Thermal looking at the number you probably dont have a clue. Let me give you another example. This is an aura funky cat which entered the European market last year, its pretty much equivalent to The Idler in China, with similar price size and performance, a heres, a sales number of this car in China, Music, not bad huh! Well, wait until you see this Music. This is a byd dolphin small gap between its performance, build quality configuration and id3s, but for Chinese average consumers. They often see these three as rivals, but when you see the sales number of this car, you are in for a surprise, thats right. The sales number of this door thing is more than twice the number of this funky cat and the ID3 combined and thats. What Im going to talk about today? Why in China, this Volkswagen doesnt stand a chance facing these two Im Harris youre watching Mad TV Applause. Before introducing these cars, I want to discuss something else with you guys who, exactly in China, are buying this more affordable electric vehicles Music. Well, there are two kinds of them once those who already have a car that have large space and are suitable for long distance travel in their homes, and they need an additional EV that is cheap to run and convenient for daily commute. The second is girls, those who are not very into driving but want to own a car as an accessory or even a pet, which means the buying decision of this kind of cars are mostly likely to be made by female customers.

Having established that lets see what went wrong with this ID3 in China, Music first class is ID3. You might spot problem its a bit too muscular to attract to female customers. The front has a serious look. The wheels are enormous and the whole body looks quite sharp. However, you can see the aura funky cat is quite the opposite, comparing to the ID3 its such a little cutie pie that has wheels as a person had myself. I think it looks very exotic. Kinda reminds me of Alpha Romeo metal and the stylish interior is also terrific, its a lovely mixture of vintage and modern, so the adorable appearance will immediately steal a girls heart. Then, when you put the ID3 beside them, it feels a bit chunky. Once my girlfriend saw her on the road – and she said it looks like a chubby boy D dolphin, on the other hand, has a perfect size for this kind of EV, though the dolphin is indeed the smallest among these three. The English space is very similar to the ID3, where the funky cat is even less spacious. Therefore, the bigger isnt, always the better one thing to point out, although dolphin has just the right size, its not record pretty the owner of that funky catch even said, and Im quoting shouldnt, be named dolphin. He looks like a turtle to me with its hair tattoo. Well, it was a very Lively description and agree with her. However, the inside of the dolphin is actually not bad.

The color and texture combination looks appealing and funky. The physical buttons are convenient and very interesting besides to match the name dolphin. The interior design has lots of ocean elements, at least by the claim it. In addition, the interior of ID3 is definitely of the highest quality among them, but it sukiki because it has absolutely zero physical buttons, though every single Touch button has hashtag feedback, theres, still a pretty good chance of misoperation. Generally speaking, the ID3 is the model one. The funky cap is the funky one. As for the dolphin well, I have mixed feelings, but some of you may have different opinions. Let me know in the comments to be honest, I have considered buying ID3 myself, but every single time after checking the configuration table. I change my mind. You see there are only two specs of audio3 sold in China. The base version costs around 20 000 Euro sounds reasonable, but the configuration is unbelievably basic. For example, it doesnt even have a sound roof, a power seat, a rear view, camera or any dead cow. I know your Europeans are very used to this kind of stuff, but in China its just unacceptable. As for Top Model, the equipment is quite good, but the price goes all the way to 25 000 Euros. Plus the power range of these two specs are exactly the same, so you are basically spending money. Just additional equipment. Okay, youll find anything more pleasant than that, whereas you can, because you still have to pay another thousand Euros for just a heat pump aircon, even if youre buying a Top Model.

However, the funky cat dolphin took a different approach. The funky cast configuration and optional equipment are very plentiful and theres also a performance version with more power and a sporty kit on the market. As for the latter, the number of versions are fewer, but how, by these separate each configuration is quite reasonable, although more consumers tends to choose the base version with only 95 brick horsepower the performance one which we reviewed, has even more power than the other two. I know less versions can make it easier for the buyers to choose from, but those who Miss such EVS will certainly want to get the most out of their money. Thus, the VW has failed in this aspect. Now lets talk about intelligence. Many customers in China are actually very interested in this type of stuff, but only few of them can really tell the difference. In addition, people value the infotainment system more than the Adas, because the latter isnt used very often, but the former is vital for daily driving, and this is exactly are you this biggest weakness, because its known that Volkswagens infotainment system really sucks to make matters worse? There are lots of negative news recently ads pop ups when driving squares go black in Winter and the owners in China even Journey wrote a letter to VW to complain about Manning for table failures. Even Volkswagen itself has admitted that this generation of infotainment isnt any good, especially when, comparing to these Chinese competitors a funky cat, for instance, its infotainment is the best among these three.

Its Hardware, UI setup and voice commander are all amazing, though the Dolphins, hardware and UI are not very good by these powerful software capability made the system very smooth and of high usability. It can also meet the demands of consumers in China perfectly. In addition, the screen can even rotate between landscape mode and portrait mode, which is byds unique feature sinks forever. Datas wise Volkswagen has actually the best performance, although the hardware is not so good. The experience is excellent but, as I said its difficult for consumers in China to tell the difference, dont get me wrong, though. Im not saying this idea is rubbish, its actually the car that I want most among these three, because the driving sensation are so much better than the other two at totally different level. And that is why the owner of this very ID3 as a racing driver made his decision. The fact that hit is svw. Chassis engineering has nothing to do with it when the Ranger and Power specs of the ID3 are basically the same as the other Chinese competitors. Water excels such as the driving experience and aiders are exactly what Chinese consumers dont care much about, however, for the features that they do concern about, such as infotainment and configuration ID3, was not able to do better than the others besides, unlike smart, mini or even its Own Beetle, the design doesnt appeal to female customers in 2021, the ID family entered the Chinese market.

Although the sales number was not as good as we expected, they are still the best selling joint venture EV in China, which means those traditional car brands still have a lot to catch on. Well, thats, pretty much it if you enjoyed the video please like subscribe, hit. The notification Bell and share with your friends after all your support, is what drive us to keep on. Thank you for watching, see you next time.