We hope you guys in good health today were gon na show you 2023 Hyundai, ionic 5 Eva WD, walk around and explain the details of the car. We hope you guys enjoy it. Please dont forget to subscribe. For more videos, thanks for watching 2023 Hyundai, ionic 5 Eve WD, starting at 42 785 thanks to a little bit of 1980s 8 bit styling mixed with some seriously impressive New Era: electrification, the Hyundai ionic 5 dazzles as a fast charging SUV with a notable driving range. The ionic 5 is among the first EVS to earn a place on our 10 best trucks and SUVs list. The lineup spans a 168 horsepower single motor rear drive ionic 5 with an EPA estimated 220 miles of range up to a 320 horsepower. All wheel drive dual motor unit with an estimated 266 miles of range. The Big Range single motor rear drive model with 303 miles of range is among the farthest driving EBS sold today for under sixty thousand dollars. Its 350 kilowatt DC fast charging capacity is the real hero, though enabling charging speeds as quick as those offered by far more expensive and luxurious EVS, such as the Porsche taken in Lucid air inside the ionic 5. There is plenty of room with more rear passenger space than both the Ford Mustang Machi and Volkswagen ID .4, with a wide spread of pricing and range availability. The ionic 5 makes a compelling choice for anyone taking the first swing at EV ownership as the ionic 5.

Just debuted last year, Hyundai makes subtle equipment changes, but enough to bump the cars EPA rating higher in a few areas. All wheel drive models now get an EPA estimated 266 miles of range up from last years, 256 mile rating. They also now have slightly higher mg ratings. Foreign heating system and preconditioning function are now standard on all models. Finally, on the chance you need tow something with the ionic 5 know that the maximum tow rating for cell and limited models is up to 2300 pounds. Going bid will get you home when it comes to the 2023 ionic 5. thats. Why wed recommend the rear drive cell trim with an EPA estimated 303 miles of range and 225 horsepower for well under fifty thousand dollars Music? It comes standard with artificial leather upholstery, a hands free power, liftgate ambient interior lighting, a heated steering wheel, wireless charging and more EV motor power and performance. The ionic 5 has an electric, only powertrain thats available in multiple potencies. The standard range battery paired with a single rear mounted electric motor narrates 168 horsepower with the longer range battery the rear drive configuration, generates 225 horsepower and 258 pound feet of torque Music, which Hyundai says, will Propel the ionic 5 to 60 miles per hour in 7.4 Seconds the all wheel, drive version is much more powerful, with 320 horses and a substantial 446 pound feet and quicker too it catapulted to 60 miles per hour in 4.

5 seconds. At our test track the ionic 5, we drove demonstrated its smoothness on a variety of Road surfaces and its wide for an EV tires, combined with a low center of gravity made. It feel athletic going side to side. We only wish its steering provided more feedback and the suspension was a smidge firmer with the standard 58.0 kilowatt hour battery pack.