The link up above and youre, considering things like driving range battery size charging times all the usual EV criteria, but what, if youre most interested in performance? Well, most of those EVS are six figures and above, but not this one here. This is the all new Kia ev6 GT its red its fast and it doesnt use gas. The new ev6 GT, the high performance variant of Kias breakthrough, electric car sacrifices summer in exchange for exotic car acceleration, its quick enough to beat a Porsche tycon GTS off the line for less than half the price, with Advanced design, hyper fast charging capability and up to 310 miles of range, its no wonder, the ev6 has been a huge success, starting at fifty thousand dollars its not inexpensive. The Nero fills that Niche, but its available in either rear or all wheel, drive, generously sized and premium in nature. So is there a need? A need for even more speed, apparently so using the same 77.4 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery. As in the wind and GT Line, This ev6 GT discharges its power with more Fury at a rate of 481 kilowatts beating a 270 kilowatt motor at the rear and a 160 kilowatt motor at the front. This increase in electricity dramatically raises horsepower from 320 to 576 and Peak Torque from 446 pound feet to 545.. This hastens acceleration to a seriously quick 3.4 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour, with a top speed of 161 miles per hour, activate the GT drive mode and the ev6 is optimized for maximum performance.

Traction control is disabled and the chassis becomes firmer flooring. The go pedal on the GT is a mind. Warping experience, accompanied by a chirp of the tires and your choice of sounds prefer. The Silence of an EV well just leave the active, sound design off and theres only minimal ambient noise that permeates the cabin and anytime. A car is made to go faster, a domino effect begins, so the GT comes with an electronically controlled heartier sport tuned suspension for improved handling, a limited slip differential to further traction when cornering and larger, ventilated, disc brakes. All around for quick stops with less fade, 21 inch, z, rated summer used tires are standard, but this week the ev6 is wearing Pirelli performance, winter rubber, which isnt fully exploiting the cars abilities. Yet, despite the GTs Hefty 5732 pounds, one thousand of it comprised of the high voltage battery itself, this ev6 slithers through curvy roads, with the skillfulness of a sizable Grand Tour theres, a palpable stoutness to this car from the robustly. Bolstered sport bucket seats to the tight steering its elevated purpose is immediately felt all EVS, even the slower ones, feel amazingly quick because of the immediate torque produced by their electric motors. But then there are the performance EVS, the ones that are designed with acceleration. That was previously reserved for super cars, and this Kia is one of them. I mean 0 to 60 in 3.4. Seconds is nothing to sneeze at. I can you think of at least a dozen other sports cars that could not keep up with that pace and with all wheel drive and the Hefty battery weight placed low in the floor.

This car can handle as well, even though on these winter tires Im not seeing the full amount of grip. Now the biggest trade off with the GT model is undoubtedly range here in the winter months, on a full charge. Im getting only about 180 miles in the summer, youll see over 200 and acceleration is not the only area in which this Kia is really fast. At a 350 kilowatt hyper fast charger, it takes only 18 minutes to replenish the battery from 10 to 80 percent. A slower 50 kilowatt fast charger takes 73 minutes to do the same. Job buyers receive a charging credit of 1 000 kilowatt hours at Electrify America stations. Usable over a three year period, but if you own an ev6 having a level 2 charger installed at your home is undoubtedly the way to go, especially with the GT. This model delivers the lowest driving range in the ev6 lineup, with an average of 206 miles. Thats down from 282 miles in the wind, all wheel, drive and 252 miles in the GT line, all wheel drive and in this winter weather a full battery is returning only 180 miles. So this is the GTs biggest Bugaboo at 240 volts. This car will charge to 100 in under nine hours, in other words overnight. With that in mind, Kia provides numerous tools to help boost EV confidence and squash range anxiety. The ev6 is long Telluride like wheelbase and under floor mounted battery create maximum interior space with true three across rear seating theres.

Even a small cubby for a little extra storage under the faux engine cover. The cabins Motif is futuristically eco, friendly, featuring recycled Plastics and artificial leather. A floating center console design and Hyundai Kia is familiar but updated touch, screen, infotainment system called Kia connect and there are smart features everywhere, like remote start and remote parking via the key fob perfect for times when the parking space is a tight squeeze a hands free Hatch, that opens simply by standing next to it. Customizable driving sounds ranging from racy to Spacey and augmented reality head up display that appears to hover over the hood of the car and the ability to use the ev6s on board powered generator to plug in items such as computers and tailgating paraphernalia, either through the outlet. Under the rear seats or via the provided adapter, that turns the charge port into another 110 volt Outlet also capable of charging a fellow EV. So what would I change? Well, as youre probably aware, there is no wireless phone projection with Kias best infotainment system, so a USB cable is still required for connection, though there is wire management and a wireless charge pad changing from climate controls to audio controls is accomplished by touching a finger on The digital bar below the center screen an unusual approach that can lead to inadvertently cranking up the cabin temperature when intending to crank up the tunes and, lastly, when it comes to public charging, companies like Mercedes, get it right in that its EVS are plug and charge.

No app or credit card needed Kia should do the same here. Pricing for this ev6 GT with optional floor mats is 62 865.. That seems downright reasonable. Considering most performance EVS, including this cars corporate cousin, the Genesis gv60 cost thousands more its an exciting time at Kia. As it continues to grow and wow in the electrified segment for testdrivenow.