the 992 has the upper hand.. So here are three things that I want to acknowledge, but not really get into a discussion about not today.

. The first thing is sound because well this obviously just sounds better through into flat six versus well a silent, Taycan effectively. Except well. Well, come back to that, because I want to do a little bit of an experiment.. How do you feel about cognitive dissonance, Then theres? The fact that filling a tank with fuel is quicker than charging a battery., No arguments there Rachel said quicker., Not necessarily more convenient cause. You might charge overnight at home. I know that, but quicker we can agree on that. And then theres the manual gear, box. Ugh. It is lovely having an H pattern manual and three pedals, but thats not a conversation for today. Either. Right lets get into it. And I want to investigate the areas that have really impressed me about the Taycan GTS.. I wan na start with the steering, because this 992 has well some of the best steering in the business, especially for an epass system. Electrically power assisted system., Its well weighted.. It does have feel from those front tires.. So can the Taycan hold a candle to the 992? Do you know what I think it pretty much can. Its so good. The weighting is just fantastic and I think the biggest compliment I can pay it is that it makes a big car feel small.. To that extent, it is like the M5 CS. Another car that previously sometimes felt really pretty bulky and wide, but give it some good steering and suddenly threading it down a road thats, pretty narrow and bumpy feels easy.

. This probably turns in more sharply than the 911. Actually but then theres that sort of mid corner phase, where you just wait, but you have the throttle there, that you can pick it up, seemingly shorten the wheel base and really well make it feel agile.. This is a car that you can hustle.. Of course, good. Steering is only part of the story.. There is three chamber air suspension, re tuned specifically for the GTS, along with 20 stiffer anti roll bars, and it just makes the whole car feel more planted connected and disguises the weight ridiculously well. In normal mode. This is incredible. Comfort, but even ramp it up to sport or sport plus, and it just deals with these broken surfaces.. This car also has the optional rear axle steering. Its about 1600 pounds and not a huge amount in the overall scheme of things with this GTS., And it would definitely seem to be worth it because again it just it helps disguise. The mass gives this big car, an agility, which it has no right to you, think. Its fascinating to compare it with the 800 kilo lighter 911, which remains more fun and interactive, but doesnt have the composure of the bigger car on these sometimes wild roads.. Next, I want to talk about the pedals and you might think this is an easy one. In some ways it is. Brake feel.. Good though the Taycan is theres no getting over the fact that it has a lot of weight to stop and it has to deal with re gen.

. This well, as Ive said before, rather its with the steering. Porsche. Just does some of the best brakes in the business, certainly in terms of feel theres. None of that sort of over servo feeling right at the top., Just lovely progression. And in this weve got the standard steels theyre great.. The accelerator pedal, however, and I think we have to call it the accelerator, not the throttle. Cause otherwise youd end up, calling it in an EV, something like a turbo or something. That would just be ridiculous., So the accelerator pedal thats a win for the Taycan, but Perhaps not for the reasons that you might first think. Youll note: we havent dragged raced these cars., Another internet fail.. I know Im terribly sorry, but this is more about field than just a pure straight line. Thing that, to be honest, doesnt really make any difference. Theyre. Both below four seconds., This yeah, it is neck, snappingly, quick at times more so than the 911, but thats, not the reason that this is so good.. The reason is that theyve actually dialed back some of that instant torque. Theyve, given progression to the pedal.. What that means is just that much easier to manage the car to really use that lovely instant, torque. Well, TVRs used to famously have long throttle travels as a form of traction control.. This is a bit like that. Really you have to use all of that. Throttle travel and thats really nice.

music. I think a brief interlude is called for at this point. Just to sing the praises of the Taycans looks and sport charisma guise. Its just so cool. When lots of EVs seem to be intent on appearing as amorphous and innocuous as possible.. This is stunning.. Look at those rear, arches., Almost indecent and certainly a rival for the 911s voluptuous hips., And then we come back to sound because well with the power of video magic, we can give the Taycan a bit of a helping hand. engine revving. How does that make you feel? Does it work? Should we just accept that EVs shouldnt really make any sound? Should it be something more synthetic? Should it be designed by Hans Zimmer as BMW would have you believe In some ways I dont like the idea of so called fake noise, because well weve been railing against it for ages. Havent we Noise pumped through speakers to overcome the more muted sounds of turbocharged engines.. But then again you think about keyboards pianos that are electric. They work on the basis of obviously taking the soundscape from a normal grand piano and synthesizing it.. We dont seem to have much of a problem with that, so why shouldnt we be able to do it with an EV. I genuinely dont know the answer and Id love to know what you think.. Should we give it up as a bad lot and just accept that EVs should be silent or should manufacturers be trying harder? I find it fascinating.

Just to confuse things. Further Porsche has actually upped the ante on the artificial, sound generator in this GTS. Pop it into sport plus, and you get much more interesting noise, particularly when the gearbox shifts down. Its still a little bit sort of like a milk float on steroids, combined with sort Of almost like the the sound of wind whistling through a haunted house in an old black and white film., You know what I mean, But what to conclude about the Taycans dynamics That steering ride and throttle control., You put it all together and you have a car That really is good to drive.. I love the way that, when you get into a corner, yes, you feel weight a little bit its just straight there.. You have this sense that the rear axle is absolutely on your side., So youve got the response from the throttle and the electric motors and it feels shorter of wheel base and more nimble and just responsive and really really engaging.. Just there really drivable through the corner., Not just big and lumbering far from it quite the opposite.. It really wasnt shown up by the iconic sports car, which, while yes remains more fun didnt make the Taycan feel boring.. It is the weight. I think that really sets these two cars apart.. There is 800 kilos between them in favor, obviously of the 911. Theres, also that weight distribution with the Taycan.. Obviously, all the weight is down low, which has to some of that sense of being really planted and that amazing sort of lack of roll.

And this Well its a 911., So weight distribution has always been a thing.. The biggest compliment I can give is that in our days of filming on these great roads, I never resented getting back into the Taycan after the 911. And thats remarkable.. I dont suddenly relish a future without V12s and manual boxes., Oh no., But if you like driving this car should give us all hope. And whats more the things its good at arent, necessarily merely the preserve of expensive cars.. We should celebrate this car.. Its good news. Makes me happy.. I just hope enough.