The bonnets, sharp Contours draw your eyes towards the more aerodynamically designed front. Grille other highlights of the front end include the full width Chrome strip running along the front. Bumper. The buy function LED headlights that come as standard and I enjoy the new assertive design for these. Reinforcing the cars aerodynamic properties, we have this Sleek line, starting from the LED headlights and works its way to the rear. We also have the tapered roof line that starts to flow down towards the rear, but before it does it stopped by the bulky rear spoiler. We also have the 17 inch aerodynamic alloy wheels and I like the design on these, but unfortunately, you cant get any larger or smaller wheel sizes. The door mirrors are electrically adjustable and folding as standard. You get indicator lights on the side and with the high spec trophy models you get blind spot monitoring, integrated theyll, also be in whatever body color youve chosen and up here with a trophy model: youll get silver roof rails and those house the gorgeous, panoramic sunroof changes To the rear end reflect those of petrol versions. You get new LED tail lights and a redesigned lower bumper for a more Dynamic look open up that tailgate and youre rewarded with 470 liters thats, not only 20 liters more than the E Nero but more than the petrol Zs, its rare to see an electric car That has a bigger boot than its petrol equivalent, and you most certainly will not find a larger boot capacity with an EV at this price point.

If you need to extend boot capacity to fit a buggy or a bike in the back, youll have to fold down the rear seats you can do from the boot, but its a bit of a faff. If youve got the bulky parcel shelf up, lets just take it out of here, I didnt actually mean to rip those bits off um, just pull these straps at the top of the rear bench and give them a bit of whirly because theyre not spring loaded and Then the seats will fold in a 60 40 Arrangement. This extends luggage capacity to around 1 100 liters, and it means that you can sit a one or a couple of passengers in the back while having one of the benches folded down to slide objects through into the cabin okay. Guys were behind the wheel of the Zs EV now and Ill start by saying, if youre looking for an incredibly easy electric car to drive, this car will tick that box for you, whether youre, moseying around town or youre, up to speed on a Motorway. Both experiences are going to be one of a relaxing and pleasant according to mg. The zsev chassis has been designed, engineered and tuned specifically for British, this road to provide a balance of comfort and ease of use. As such, the suspension here has been softly tuned nicely, absorbing large, humps and Bumps by bouncing over them, as you can just see there and preventing undulations from vibrating throughout the cabin.

The steering is incredibly light. In fact, its one of the lightest steering configurations Ive come across in a new car that makes this rather bulky SUV, easy to maneuver around town and into and out of those tight parking gaps, but unfortunately the cost here is feel and feedback theres. Hardly any engagement with those front wheels and the steering wheel itself is far too Keen with centering itself, which really does put you off the drive. As a result, this car was just not as engaging to drive as some of its Rivals. Even if you put the car in sport mode – and that adds some extra weight to the steering here, it doesnt make it feel any more responsive. The new motor introduced with the 2021 facelift model is noticeably quieter than before, but it still winds, especially at those slower speed needs, are when moving off the block. Wind and road noise is prevalent at speeds above 70 miles an hour on the motorway and, sadly, not much can be done about the road noise as the 17 inch Alloys are the only wheel size that you can get with the zsev forward. Visibility is very good. You sit nice and high up in this car, its going to be too high for some and at times I feel like my head is about to poke up the top of that sunroof. But you get a good view over the Bonnet and the windscreen is nice and large fin side pillars.

Dont create too much of a blind spot of Junctions and traffic lights. If Im being very nitpicky, I wish the mirrors were a bit larger. I do get a good view of whats behind me, but I would expect larger mirrors for a vehicle of this class. The view at the rear window isnt too bad at all. But the main downside here is the view over my shoulder: theres very chunky, rear pillars. So its a good thing that you get rear parking, sensors and a 360 degree parking camera as standard like revisions made to the exterior design. The inside has been updated to mirror what seen in the new petrol version and Im very impressed with the variety of the materials on offer inside here. Considering this vehicles price point, youve got soft touch up here on the dash this leather effect trim running across and behind the infotainment system and on the doors and center console and theres some hard plastic dotted around as well. It creates quite a premium feel for this car that was lacking with its predecessor. Indeed, the adjustability and space on offer in the front gives you a great amount of flexibility to find a comfortable position for you. You can come forward and back theres plenty of leg room, four drivers, six foot and over you wont, find your knees stretched in any way, and you can pump yourself up high up to get a nice commanding view of the road ahead.

Theres nice grippy lever on the steering wheel and its good to see the contrast stitching on here too, but theres no reach adjustment. You can only move it up and down, not in and out behind the wheel. We have the new digital driver display that shows key information, such as how efficient in your being on your journey and how much range youve got left in your battery complementing this is the new 10.1 inch color touch screen that replaces the 8 inch dashboard unit found With the last Model and Im pleased to say, this system is a lot better in the center console, weve got a capacious cubby hole perfect for smartphones and with the trophy models you get a wireless phone charging pad down there. This is complemented by a 12 volt socket a USBC port for charging, a phone and a standard USB, a port for smartphone, mirroring working our way down. We have the drive mode, select buttons, the rotary gear selector and the electronic parking brake theres. A couple of cup holders here nicely fit my large bulky bottle nice and snug, and the other one is an ideal place for your keys. You can also shut that compartment if you want youre going to rather generous Center compartment. That goes down quite deep. Sadly, theres. No USB ports or 12 volt sockets in here, but its an ideal place for your snacks so upon hopping in to the rear, cabin youll notice that my knees are quite hard due to the raised floor on longer Journeys.

This could create some discomfort as youre sitting in a rather awkward position, but thanks to the upholstery used for the lever, seats and those high spectrums, they do a great job at supporting you and actually quite comfortable legrooms, not too bad. I cant stretch out all the way, but the upholstery on the seat in front of me is nicely closeting. My legs Headroom is going to be a different story for passengers who are six foot over. They might just be touching the top there as the roof starts to swoop down towards the rear, but I would expect much worse at this price point. If this review has piqued your interest in the zsev, then get in touch with osvs vehicle specialist by the number. In the banner below well explore your options find the spec that perfectly meets your needs and secure that for delivery. Alternatively, you can just click the pop up banner up there or the link in the description to head over to our website and check out. The latest offers we have on this car thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up subscribe if you havent already done so and click the Bell so youll know when we upload our next review, but thats it for today.