Ford has increased the price of the truck at least three times and Counting today were looking at why Ford decided to raise the price of the F 150 Lightning yet again, well also see how it Compares other electric trucks, namely the GMC Hummer EV and the rivion R1T heres the thing about Fords recent price hike. Right now, the price is 4 000 more than the previous price, which means youll have to Shell out a minimum of 55 974 dollars. To put this into perspective, this means that the entry level MSRP for the electric pickup is eight percent more expensive than the last price hike. Keep in mind, though, that the new price tag excludes the one thousand eight hundred ninety five dollar destination fee and the 645 dollar acquisition fee. Once you add on both these fees, the price of the F 150 Lightning Pro comes out to fifty eight thousand five hundred and fourteen dollars, but thats, not even the worst part. Now remember the lightning Pro is the entry level model, thats targeted for commercial and business customers, but this most recent price site comes to a whole 40 percent increase in the trucks very original price. You have ‘ 974. that was announced back in May 2021. to be fair, its not uncommon for car companies to increase their model prices, but heres the thing you see when Ford initially announced the price was top 150 lightning. The announcement caused a welcome uproar thats because the electric trucks initial price tag was less than 40 Grand, which meant it would be more affordable than many existing EVS already on the market.

In fact, that announcement gave Ford a much needed and welcome boost in the EV industry, but now, in hindsight, Ford has spiked the price up three times and thats just up to today, who knows the future price? I learned it works. All things considered. This new reality makes a truck, less affordable and less exciting and lets say: youre shooting for a higher trim, take the F, 150 Lightning XLT trim, for example, that trim saw price increase. A few weeks ago, the XLT launched with an initial sticker price of 52 974. Just a few months later, the price was increased to 59 474., but today, if you want to buy a new lightning, XLT youre, looking at a price tag of 63 474, in other words, its ten thousand five hundred, is higher today than its initial price. Now Ford isnt, the only maker to bump off its prices, the chip shortage and the rising price of critical raw materials needed to make EV batteries has been affecting car brands across the globe. Take Tesla. For example, it raised the prices of all its Vehicles back last March and actually GMC raised the price of a tummer EV as well, and dont forget Lucid, who increased prices across the entire lineup. Even Kias 2023 ev6 is set to see a price increase of 7 Grand. In fact, Last Summer the average cost of EV spiked to an all time, high of 66 thousand dollars heres the big obvious question: why did Ford hike up the price again anyway? Well, according to Ford its due to the rising costs of raw materials, a Ford spokesman said that the adjustment is part of a normal course of business due to Rising material costs, Market factors and ongoing supply chain constraints.

But that demand for this breakthrough vehicle is still strong and continues to grow and that Ford will continue to monitor the Lightnings pricing through the model year. Lets talk a bit about the cost of raw materials in simple terms, were already used to seeing a lot of news about continuing supply chain issues. This is why the price of critical raw materials has been increasing. Im talking about raw materials like nickel, Cobalt and lithium. Despite all this, Ford still plans to expand production of F 150 Lightning, Electric pickup 250 000 units by this Auto Ford believes its still on track to achieve that goal. Despite the recent price increase now, the 2022 and 2023 models of the Ford F, 150 Lightning are nearly identical. Yes, theres some recent added option, but the actual base truck is essentially the same thats. Why some analysts say a price hike for a truck that hasnt seen any real significant changes, isnt really justifiable right now, the Ford F 150 Lightning comes in four trims: the lightning Pro XLT, Lariat and platinum. The pro trim comes with two inboard Motors or one for each axle. These motors give this trim 775 pound feet of torque. Ford gives customers two battery packs to choose from the first option is a 96 kilowatt hour. Battery pack were talking 452 horsepower with a smaller pack. The second option is 131 kilowatt hour battery pack with up to 320 miles of driving range. Now this larger battery pack can produce 580 horsepower and enables the F 150 Lightning to tow up to 10 000 pounds in the XLT and Lariat trims, but for the base trim, which is lightning Pro.

The towing capability gets sliced in half to just 5 000 pounds by the way, here are some of the change that were brought in with the 2023 model. For example, the new model includes a standard range battery that offers 240 miles of driving range. Compare that to the 2022 model, which came with 230 miles of driving range, the 2023 model comes with other new features like new standard heated seats that reduce the load on HVAC system. Also, the 2023 model comes with two new available colors to choose from if youre, a music lover, youll appreciate the unique features of bang and oh with some sound system for the F 150 Lightning. The sound system pumps out 640 Watts with eight speakers or 1080 watts of power through 18 speakers, including headrest and headliner speakers. All that audio Park creates sound experience. You can feel to the core. Some of the safety features in the lightning include Auto high beam headlamps. Its practical function helps you, when you forget to turn off your high beams for oncoming traffic. Basically a built in sensor automatically detects oncoming headlights and automatically dims yours, but theres. Also, the lane keeping system to help keep you in the right lane and theres. Also, the blind spot information system with trailer coverage or Bliss for sure for this system you receive an alert when you truck to text a vehicle in your mind, spot the evasive steering assist, feature helps you avoid Collision if theres a slow to stop vehicle in your Oncoming path now this feature doesnt steer for you, but it does provide extra steering support.

But lets put it on the perspective by looking at the competing electric trucks in terms of pricing and specs, for example, the GMC Hummer EV, as well as the rivion R1 T. Im sure it wont surprise you to hear that the most expensive electric truck out of the three is a GMC Hummer EV. So if youre shopping for a new truck and have a tight budget, well, I can tell you right now: the Hummer EV wont be your first choice. The addition one costs about 113 thousand dollars, which is more than twice the cost of the Ford F, 150. Lightning. Pro right now, the only available powertrain for the GMC Hummer EV pickup includes three electric motors that churn out up to a thousand horsepower. The GMC Hummer EV can accelerate from 0 to 60 in as little as 3 seconds, which is incredibly fast, were talking up to 11 500 pound feet of torque. The Speedy acceleration mainly comes down to its watts to Freedom feature. This unique feature was designed to propel the truck forward from a stop. That said, heres a quick caveat just to let you know, the feature is technically only supposed to be used on a closed course and not on public roads. The Homer EV pickup can tow up to 7 500 pounds so compared to other EV pickup trucks, actually its. Not all that impressive. Both the GMC, Homer, EV, pickup and SUV are powered by Jams, new Altium Battery Technology.

The Altium Battery Technology means that the electric truck can get up to 350 miles of range per charge and, according to GMC, the evs 800 volt electrical architecture and 350 kilowatt fast charging capability can add 100 miles of range in only 10 minutes. That is, unless youre talking about using a regular public charging terminal instead of a DC fast charger, thats a whole different story. The armor EV also comes available with 35 inch tires for optimal on and off road balance and when it comes to safety features its got quite a few Im talking things like standard automated emergency, braking with pedestrian detection, Lane, keeping assistant standard depth of cruise control with Hands free driving mode by the way did you know that GMC Hummer EV comes with some pretty unique features like the crab feature, which to me is one of the most exciting ones. Basically, the electric truck can glide from side to side diagonally just like a craft. Hence the name: this feature enables a truck to avoid or navigate around pretty much any obstacle on the road or off road. Also at high speeds. The crab walk feature can help the electric truck make more stable Lane changes by the way. The truck is a BMF were talking a whole seven feet wide between 16 to 18 feet long. So you can see why the crab Rock feature can be very useful if youre in a narrow, Streeter path or when you encounter unexpected obstructions, while youre off roading in the wild or if your driveway isnt the size of a 747 Runway.

The Hummer also comes available with ultravision put simply. The system offers 18 camera views, including HD surround Vision. So you can see multiple angles in front behind around and even under the truck its observed, if youre an average daily commuter, but it can be an advantage if youre a serious off roader seeing whats under you by the way. If you havent seen my latest video on the Hummer EV check it out, but now lets shift gears and look at the rivian r1t. The rivian r1t price is better than the Armory V, but its still higher than a Ford F, 150 light were talking about a starting price of 73 000. The rivian r1t is a two row: five Cedar electric truck. It can accelerate 0 60 in about three seconds. Like armor EV, depending on the battery and motor you select, the rivian r1t gives you anywhere from 260, all the way to 400 or more miles of range, and this truck comes with some serious towing capability Im talking about up to 11 000 pounds thats, almost four Thousand pounds more than the GMC Hummer can handle, but not only that, but the r1t can also Rock crawl at a hundred percent grade, drive with three feet of water and Traverse almost any terrain with 14.9 inches of ground clearance, and on top of all that the Rivian r1t comes with three unique Tire options made specifically for the truck you can choose between 20 inch.

All terrain tires 21 inch road tires or 22 inch.