First off youve got the byd Tang, which is their SUV six seater in this variant. Sorry, seven seater in this variant, um interesting design, language of this chrome didnt realize that byd had a blue badge moving all the way along. So youve got that DLR and then some Led projectors on the bottom of this. Underneath weve got some air cushioning going on here. Nice big glass, blacks, wheels and you can see where it is 22 inch. Two six five, four t22s all wheel drive big massive Wing wear with NFC on it. There must be for a key or something, and then you have moving down. Youve got the wiper hidden up inside high level brake light Coast to Coast, light here little button underneath to show you where the actual sticker is there we go and then you can see the seats are down there, but you can pull them up easy enough and Thats the seats there so weve got our seven seater, seven seater first actually um these enough room, even when the seats are up. Charging stop us here. Ccs and China are CCS, AC and ccs and then roof on sunroof on the top speak shark. Venereal got a couple of different textures going on here. So youve got the leather on the top. Youve got the Alcantara. Youve got the brown leather there as well. Youve got the Quilted seats and with the vents yeah nice we have lets, try and sit into the passenger seat, its okay.

If I film, youre, okay with me talking and so on, the door youve got some glass plaque on the driver door. Youve got all your controls on the actual here. Youve got also a control for the trunk, and youve got some presets here as well. Driver display all digital, and you also have that tablet screen here. Two spoke steering wheel, Brown and the gray leather, with that blue BYT sign and that d pilot identifier around here for that self driving assistance, um seems to be a very responsive screen. Its an Eventing going on here. Theyve got some cup holders and youve got the same byd and some of the models with regards to the gear selector and your driver, selecting modes, handbrake, etc, etc, butterfly glove box and then this glove box over here as well. Overall, nice quality and the fact that its a seven seater is really good, that is the byd tank, some other stats on the byd Tang. We have a wltp range of 400 kilometers, a battery of 86.4 kilowatt hour. It has cargo space of 235 liters, but all seats up with the back row down. It brings it up to 940 and what all seats down? 1 655 all wheel, drive and a kilowatt hour per 100 kilometer of 23.8 peak power of between 180 kilowatts to 200. Kilowatts and a zero to 100 kilometer per hour in 4.6 seconds, then weve got the byd Fang. This color is absolutely stunning.

Sorry Fang hang it is the green metallic and yes, this probably will be the one Id buy byd built in there build your dreams. This beautiful, like a boomerang, very much like the Nissan area, actually with your LED underneath and your active, not active, but your air curtaining slots on the side with your radar sensors in the front. Look down along the side. Youve got that byd design very similar to like of a Porsche pop up handles, got that NFC badge up on the top as well and those handles, even though they come out straight theyre hinged at the front. You can see that there. This is a leather and green interior gray leather, with that green highlight and youve got that green ambient light as well a bit of glass black going on here. Thank you got that interesting vent design here driver display very similar to the byd Han even bigger screen. This thing is massive, then you have your cup holders got the similar. Just different color got a crystal stair to start button by the looks of it theres, something in underneath it. There um juice box, steering wheel again, just different colors glove box, decent size, ambient lighting. Underneath youve got your butterfly glove box there as well, and your Qi wireless charging pad at the front push all of these Chinese car seems to have these Siege connectors at the back sunroof. What else we got going on here in the back? Oh yeah, this dual screen setup, so youve got your climate control in front of you and then you can control everything here on this little that drivers seat, you can select the seat that you want to move thats the one that Im sitting on currently and so Interesting and then youve got your cup holders here as well.

Lets have a look at the bush stylized, I think it looks absolutely stunning is then button is thats the camera. Where is the button? Oh its up here Derek its been a long day, then good old size, some spacing underneath as well close it down yeah. I love this wave. You can see byd Tech here so yeah really nice to see it same charging port CCS, a little light, which is nice to see that color absolutely more stats. On the byd hand, zero to 100 kilometers an hour and 3.9 seconds with a wltp combined of 521. All wheel drive dual motor based on the byd blade Battery Technology and theyve been pioneering that for around 27 years, um high efficiency heat pump system is standard across the byd hand, all wheel drive, as I mentioned some other stats. You have acceleration sorry top speed. 180 kilometers an hour Peak power, kilowatts of 380 19 inch Wheels a cargo in the boot of 410 and those batteries are lfp batteries. Huge thanks to my patreon supporters. New patreon kudzo Heinrich leisner Adrian Carey, Blake Boland from EV life, Ireland, Eve daily and Mark lots of ways to support the channel, make sure you comment like subscribe and share, but you can also support me on patreon thanks very much. This video is in partnership with Irelands dedicated EV Marketplace, nevos on a mission to create a seamless transition to Electric driving for everyone browse driven trim levels, cars Vans use, electric vehicles across all the different makes and models available make sure you visit nevo.

ie today. Ask byd we have is the bydato, which is their SUV, its more of a economy play and so youve got that large silver visor byd build onto it. Your light strip left to right non active air carton slots. I dont think youve got that daytime Runner light signature with your LED Matrix, interesting color, or of an SUV with that mold of plastic nice Wheels as well reminds me of the Hyundai corner with the C pillar, with the silver on it got the roof rails. Youve got the sunroof, build your dreams, actually spelled out with a high level brake light and the wiper and then again right. Nice and good weve got Tuck very good sized Boot and its much bigger than the Hyundai corner. I think this is going to be a bigger car, close that down there again nice nice. This this light is gorgeous all the way along here running all the way along 18 inch. 245. 55S. 18S. This is the ATO 3 that has the Mad interior. If I remember correctly, I think it was Elliot on 40 charge that has it yes, it is so we have another huge screen, little driver Pinnacles to play, but the switch. This is the handle mad stuff, more massive on the door. Look at these guitar strings down here and this whole design here, like some kind of a steam, punk robot, interesting kind of um, oceanographic kind of topographical kind of design.

Here on the steering wheel, lots of buttons um, you can see the vents are here all circular and we got an interest in its like a fighter pilot throttle. Youve got that same crystal start stop, but this is different in the ATO 3.. All your buttons! Here your cup holders and then your large good glove box. You can see that door design over here then. This thing just said for me its a full glass and roof that one that opens as well and then in the back good space good spacing under the seats as well. I find the byds are theyre great theyre, very well later, whether the blade batteries in it. So its keeping the floor low but theres definitely a height benefit to them. These mad handles here as well, that is the byd, 803 and other two. So some more stats about the byd Auto 3. It is front wheel, drive wltp of 420 kilometers acceleration zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 7.3 seconds, top speed of 160 kilometers an hour with Peak power of 150 kilowatts, all sitting on 18 inch wheels. Cargo in the rear is 555 liters that revolving screen looks really great in all the byds, and it has what seats up and then what seats down its 1 338 liters battery type is that blade battery that lfp byd blade Euro end cap 5 Star, which is Great to see a lot of these Chinese cars coming through are coming in with five star Euro end cap hope youve enjoyed my look around the byd stand at the car Expo here in Sweden.

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