I think you may have heard about most affordable EV in India, Tata Tiago EV, the front profile of the Tata Tiago EV comes with a simple, modern and cute design. We get a closet grille for this EV dot. Ev badging is the signature 11th of Tata EVS Tata Motors is the largest ev car manufacturer in India. We get high beam, halogen and low beam, projector headlamps silver treatment. On top at bottom we get halogen fog, lamps led. The arrows lot of Prior pattern is embedded on the front bumper. The lower lip of the front bumper is sharp and aerodynamic in design. Two cuts are there on either side of the front Bonnet. Moving to the side, its a 14 inch hyper style wheel with a tire profile of 175 by 65 by R14, and I am showing the front suspension independent over Wishbone Mark force and dual path: strut, front suspension, dot, EV badging is here blackened Auto folding rvms. With turn indicators, fold type antenna, contrast your roof, the Dual tune. Color looks very nice. We get Rukia sensor on driver side, body colored door handle with a piano, black stripe, looks nice and I am showing the available ground clearance for this vehicle. You can see the rear suspension from here, and I am moving to the rear. Most and high mounted stop lamp on top wiper, washer and defoggers are available. Tiago.Ev bedding is here through which camera is provided and an extra button to open the boot.

This is the parcels way without any string. We get 240 liter of boot capacity crossing the boot. You can hear the thoughts out. The tail lamps are fully halogen unit and I am showing the rear bumper. The rear bumper is sharp in design, and I am showing the rear suspension its a rear twist Beam with a coil spring mounted on hydraulic shock absorbers. The rear brakes are drum and front, brakes are disc and I am showing the entire under body of the Tiago EV. This is the battery pack. The battery pack is placed ahead and behind the rear, axle its a lithium iron phosphate battery, we get permanent, magnet synchronous. Motor and a 24 kilowatt hour battery pack to drive this top and variant. This top and variant has long range and another option is the medium range variant. The medium range variant comes with 19.2 kilowatt hour battery pack. If you talk about the long range wearing, we get 24 kilowatt hour battery pack and we get a power output of 55 kilowatt power. If we convert the 55khz, what power into PS, we get 74 PS power and 114 114 114, not a meter of torque thats enough to drive this vehicle. Some people may ask why this EV is using this 12 volt small battery. This 12 volt small battery is used to run wiper horn and headlamps, and the main battery is not using to drive this small components, because the primary function of the main battery is to dry the vehicle.

If the vehicle is turned off, the main battery will be completely isolated for safety lets check. The interior of the vehicle request sensor is added to open the vehicle. Keyless speaker is here. We get four speakers and four features: storage spaces. Here, small storage, space Power Window Control, buttons, one touch up and down function is available only for driver or rvm controls. We get height, adjustable dryer seat. Is it good quality, leather right material, proper, dead, puddle, small storage space is here and Im entering into the Tiago TV? You can hear the third sound of the door. This platform is related to four star Global NCAP crash test. Visibility from the driver seat is good. The window line is slow, we get manual, dimming IR VM, so anti mirror is available on core driver side, no vanity maroon driver side, and we get microphone on top here Twitter on both sides of the a pillars speaker is here, total we get four speaker and Four twitters: this is the fully digital instrument. Cluster lot of options are there and I am showing it trip. Auto temperature available battery charge, Drive region level is available on left side. Its a leather wrapped flat bottom steering wheel, piano black finishes here. Quiz control buttons are on right side. Audio control, buttons are on left side, its a hard plastic. The quality is decent for this dashboard grab handle on left side. We get a lamp on top. The seats are very comfortable and supportive.

We get 7 inch, Harman infotainment system with Android, auto and apple carplay. These are the practical physical control buttons region, reduce button region increase button. Four region modes are available: 4 Glam On off button charger. Disconnect button lock, unlock button boot opening button. We get auto AC for this vehicle front and rear defogger buttons. Are there USB type, a 12 volt charging socket decent amount of storage, space, rotary, selector, novice user to selected neutral, Drive, Sport and Rose piano black finishes here: mechanical handbrake, twin cup holder, another 12 volt charging socket and I am showing the key of the Tiago EV. We get lock unlock button boot opening button. Follow me headlamp button here there is a nice place to keep this premium key, its a cold glow box, deep commandment on lower part and a small compartment on upper part, and I am closing the glow box for safety. We get dual airbags: ABS, EBD, reverse camera, with adaptive guidelines and tire pressure monitoring system, and I am showing the rear seats. The width of the rear seats are this much we get two fixed headrests quality of this material is nice visibility from the second row. Seats are good, the window line is low and I am showing the leg room from this position, and this is the available Headroom. I am showing the rose camera. The rose camera comes with adaptive guidelines. Now I am using the Lewis camera. This reverse camera with adaptive guidelines are very useful, rotary knob shifting to drive mode lets start we get decent power delivery in drive mode.

If you want more power, you can use the sports mode in drawing mode the power delivery is linear and smooth. We get decent amount of power in this drawing mode. If you are driving in Highway, you can choose the sports mode to get better power delivery. You get instant torque of this EV in sports mode. The sports mode is recommended to drive in highways and steep uphills. Now I am driving the long range variant of the Thiago EV in Long Range variant. The climbed range is 315 kilometer per full charge. Foreign class with this AV in terms of handling this vehicle is decent. You can select a maximum region in downhill. Three is the maximum region. The region starts from 0, 1, 2 and 3.. You can choose maximum Region 3 on steep downhill, and now I am driving the vehicle in dry mode and I am going to shift into sports mode now. The sports mode activated, the torque delivery, is instant in this sports mode. This sports mode gives good amount of power and toll the delivery of the power and torque is very smooth in Highway. The claimed acceleration from 0 to 60 in Long Range Thiago EV model. It can go from 0 to 60 in just 5.7. Second for medium range, this vehicle can reach from 0 to 60 in 6.2. Second, in Long Range model we get more power figures. Long Range model comes with 74 PS power and 114 114 114 Newton meter of torque.

The company mentioned 55 kilowatt of power in the brochure. If we convert the 55 kilowatt into PS, we get 74 PS power. Different charging options are available: 15 ampere charger, 3.3 kilowatt wall box charger. We get additional 7.2 kilowatt, AC, fast charger, the 7.2 kilowatt AC, fast charger, again charges a Long Range model with 3.6 hours and for medium range model. It needs only 2.6 hours. We also get DC fast charging in DC fast charging. Both medium range model and Long Range model required just 58 minutes to charge from 10 to 80 percent, with a DC fast charger. I am taking a: U turn with this Thiago EV, its a electric power, assisted steering wheel with just 5.1 meter of turning radius, its very effortless to take a? U turn with this vehicle, and I am taking a sharp. U turn in the city traffic, its very effortless to take a sharp? U turn with this vehicle and pressing hard to the accelerator puddle. This vehicle performs very well on sports mode, thanks to Tata 3 gorilla motors for arranging this vehicle common Europe. Opinions about this AV on comment box and support me by giving like share and subscribe. If you want to know more about this vehicle, you can contact the SRI Google Motors contact number and addresses given on the description box.