We hope you guys in good health today were gon na show you 2023 Lexus, RZ 450e direct 4ev, walk around and explain the details of the car. We hope you guys enjoy it. Please dont forget to subscribe for more videos thanks for watching 2023 Lexus RZ 450e direct 4 EV, starting at 59, 650 Lexus is getting into the EV game with the RZ 450e, which shares a platform with the Toyota bz4x and the Subaru soltera, this being Alexis its Sporting, a much posher cabin to go along with its more upscale exterior styling, although it shares its 65.6 kilowatt hour battery pack with the bz4x. The lexuss powertrain is a more powerful dual motor setup, thats good for 308 horsepower. The luxury brand calls this Powertrain d. I r e ct4, which offers standard all wheel, drive the rzs exterior, is sharply styled with a floating roof, a ducktail, spoiler and aggressive headlamps. The cabin takes a more minimalist approach in its design, with most controls being operated through a large 14.0 inch. Touchscreen infotainment display the RZ will be an all new entrant in the Lexus lineup for 2023 and the Brands first, all electric offering were guessing on price here, but we think Lexus will offer the RZ 450e in standard and f sport. Trims Lexus hasnt released pricing yet, but we know that a host of desirable features will be standard, including a panoramic sunroof adaptive cruise control, a head up display and more EV motor power and performance.

The rz450e is powered by an all electric powertrain. That Lexus calls the irect for this dual motor Arrangement is good for 308 horsepower and comes standard with all wheel. Drive. Acceleration is fairly brisk, but we noted in our initial test, drive that its not as hair raising as rival such as the jaguar i pace and the Volvo C40 recharge. We estimate that the rz450e will make it to 60 miles per hour in about 5.5 seconds. A steer by wire system is standard and Lexus has confirmed that a yoke style steering wheel will be offered as an option. A regular circular wheel will be standard, so if youre not ready for a yoke, youll be able to opt out Music nearby wire system takes getting used to, but once we got the hang of it, it proved to be beneficial for handling when we get a chance To test the RZ at our test track well update this story with results, range charging and battery life. The RZ 450 will use the same 65.6 kilowatt hour battery pack as the bz4x in soltera, which should deliver around 225 miles of driving range per charge. Applause Christmas. According to Lexus, a 6.6 kilowatt on board charger is weaker than many rivals and the rzs DC fast charging capabilities are limited to 150 kilowatt connections, fuel economy and real world MPG official fuel economy estimates for the rz 450 arent available yet, but we hope to have A chance to test the new EVS UV for ourselves soon on our 75 mile per hour, highway fuel economy, test route.

When we do well update this story with results, a Simplicity, focused interior design in the rzs interior has removed many buttons and switches from the dashboard indoors and relocated. Those things to the large infotainment display, similar approaches have been employed in EV models from Tesla and Polestar. With varying results, either way, the rzs cabin looks spacious for a small crossover and quite upscale, with most surfaces wrapped with faux suede or synthetic leather. A large 14.0 inch infotainment touchscreen dominates the rzs dashboard that looks similar to the screen found in the gasoline powered and X SUV.