If youve been following the channel. You know I kind of marked it up too its great, but its still so far away. But let me tell you seeing this: I would probably trade my Tesla like that, because the quality Ive seen in this is insane a hundred uh plus battery pack, a kilowatt hour battery pack loaded in this thing, getting uh over 300 miles of range plus. It starts at 62, 000 in perspective youd. Compare that to something like the Tesla Model X, probably because thats, what Im driving now so its easy to kind of do apples to apples to that and just features wise massaging seats. Youve got everything were going to take a look at that today. Lets look at the Cadillac lyric lets check it out. Music. Thank you to show span for setting us up here today. We have so many uh EV reviews coming your way, Im so excited. So if this is the first one, you see be sure to click all the all the links in the channel. We have Im trying to think of all the great ones we have some Maki reviews coming. We have a hybrid plug in Maserati that were going to take. A look at, of course, were going to look at the Ford Lightning again, so many so be sure to go through the page find one you like and uh theres a ton Im so excited about the cars we have access to today and another thanks to show Span in the Grand Rapids auto show for for just letting us have access to all these vehicles.

Today we are at Cadillacs Booth. Looking at the lyric, okay were going to take a look at the charge port in a little bit later, but what we have is a very cool door. Opening system were just going to tap the door, handle very similar to a model X if youre familiar with that it just slightly opens, though, which is a small touch, thats, actually really smart. If youre familiar with the model X, I know Im going to keep comparing it to that. It actually opens all the way, but that leads to tons of Errors. I have just had a nightmare with mine where itll open. I try to close it. It goes halfway. It goes halfway. This is smarter, its just a button it slightly opens. Then you grab a handle here to fully open it up, which is great, and then I believe you just shut it like a normal door back here. If you want to follow me Alex. Similarly, we have a button and then I believe you grab theres a rubberized handle in here and youre able to open it up, okay, so sitting in the back seat. Now we have the first thing that pops in my mind, is attention to detail. It looks I mean youd expect that from a Cadillac, but you have very A variation of touches of a variation of materials, its something that manufacturers are switching to that. I really appreciate it shows me that thought went into the design that theres a little more than just a rubber panel or a leather panel theres actually layers to it its gorgeous in here.

It really is, and its a 19 speaker system. Like I mentioned the massaging seats, the heated seats, the cooled seats, all of those are standard, just at that 62k price range. Now, hopefully, that price Remains the Same for when more people can start to order this thing, but if it stood on a lot, as is right now, you bet Id be in line to buy this all right. We are in the front seat of the Cadillac lyric Im just so excited to finally get behind the wheel of one of these things I know were not driving it today, but the experience here is really selling me. I hope Im not over selling this, but I am just truly blown away at the price point. They should dont tell Cadillac, but I think they should be charging at least like 80k. For this thing, the gorgeous panoramic moon roof Ill. Give you a shot of that later, but the design in here the look at this. The sturdy handles you cant, see it but again Ill show you it later and this gorgeous gorgeous 32 inch. I might be wrong there, but Im pretty sure its a 32 inch Yuna display again, I dont know the exact marketing terms there, but its one giant screen across showing you everything. You need a great touch. If your vehicle has this, you know what Im talking about its the display of a Google map on your dash cluster, its a small touch, but when youre driving and youre not having to look at your phone youre not having to look at even the side screen.

It helps you focus on the road and really just tell where youre going and and not having to second guess or having your passenger play. Hey, wait. Wait! You missed your turn. Oh wait. Where am I supposed to go? You dont have to deal with any of that stuff. Moving on another thing, Cadillac did very well, is a great introduction of buttons, instead of just all touch displays, so many EVS now are moving to a uh. I guess youd call it a strictly digital sort of feel so, when youre changing the climate control everythings on the screen, its not the case with this Cadillac, we have our temperature can close controls right here, where we can go, make it a little warmer make it A little colder, we have a face versus feet. We have our Auto uh defrost. Everything is here and easily accessible with buttons, its a small thing, but its definitely worth noting noticing. And then you want to talk about King of the Road. You want to talk about. Being in a Cadillac Alex, would you mind putting the camera right here and getting a shot of this if this doesnt feel like a luxury? I dont know what does its a gorgeous gear selector and it just makes you feel like um, you feel like the King of the Road. You feel like a modern day, Elvis thats. The only thing I could think of you got shortcut buttons here: navigation.

Look at how quickly that popped up you can go to phone settings. You can go home, one other thing: Im going to quickly show you is opening up this dash cluster, a good way to store your phone, keep it out of the way while youre driving little things like that are are the best, because more and more people need To learn to not be on their phones, while theyre driving well close that back up and then the last thing well show you is actually where your phones supposed to go. Let me uh find the actual button here. Oh theres, no button, you just lift up here and youve got a view and you put your phone in here. This is actually your wireless charger, which is pretty great and well close that back up, we have USBC. We have another USBC Port down here, so you are set when it comes to technology. Um yeah, I think thats it for the inside all right, so that just about does it here with the Cadillac lyric again um exceeded my expectations. Ive probably talked about this. A decent amount on the channel but Ive never actually had it in front of me, and now that Ive seen it, I give it a thumbs up for sure. Obviously I didnt get to drive it today, but so one thing before we go, we got a cool tour of uh the light pattern that does when you lock and unlock this vehicle.

Its very cool so lets take a quick look at that foreign Music, Music and now were ready to wrap it up here. This has been the Cadillac lyric uh. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments Ill do my best to answer them. I know just enough about this vehicle to answer half of your questions, probably not all of them anyways. I really appreciate you guys watching this go to all the links like I said earlier in this video we have so much um, so many car reviews coming out of the auto show this year and I cant wait to have you guys watch them all so theyre, All linked Below in the description or on the channel, you guys know where to find it. Thank you guys for watching this one, and hopefully I see you very soon.