I know examples which Ill showcase to you in the video right now and if you guys want your cars wrapped, please please do check out rapidly phone numbers. Are software description so guys? This is the key of the car uh Im in plain or a simple Keys? We have the lock unlock buttons and we have the trunk or button heres the charging you you are as a charging button, your charging port called a bottle. No – and it is beautiful, Hyundai running on the back so guys, uh lets open the engine bay, the engine ERS, as you guys, can see your whole prayer futures or your control, buyer, so pretty managed yeah, but you guys can keep your stuff send a password. So you guys can keep all your uh. You know if you guys want to store it. So family trips, storage, space wire, is hydraulic. So let me know Fireboy. This is the drivers side either that Windows Music? Of course your lock unlock buttons fire. I need this PC yeah. We can see uh the electric handbrake, your auto hold button by your headlight intensity, compartment. Buyer. Then we have the park uh, usually you use it. This is the nearly the gear. Oh no Auto gear Park, drive or reverse here to headlight. For controls fire, I need beautiful screen here, as you guys can see, this is just absolutely gorgeous foreign, any beautiful light inside the glove box. So you know what youre searching.

For I mean this is just a beautiful air vent typos, because its just too double screen right now, your screen opening display settings phone projection voice, memo, climate heat, everything, quiet mode, Radio, soft class, expert controllers. This is like a tablet. I dont know I dont know Drive modes, I dont drive in foreign Music. You have all this storage space yeah, oh my God, okay, ionic, five King demons, also by the way forgot to mention, use a paddle shifters. You guys can see custom beautiful pattern shifter, so I dont want to move it right now. You know there are you pattern shifters or what here you guys can see. Youre saying its pretty much brand new and you would say yes lets go. I need this foreign. So nothing really much three headrests and you get the central armrest as well your Center armrest by action and the cup holder sponsor for uh holding your cups. We have charging ports one second, do they do the charging ports or bio? As you guys can see on the USA, storage space, bio, you can store your pamphlets and everything underneath the fair Speakers. By the same thing I mean this is the storage space mesh Palazzo. So you can store nearly everything yeah so lets foreign youll see that to go outside. That is actually the blind spot monitoring system blind spots. Only you dont need to care about that so thumbs up blind spots. So thats a really cool feature about this car wow foreign.