. We are here at the Anglesea proving ground to give you an early preview of what to expect. Launched in China in early 2023 as the Aura, Lightning, cat., The mid size. Electric sedan is destined for Australia and could cost less than the 65000 Tesla model. Three. GWM or Great War Motors is also bringing the Aura Electric hatchback to Australia for 43.990, making the little runabout Australias cheapest EV, but this bigger, more powerful vehicle will fight it out with mid size. Evs, like the Tesla Model, three and upcoming electric sedans, such as the Hyundai Ionic six.. Ah, the thing I love about Evs is all the space you get under the bonnet anyway. Clearly, theres no space under here for luggage, but down there somewhere, is an electric motor pumping out one 50, kilowatts and 340 Newton meters, which, according to the specs, is reasonably quick. Well find out. Soon.. However, there is a dual motor version: pumping out 300 kilowatts and 680 Newton meters. Thats a lot of muscle and apparently that thing goes from zero to 100 in 4.3 seconds. Seriously, quick, both versions use a single speed automatic transmission to get power to the ground, but There is a 64 kilowatt battery which is in this, but a bigger 83 kilowatt battery., The smaller one will do about 550 kilometers according to the Chinese data. And the big battery 705 kilometers.. Now, when they get tested in Australia, those numbers will come right down because its a different testing method.

So expect the entry level model to do about 450 kilometers. I reckon and the big one, maybe 550., The exterior design may be an acquired taste blending a Porsche Panamera body shape and front end with hints of VW, Beetle and even Bentley brake lights.. It rides on these distinctive 19 inch alloy wheels and the ties are actually Michelin. Pilot sport., Yes theyre the EV version, but thats still pretty cool. Things improve dramatically once you step inside, it feels very luxurious, and this T shaped dashboard with the climate controls up here, makes you feel pretty special sitting here. These single piece sports seats look fantastic, but They also feel fantastic too., This pleather or vegan leather or whatever you wan na call. It is really nice and supple., And you know what Theyre nicely contoured. Theyre comfortable with these headrests nice and soft, really good cushioning., Theyre power operated and best of all theyre heated and cooled and theres, even a massage function. And the massage function is very, very good.. I, like the steering wheel. Its nicely upholstered and its a little bit. Squidgy feels nice. The steering wheel, controls theres plenty of them.. They all make sense, and I, like that 10.25 inch, digital drivers displays split into three sections.. It adds a bit of eye candy, its nice., Speaking of which 12.3 inches right here.. This is a nice big touch screen as well and its pretty quick to respond, but my only problem with the menu system is its in a language I dont understand so Im gon na reserve judgment on that for now.

, The backseat of the GWM Ora Sport is Very, very interesting.: Lots of good points. Lots of bad points. Lets start with space. Leg room is not bad.. Foot room is not great.. I cant get my feet under the seats and theyre a little bit raised. The floors quite high, which its not the end of the world. Head room is actually not bad, but whats. Interesting is youve got this huge curved glass roof that runs all the way back and all the way over and its kind of really special.. It feels like a very luxurious limousine.. Access to the boot is via this powered tailgate and although its a very narrow opening peek inside – and there is a lot of room in there. What you dont get is a spare tire, just a puncher repair kit, but it seems to be the way for a lot of EVs. These days. Anyway lets see how this girl, dances., Okay, lets, give it a blast off the line foot to the floor in sport. Mode., Oh, oh whats, this. It sounds like a petrol engine. That actually sounds pretty good.. Now look accelerations, not amazing, off the line.. This does have the single motor 150 kilowatt setup., No, its, not the dual motor that accelerates zero to 100 in 4.3 seconds, or what have you but its, not bad., And if nothing else, its very smooth, very refined as youd expect from an EV. Another feature. This car has that not all EVs have is one pedal driving so Im off the accelerator pedal and with any luck, itll come to a complete stop and it does that by using the regenerative brakes or the actual motor itself, so thats pretty cool.

. The idea is that youll actually give yourself a little bit more range by using the regenerative brakes. Its hard to gauge what sort of range the vehicle will get on. A short preview drive like this, but given the battery size, it should be reasonably good.. Something thats not quite as good, however, is how it behaves in corners.. The car generally feels quite benign. Its very easygoing, but as our Chinese correspondent noted, when he drove this car back in Shanghai, the suspension is a little bit soft. Its a little bit doughy. It doesnt have a huge amount of body. Control. And no, I wouldnt go quite as far to say. Its like a tiny boat being tossed around in stormy seas.. It would feel a whole lot better if it was a little bit more tied to the road, and this could be affected if GWM can tweak the suspension.. The flip side of those soft suspension dynamics is that ride. Comfort is really really good.. Its a very good cruiser., Its very smooth., It absorbs bumps and lumps very, very easily.. So if its just gon na be your everyday driver, a commuter then shouldnt be a problem compared to the GWM or a hatchback we tested recently.. This vehicle is a fair bit quieter that that car you could hear the wind coming off the mirrors a bit more, whereas this one is not too bad. Theres a little bit of tire noise there, but overall its a very quiet and relaxed vehicle to sit in.

. The fundamentals of this EV are solid and its unusual design inside and out means it wont blend into the crowd, but its a bit of a wolf in sheeps clothing.. The chassis and single motor power plant are lack luster and if the price doesnt significantly undercut its rivals, the Aura Sport might struggle to find favor in mature car markets like Australia.. If GWM can make a few local engineering tweaks and enhance these amazing sounds and back it up with a seven year, warranty which it will almost certainly do. This EV will be worth a closer look. Thanks so much for watching.. We hope you enjoyed that..