I am here at ampere stall, who has showcased their two wheelers as well as their three wheelers. So here we have the best selling model from ampere, then that is ampere Magnus ex. So recently they have updated this ampere Magnus ex and they have relaunched this model in the market. So they have included a reverse mode and updated switch gear in this. So the hero of this video here is the Ampere Primus electric scooter, which is the recent launch from ampere. So in this video we are going to know all details about this ampere Primus electric scooter. So this is the one of its kind electric scooter in this segment, which comes with the build driven motor foreign Music ERS from this grooves Mobility electric. So this is the cargo model, so this is the basic model which we can see on our India. Roads, like Mahindra, also launched the same model of this cargo electric three wheeler, so here they are calling as the grills e pro cargo. So this cargo Autos name is epro Cargo. So here comes our two smart Autos from grooves company, so they have launched in a very attractive looks so these Autos comes in two segments. That is, one is Cargo, and one is passenger vehicle, so they have given a provision for cargo. So this is a cargo Auto and this is a passenger Auto, so these Autos are going to launch in India in 2024. So let me hop on to the drivers seat, so this is the driver cabin of this Greece, three wheeler auto, so the display is a fully colored TFT digital display.

So, as I said, this is going to be a smart Auto in which they are going to integrate the turn button, navigation, Bluetooth, speaker system and lot more. So while talking about the availability, these Autos are going to launch in our Indian market in the year 2024. So lets talk in brief about these electric Autos when they are in the Indian market for now lets jump on to the Ampere Primus and lets see all the details about it. Friends this is the all brand new ampere Primus electric scooter. So in this video we are going to know the all details about this ampere Primus electric scooter. So, first of all, if you start from the front here, we have LED headlight along with LED drls. So, as you can see, this is the LED headlight, and this is the LED DRL and the side indicators are of bulb and they are integrated here in the body panel. So totally there are four colors available in this ampere Primus electric scooter and all of them are matte finished. So if, apart from this panel, all of the scooter parts are mad, but this is in the glossy finish. As you can see, my fingerprints are attracting on this, so here they have gave the Ampere badging along with their logo. So if we come down here, we have 90 by 90, section 12 inches tubeless tires. So, first of all, if we talk about the designing part, it resembles its sister ampere Magnus electric scooter.

If you look at this ampere Primus first, it shares the same designing language as the Ampere Magnus ex, but we can say this is the top end variant of the Ampere Magnus, with the extra battery capacity and extra motor capacity. While coming to the suspension, they have used a telescopic suspension at the front and dual shock obsess at the rain and while coming to the brakes, they have used drum brakes on both front and rear sides. If we continue to the designing part, as you can see its resembles the same as ampere Magnus ex, but the patching changes here here, they have okay, the Ampere Primus badging. With a premium look here, we get pillion food pack along with the casing for its controller. So behind this you can see the control roller of this ampere Primus electric scooters. So these are the hydraulic suspensions at the rear which they have used and if we come to rare here, they have used a LED taillight, along with bulb side indicators. So if you see the seat, this seat is more comfortable than the Ampere Magnus ex. So once let me hop onto this electric scooter, so this is the riding poster of this ampere Primus, electric scooters. So more or less it looks same as its sister, which is ampere Magnus ex. So now let us on the display and lets see what all the information well get to see on this ampere Primus so guys.

This is the display of this ampere Primus electric scooters. So if we talk about the Ampere Magnus, we get a small display while compared to the streamer. So in this premise, well get a information like Bluetooth, connectivity, time battery temperature battery percentage. Here we get the battery percentage along with the four or one to three or fibers with it. Here we get the speed odometer trip meter. So we get these information in the display of this ampere Primus electric scooter. We can see the indicator warnings here at the left and right said, while talking about the switch here, we get a high view. Lobby switch here, we get indicator switch here, we get on switch, and here is the reverse button. This ampere primas electric scooter is integrated with a reverse mode. So if you press and hold this button and give the throttle, this scooter will go in the reverse. And while I said here, we get a switch to control the headlight, and here we get a three way switch to switch between the riding modes. So this scooter is coming with the three riding modes called Eco City and power, along with the reverse mode. So at the down we get a switch to on and off the motor friends now lets talk about the battery and motor of this ampere Primus electric scooter. This ampere Primus is equipped with a 48 volt 72ah lfp chemistry battery. That means a 3.34 kilowatt hour, lithium ferrofort chemistry battery.

So let me show the boot space of this ampere Primus. So, as you can see here, we get close to 15 liters boot space with the integrated light, so that we can access the boot space in the night without any difficulty. So here we get a battery pack, which is of 3.34 kilowatt hour lfp chemistry. As this battery is not removable so previously in the Ampere Magnus, we could able to remove the battery pack as they have used lfp chemistry in this. The battery is not removable at all, and by using this 3.34 kilowatt hour battery, this ampere Primus electric scooter can give you a real range of 120 kilometers on a single charge in the ECO mode. If you drive this electric scooter in the power mode in which you will get a top speed of 77 kilometer per hour, it can give you a real range of 100 kilometers. While talking about the motor, they have used a three kilowatt PM, SM motor, which is of a build dry system and also they have used a casing to protect their belt. So this thing allowed the most in this ampere Primus electric scooter, so the modern ease of pmsm, which is belt driven system so that the power loss will be less and you will get the instant torque when you ride this electric scooter. So these are some of the key points of this ampere Primus electric scooter. So if we come to the price, this ampere Primus, electric scores comes with the actual room cost of 1.

1 lakh, and when it comes to on road, it will cost you around 1.15 to 1.2 lakhs and while coming to the availability, the pre bookings of this ampere Primus is open. Now you can visit to your nearest ampere showroom to pre book this electric scooter by paying just 1000 rupees and youll get the deliveries of this ampere primas electric scooter from March. So if you talk about the charging time, they are providing a 15 amps charger along with this 3.3 kilowatt hour, lfp chemistry battery. So you can full charge this electric scooter within four to four and a half hours. So this is all about the Ampere Primus. Electric scooters so watch your thoughts on this ampere Primus electric scooter, please let us know in the comment section if you found the video helpful, please hit the like button. Dont forget to subscribe electric vehicles. India see you in another interesting video.