It looks like RX, but no its a RZ. So let me tell you more about it. Its clear the front end does look like a RX. You can see the same kind of nose, thats sticking out and flattens, but theres no more Grille. That Grille has been replaced with just body panel, because this is fully electric. Now you dont need all that air to go in the headlights on both sides that you got a little bit uh color variation here right. You have a two tone setup. It does look quite unique in the front Im, not so sure, Im sold on this look. I dont know: what do you guys think looking at the side view this definitely looks like a RX, but it does look like the roof has been shrunken down a little bit more aerodynamic, probably to increase efficiency right, but you could see the the wheel. Fenders are painted these nice looking Wheels exclusive to the RZ and of course you have low drag tires to give you maximum range and Ill talk about that in a little bit. If you look theres nice, nice curves right, you have wide hips back here, its its a nice looking SUV, take a look on top the spoiler on top, usually theres. This one piece now its like two little fins on both sides and then getting get into the rear. Again it looks like the new RX, but its been changed. You see the LED tail lights and it stretches in the middle it connects through.

You have the Lexus uh lettering in the middle right, just a whole bunch of flatness over here, the bottom bumper, obviously theres, no exhaust tips or anything like that. You see a couple of fake grilles on either side, not sure how I feel about that. But take a look, it also is equipped with direct four, which is just a fancy way of saying this has all wheel drive. So this is what the trunk space looks like. You have ample amount of room, although on top the clearance is cut off by how slanted the tailgate is kind of like the RX again on the bottom. You have a little trunk space for additional things, but good good amount of space back here. Of course, power. Tailgate look at this look at this. This is a unique looking steering wheel. I would say: Lexus probably got inspired by Tesla with their yoke steering wheel because thats exactly what this is its a two spoke. I dont know how you define this. If this is now a two spoke steering wheel, the reason for this is because, obviously you get a clear view of your gauge cluster, which looks like isnt fully digital. It looks like its only probably like an eight inch screen in there right, but you get a unobstructed view of your gauge cluster and also of the road. You have a giant 14 inch screen. This is pretty standard now with Lexus. Is the interface and navigation pretty easy to understand the one problem with this? Just like the RX is the climate control function, kind of stays there forever you cant minimize it it just stays above which cuts off this massive screen.

Quite a bit, it cuts off like 20 or 30 percent. Take a look on top right now, its frosted. If you want to let some light in you just press this button boom, wow, wow, Tesla and others need to copy this. This is like CIA kind of Technology, thats – really really cool so yeah, so you could see the digital gauge cluster, unfortunately, its not the whole thing, its a like an eight inch screen. I dont know why they didnt just stretch it out all the way, but this looks pretty standard. According to other lexuses I have reviewed you see, the steering wheel is set up the same way, these two control menu items that you cant see right now, but I could see on the heads up display and its kind of confusing, because some of this is for Your modes and music – and some of this is for uh like like forward and backward your phone voice control, but theyre not marked on the steering wheel. I I only see it in the heads up display, which I cant show you right now, but you see under here too. You have wipers over here Auto and you can adjust the speed and over here theres a little thing for your lights: Auto lights, daytime running lights, turning on lights manually, so it does seem like Lexus, is also imitating or getting inspired by Tesla trying to get rid Of some of the knobs or columns Im trying to simplify things into the steering wheel, however, it is daunting if youre looking at it this way, theres just a lot going on plus you still do have some traditional stocks in the back, so they didnt accomplish everything They wanted up here.

You also do have paddle shifters. You can look at the seats. These are not leather seats, theyre like Alcantara seats and youll, see on a door panel as well, but normally speaking, you see a whole lot of leather in luxury vehicles, but this one you have a little leather on the side, but the whole seat is basically Alcantara. It looks great, it feels great, very comfortable, so the back of this RZ is quite spacious. You can see a few inches of leg room plenty of Headroom right. The Dual panoramic sunroofs on top lets a lot of light in right. The seats just like the front coveredness out Alcantara cloth material feels good feels really good. Now back here, passengers do have heated seats and also a couple USB ports. You can see right here, no cooling function. There is a 120 Outlet down here and then look at the the way you open the doors. Just like the new RX. You kind of push it right, so you kind of push it, but in case you run out of power emergencies. You could do this where you pull it twice. You could see there thats how you could also open the door in case of emergencies, but this is something new from Lexus that you have to get used to. So this is what it looks like under hood. In total, youre go youre going to get about 313 horsepower in terms of EV range its about 220, but it really depends on your wheel configuration because if you have larger Wheels like the 20 inch wheels, the range actually goes down to about 196, but overall youre Getting about 220 total EV range and 0 to 60 comes in around five seconds, and then this is where you charge by the way the charging port is on this side, its not electric its manual, so you do have to open it, and then you do see A fake cover over here makes you think, like there is something under here, but no, but I dont know why they made it this way where it actually presses in, but this doesnt open.

Now. As for pricing, the brand new 2023 rz450e has two trim levels premium which starts at under sixty thousand dollars and a luxury which starts over 65 000. The good thing is both of these trims come with all wheel drive, but if you wanted maximum range well, then you have to go with a premium because you do have the smaller Wheels. But if you want maximum looks, then you go with the luxury, but unfortunately its sacrificing a little bit of the range. So there you go. This is a brand new, fully electric rz450e from Lexus.