Sorry fair enough right buckle up, because this is the Kia Nero EV Music, IL Music. Today, weve mostly been driving the Kia Niro EV now of late Kia have been bringing out some absolutely fantastic electric cars. But if you are looking to get an electric car Id highly recommend, this weve only had it for a short amount of time, but certain things jump out at me straight away its nice and clearly laid out its simple, its pretty much idiot proof pretty much um. The cup holders – I know something really basic, but I love the cup holders in this. Its got a very simple little button here as well, which releases an extra little bit of plastic, which will then cup your cup, who doesnt need that having heated seats and heating steering wheel is actually really useful because it means you dont have to heat the whole Compartment which is going to save on Range its generally just a very nice place to be. I could imagine myself doing a decent long road trip in this car for passengers as well. If youve sat in the passenger seat, which Callum and Ollie have both been doing today, its very comfortable, even if youre carrying a camera and getting hit in the face, when you put your foot down, which brings me nicely onto the different modes of this youve, got A drive mode select here on the steering wheel, so you can have Eco, you can have standard or my favorite sport, but when you put sport on and you put your foot down be prepared, because this is no slouch a couple of things that I really love About the Kia Nero EV is number one.

The positioning of the charging socket here makes it really accessible for plugging into a charger number. Two youve also got this v2l, which stands for vehicle to load its. Essentially, this white bracket attaches into the charge port, and then you can put in a domestic three pin plug and Power all sorts of stuff. So Pat over there not only running the Select Car leasing call center, also doing all the content hes. Just there loving life working from well, not working from home, not working from the office working from a garage, its bloody cold, though right. So one of the reasons that this car is so useful is because it does have v2l which stands for vehicle to load. Our light just ran out of battery about 10 seconds ago. Okay right here we go theyre gone off, but we just plugged it into the car, which means we can carry on filming. So a very useful use case of this car. I can imagine it being very useful for people that go camping as well or people that, like The Great Outdoors that might want to go out into the middle of nowhere. Go for a good hike, have a cup of tea because you can plug a kettle in you. Could plug a toaster in you? Could plug a just makes life a little bit simple, and if you live in the middle of nowhere and you keep having blackouts. Dont worry youve got a mobile power unit right here.

I keep doing this. I dont know why something that has taken a bit of getting used to Im, not sure Im a fan. Yet is this bar down the bottom, which is a touch screen and it takes you between the different modes? So if you want to turn the radio down, you have to click onto a different screen. One of the downsides is you: do have this black plastic, which is basically fingerprint hell, especially if youve got toddlers, because I think its going to be covering it with jam and stuff with a very decent 495 liters of boot. Space theres plenty of room for stuff and with the seats folded down flat, theres even more room. Obviously please please, please, please, please say theres a front, slash fruit for bits and Bobs Etc. Oh, we do love a front boot, slash front trunk. So, who is this car best suited for Id, say itd? Be a good family car, its got decent boot space, its got decent space in the back, obviously got ISO fix all cars come with that now got a decent bit of speed as well range is decent. So if youre looking to get into an EV, you dont want to pay a fortune. This could be the car for you, so there you have it. This is the Kia Niro EV, hope youve enjoyed this very short review. Uh head over to the YouTube.