This is the mg4, and could this be the next big Eevee hit in Singapore well find out, buy or sell your car now with combine Singapore and check out the latest Automotive content with us? This is the mg4 EV. We first got to see it at the Singapore Motor Show and we deemed it one of the coolest EVS to check out. You can find that video by clicking the i in the top right hand, corner thats right and the nv4 is quite a unique EV, because its only, I think the second hatchback EV here right now on sale other than the Nissan Leaf and the hatchback stars. Of course, quite rare for a Navy because theyre all black SUVs but Im Overjoyed that the mg4 is a hatchback, Its relatively affordable and its really cool so were gon na run you through the design right now: okay, whats, the first thing that strikes you about the Mg4 well, if I were a pedestrian, it would be this front end right here really. Does this stick out more? Does that sticker Music, it is important, is that it looks a lot more exciting than anything mg has done before. Of course, the only other mged weve seen is the mg Zach s EV, yes, and that looks okay right: okay, okay, theres! Also the mg5 Evie, oh yeah, yeah right a little crossover, yeah yeah yeah. So this is a lot more special. I feel. Okay, so actually you know all this very, very sharp lines very floral Brown, it kind of looks more at home on a sports car.

Actually yeah. You got that lip down there. You got active Arrow, as you mentioned, Antics right here, LED drls, pretty cool stuff. Okay, so I want to point out these active aerofaps, so some EVS have been notably a lot of people. Dont F1 cars dont have active Barrel because its banned, so you can actually see that this has more Aerotech than an F1 car in a way, and I think actually, this car kind of looks a little bit like a Lamborghini Rose in that way or if youve Been chronically online, like some of us uh this front, face kind of does look like the Spider Man, meme Im too. Damn gon na teach you to the grammar whats the thing that also strikes you about the Batcave. I think the whole thing is pretty special. Actually, like theres a light bar on the rear, but on the top its got patterns on it, Im, not sure if it lights up at night, but its a pretty cool feature. You know its not something you see. Often in cars, you get the regular light bar, but not the patterns, so its extra light bulb yeah and its in case and its kind of like plastic casing, which kind of looks kind of cool. Oh thats, very Porsche like actually right, yeah. The Cayenne has that oh and and youve got a hunger and the unique cure to that is small Arrow. Well, weve got not one but two aerodynamic spoilers right there, because you can be spoiled for a choice because theres, two spoilers, not just one here we are in the interior of the mg4 in the front, cockpit yeah um.

I have not driven a mainstream movie um and it kind of highlights the point that this is uh, one of the few hatchback style um UVS on the market, because the rest of them are bloody crossovers, except for the Titan and the RS e tron. Is the e tron GT yeah, but its like you know a bit more on the pricier end yeah as compared to this Music um, I guess maybe theres. Also the Opel corset e thats part of the blue, as you flea thats right, thats right. You cant buy that as a private passenger car yeah youve tried one havent, you yeah uh, but in comparison to like comparing both Interiors to this. This definitely feels a lot more. I dont know classy because it is definitely you can feel the Plastics and stuff. I must say I grieve you because when I, when I looked at this even at the first glass and compared that to the the first MPV we saw, which is the Zs um, there is definitely a step up here. So um just look at the seats very nice stitching, very clean and everything blue, because its an Eevee, yeah, thats, true its Fabric and leather. You have never driven the old Ive, never seen ones, and this is like really really nice. Its like Korean level, at least yeah yeah, even this like gear shift kind of reminds me of the one in the EVC yeah I mean they even got designed for like a floating gear shift.

Section yeah, really nice um, but one grab is that the driver gets electric seats. The passenger doesnt yeah Im slamming it wheres the damn. Oh I cant even adjust the height yeah, you kind of just the height in the passenger seat. You can just put the backrest uh forward and back and then bring a seat front and back as well yeah, but Im sporting man. I can adjust any height. I want yeah yeah so but okay lets look at the materials theyre pretty good all around. This is rough plastic, but its textured and nice. This is sort of a leathery feeling thing its nice yeah, its nice. You got black gloss on the air vents here and then you get a 10.25 inch touchscreen infotainment, very nice and uh seven inch digital drivers display. I think, and then you operate your you know: aircon your hazard lights, your volume and stuff from like these buttons here that a bit plasticky kind of maybe like a mechanical keyboard, but it is definitely a step up, especially for a Chinese easy and look at the Two screens, I think, the the way they lay out the font, its all very classy and very nice actually and screen is sharp too. I mean check out these words right here. It looks almost postal leaves, and then you have like um this little netting here, maybe to put your key or a phone and other like storage compartments. Here you have a USB port underneath this whole gear thing yeah, along with the 12 volt Outlet two cup holders and then inside here is a very deep storage space for your stuff.

You can put your key down there too theres little uh, sensors dont, tell you where you should put the key, but I dont know if you put it there, you definitely forget it speak for yourself, okay, but quite a lot of space for for a small hatchback Yeah, you wouldnt really expect a lot of space in a small aspect: yeah like a golf but yeah before pretty good, pretty impressed. So there is Apple, Copley and Android auto in the mg4. However, it is Wyatt, but you can still connect your phone via Bluetooth. For you know, music and other call functions. I think the overall level of equipment in this car is really quite High, especially for the price. So weve got our nice interior as we showed you. Weve got the digital screens, weve got the carplay and all that, but we also have very importantly: active safety, so theres adaptive crew as the innkeeping theres pedestrian detection. I think what else is there uh bicycle detection and all that so very cool and as weve seen, if you read carbine youll know that were a big proponents of active safety, because you know its just so distracting the drive nowadays depress the screen you get stuck On your phone put your attention away from the road: this is the kind of things actually save you save money too. This is the rear of the mg4 hows it looking for you um its pretty good, I think uh but, of course, Im not particularly tall.

So, for me, average size person about 1.7 meters tall. I got a little bit of heavier a little bit so its not bad. They look cut off my head here and um. I dont have a super case of evds yeah, where my knees are going to the ceiling, so I think Luke Perry would be he would still fit right yeah. I kind of flash that one because he gives you average size. People here, yeah yeah, could might be a bit of a squeeze for him. Hes trying to gargantuan yeah hell be fine. The good news is that theres, like theres one USB port here and its a USB 8 Port yeah its God. How would you ever do a road trip? Oh, I was excited about that fact, but theres a little cutout as well. You can put your phone there or, if you wan na, but while its charging or if you want to like I dont, know, avoid skinship when youre in the car with three people here right, you can just kind of stuff. I mean weird phobias, aside for the rest of humanity, um, I can put my phone in the little pocket here and uh theres, two two nice little pockets. So I think how about the three person thing? I would be sticking my feet in that little cutout there, because I do not like touching okay, but its actually quite spacious, for what is essentially a small hatchback yeah, and the interesting thing here to notice that this car is a 2.

7 meter wheelbase, which is pretty Long for a small high Track Golf is only about 2.5 2.6 ish, so there is quite a bit legroom as well, even if there isnt a loved shoulder room. But you know this is a compact car for the city, so its not bad. It also has more boot space than a golf Im. Sorry, the shutter your world came lets. Go check that out uh also getting off. The mg4 is a bit of a stretch because theres some like extra skirting on the side. So when you want to get out its a bit of a stretch out, you know you see that and then okay, so the boot is open and we have found out that Kim is in fact alive. Schroding is Kimbo is solved so how many kimballs can we fit uh ‘8 liters of Kimbo or with the seeds down its a thousand one hundred and seventy seven liters of Kimbo? So again, this is a small hatchback, so not a huge amount of space but 400 liters compared to a petrol hatchback is quite a good deal. The golf only has about 350 slightly lesser than this yeah so and yeah its pretty pretty uh good, but its not a particularly tall aperture. So you know you might have trouble getting a bicycle in yeah, but you know if youre, if youre in stock and trade is dead, um presenters to happen to talk about cars, you know did pretty well with the mg4 okay before we get to driving.

Um lets cover why we feel that this car is really quite technologically so its built on mgs, modular, scalable platform, MSP and mg says it can like be used for cars that have a wheelbase of up to three meters. You know for comparison. The eqs has a wheelbase of like 3.1 3.2 yeah around there meters. So you know, maybe you could be looking at a luxury EV from mg. Sometime soon is a very interesting idea, yeah, but it also similar to Hyundais um egmp platform. So I guess thats why? Um in the future mg says, the mg4 could also support 800 volt charging yeah pretty sick. If you ask me so currently, this um car is the normal 400 Volk trading, but uh abroad mg has made the claim that they can actually upgrade their collection. The battery pack to support 800 volt charging after the sale now this is not confirmed for Singapore yet, but its a cool thing that mg is talking about here. So this is probably one of the first instances weve seen of upgradable charging technology for an eev. So if this is to be believed, its kind of future proof in that way and it would put the car on par well, at least on paper with egim, you know with cars like the only five and eb6 so really cool there yeah and its also designed You know to be as low to the ground as possible for better stability and driving.

You know pleasure and one of the reasons why I didnt have these thing is because mg claims that he has an ultra thin battery pack yeah, they dont say how fit, but the proof is in the knees, knees yeah, so were gon na throw it over to Uh Lionel the Nigel manso, um and hes gon na drive the car and tell you what he thinks right here. We are driving along inside the mg4 EV, its got 201 horsepower its rear wheel driven and has some single electric motor at the back of the car right. Zero to 100 comes up in about 7.9 seconds and theres a total range of about 450 kilometers per charge, which is pretty good for family. You know family orientated Urban EV dynamically, its a pretty good car. You know it tracks Corners very well. It handles the bumps easily and theres very little to complain about how it drives, but the thing is its 1.7 tons in weight, which is you know, pretty normal for an EV these days. So you really feel it in a way the suspension works and braking performance. As well, it takes a little bit longer than normal to stop, but you know its something you get used to very quickly as with almost all new cars. These days, this car comes equipped with a lot of active safety features, including adaptive cruise control, lean departure, assist and front Collision warning still. This car is not without its quirks.

The touchscreen panel, for example, has buttons that are kind of small and theres. Nowhere to rest your wrist so its very hard to engage and press the buttons accurately when the car is on the move. Now the lane departure warning system works very well under most conditions, but only if the lines on the road are well drawn. If they are faint or they are faded, then the car cant really see it, which you will know, because the instrument cluster will tell you that you cant see any of the lane markings um. Okay, so were reaching the conclusion of our mg4 EV review. What did you think Kim Possible its pretty sick? Actually, obviously, if I had the financial means, I would be considering it. It retails for um 180k yeah, with Coe ish close to 190 right yeah um for comparison, the byd 803 retails about 175k ish. As of mid Jan yeah, so that was byds kind of breakout, EV hit for the passenger car market, um really good EV, but what we noticed, uh, obviously its a larger car. But I think the mg4 has a little bit of an advantage in terms of Technology. As we as we said, with the uh, what the platform called the mg modulus scalable platform yeah, as well as the possibility to maybe maybe upgrade the electronics and uh quite a bit of a Upscale Interior as well, the mg zv right, its almost the same price.

As this car yeah and the mg5 yeah thats right, so that was the uh estate yeah wagon thing um. Both those cars are slightly larger than this. So I see the mg4 as kind of like a technology spearhead for mg. I mean you can tell on the base its not a tiger face um. Would you buy it, avoid it shortlist it? I think I think there definitely a space for a car like this, so I would buy it if I was in the market for a cool, techie Evie and I didnt want to get another SUV. Oh and you dont want to spend above maybe 200k yeah. That too, that too yeah – and you know when series come down – this will really fall into the affordable, um price range yeah. So enough of our graph tell us what you thought of the mg sporting mg4uv yes subscribe to.