Ford already has its F 150 Lightning Out in American roads and Im sure youve already seen either the GMC Hummer EV or the rivian r1t on the road too next year, well see new entrants like the Chevy, Silverado, EV, GMC, Sierra EV and, of course, the long Delayed Tesla cyber truck, but amidst this Buzz theres, one crucial truck maker thats been curiously quiet and laying low and thats Ram, but recently Ram revealed its battery electric truck concept and thats. What were looking at today, the 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution and hang on tight, because some of the unconventional bells and whistles will surprise you big car brands like Ford and GM are already serving dinner, while Ram has been quietly cooking up something behind the scenes. But look this truck is slated for 2024. So by the time we physically see, this Beast itll probably be very different from the concept we see today. Nevertheless, concept does this EV pickup is already turning heads in the EV industry. Now, when consumers eyes, the revolution will be a late bloomer itll come after the Ford, F, 150 Lightning and even after Chevy Silverado EV comes out next year, but then theres Ralph gills hes, the chief designer officer at Ram. He says that Ram isnt late in Texas, its like bringing in a really good bottle of wine to a party instead of just crashing it late, because Ram is designing the revolution to outperform competing electric trucks.

Honestly, I do have to say that the revolution has a science fiction, futuristic feel to it. If you ask me, I think itll make the Cyber truck look pretty outdated. Rams says a design team wanted to give it an Ultra Modern and beautiful. Look. Yes, I said beautiful if youre wondering what brutal even means. Well, basically, it means brutally beautiful, but its more than just the looks alone that give this truck its unique futuristic. Look this electric pickup is some really Innovative and even unconventional features. Take the side mirrors. For example, it doesnt have, in fact it is cameras instead to help you see your blind spots, believe it or not. This feature isnt even legal, on U.S roads, at least not yet, but who knows by the time this truck launches maybe well see different regulations on it by then, if youre wondering well Rams using cameras instead of physical side mirrors. Well, you wouldnt be the first to ask. The reason is Ram wanted to reduce drag now. The revolution has a powered, mid gate that can retract or create a pass through between the trucks, bed and Cab. In other words, you can fit and carry bigger and longer Cargo in it when you think of the trucks, midgate think back to the old Chevy Avalanche. True, a mid gate hasnt been the most common feature truck, but it has its fans. In fact, the Chevy Silverado EV is also set to have this handy feature as well.

According to Ram the mid gate will enable you to haul 18 foot long items with the tailgate closed. All you have to do is lay the items down the entire length of the vehicle and into the front, which is the front trunk by the way inside the front, youll find power, outlets, storage accessories and even hooks for groceries. One thing thats a fun feature on this exterior is the projector thats right it has its own projector. You can use it to shine building plans or other blueprints at work sites. Another neat feature will be the shadow mode. Shadow mode is a voice, actuated feature which enables the truck to follow the driver as he walks outside ahead. Basically, the truck uses, biometric identity, recognition and two factor authentication to follow the driver at a safe distance and navigate around obstacles its like leading a horse or walking your dog, although its more like a robot pet. Frankly, I cant imagine how Id use it at the moment, but its a fun feature nevertheless, and Im sure there must be a use or function for it. Now, a truck isnt, normally the First Choice as a vehicle that can maneuver through tight spaces but heres where the ram wants to differ. The revolution has rear wheels that can turn up to 15 degrees to help the truck maneuver through tight spaces. In a way, it kind of reminds me of the GMC Homers EV crab, walk feature except the Hummer EV rear wheel can turn only up to 10 degrees.

This feature allows the Hummer EV to Glide from side to side diagonally like a crap up the truck navigate around almost any obstacle anyway, with a greater turning angle, it sounds like the Revolution Will outperform here too now. On top of the Revolution, you find a full glass roof, pretty much at Power with a stunning All Glass panoramic roof for the rivian R1 tier, the Lucid air, but heres the thing the revolutions roof has electrochromatic panels, thats a fancy turn that basically says it can Darken on command were talking fancy stuff here now you think doors cant get any more exciting, but the revolution concept model is doors that swing open in opposite directions, just like a Rolls Royce now. That said, though, its just in the concept version. In reality, the production model will have conventional doors instead, but even so, we should see the flush mounted door handles that open when you touch it. When you look inside the first thing that immediately stands out is the third row thats, because when it comes to pickup trucks in general, normally you have the standard, Ultra capable ones for daily commutes and weekend nature outings. Typically, those are small four by fours, and then you have the Sleek modern trucks that are more like luxury vehicles, but the thing is, historically speaking, there hasnt been a strong demand for pickups for the third row thats. Why we really dont see that in the market as it is, and also why pickups havent been viewed as family vehicles for large families? Consider too, that truck drivers typically make good use of the cargo space and normally dont have a need for a third row of passengers thats.

Why its a true surprise that the revolution will come with three rows right now? No other truck offers this not the Ford F, 150 Lightning, the rivian r1t, the Silverado EV or Sierra EV Denali. So you can see that Ram wants to make this the most versatile truck ever clearly theyre, also trying to tap into a broader audience. In fact, the cab is already big, four inches longer than the longest cabin than any existing Ram truck. Now, if you slide the, I can row seats forward, there are folding jump seats. Hidden behind personally, I wouldnt recommend those seats for long trips, but it is Handy if youre in a pinch and need to carry six people anyway speak into the trucks interior. Even if youre, not a fan of concept. Photos of the Revolution. Listen to this Ram says that this pickups interior will be completely and endlessly customizable. For example, third row jump seats that can be placed inside or outside the vehicle, along with the center console. And if you want more space inside the truck, you can remove the center console entirely. But if youre on the road a lot and need be on your laptop well Rams bring in the office to you basically from the center console, you can unfold the workstation. Now this isnt entirely a brand new idea. The 2023 Ford F 150 light, and it already has option for an interior workstation, for example, and its higher end Platinum trim.

Now, if youre, the type of person who loves music and media well were talking two touch screens for a total of 28 inches of display. Thats, almost as much as the average computer monitor at home, the bottom screen can actually be repositioned in a few different ways, and if you wanted, you could even detach the bottom screen kind of like a tablet and use it in different parts of the truck. Now the truck has almost no buttons inside because most of the functions are operated through the touch screen, but this electric truck isnt all just on conventional features. It also comes with tried and tested Ram features like a toolbox, thats built in the side of the bed and tailgate that swings open in multiple directions since Ram just recently revealed the revolution concept. There are still many details that are currently on Note: Ram hasnt specified it yet, but it did confirm the truck will use the 800 volt architecture. Basically, the revolution will be able to charge at a rate of 350 kilowatts, which is more than most EVS currently on the market and will be able to add up to 100 miles in just 10 minutes driving range hasnt yet been released, but Ill. Tell you this. If Ram wants to compete successfully in EV Market, it needs to offer competitive driving range thats, a no brainer, just look at its competitors. Rivians large battery pack, its around 300 miles in range and rivian, has an even larger pack thats set to have about 400 miles of range.

If you look at Ford, the F, 150 Lightning has up to 320 miles of range and jam. Silverado EV is also set to have 400 miles in range, but thats just for now. In the coming years, newer EVS are targeting to offer ranges of over 500 miles. So you can see why the revolution will need to keep up actually were down. The street is the ram, is targeting a 500 mile range with a separate electric motor for each axle. I guess itll be four wheel drive. The revolution is supposed to be a towing Beast. Just look at what Rams up against the rivian r1t can handle 11 000 pounds of Towing Ford, F, 150 Lightning, for example, can tow up to ten thousand pounds with the extended range battery on the XLT and Lariat versions, and the GMC Hummer can do 7 500 Pounds so if Ram wants the revolution to be Larger than Life, itll need to have towing capacity it will meet or exceed these numbers. So far, theres no word yet on the pricing of the Revolution, but Im sure truck lovers are on their toes eager to find out, especially in light of the recent F 150 Lightning price hike. Lets put things in perspective as far as where electric trucks stand, the F, 150 Lightning, for example, recently at another price hike at the moment, its base price stands at 55 974, which is quite a shot above its a national price of only 40 thousand dollars.

Chevrolet. Also sets the plans to raise its price from the upcoming Silverado Evie initial was below 40 000, So based on Market Trend, I seriously doubt the Ram 1500 Revolution will be a low 40 Grand but most likely be closer to its competitors. Price range, by the way, if you havent seen my latest video on the F 150 Lightnings price hike check it out for now the revolution has been revealed is just a concept. Many of these concept features are no doubt cool and futuristic, but reality says that some of these features could very well end up being implausible for production Duty Rams, quick to recognize us so thats. Why? Right now, its seeking feedback from existing fan base and general consumers alike to prioritize which features will make the final cut right now, theres, no news of a solid release date, but Ram did say it will unveil the production version of the electric pickup in them. Coming months, but now you tell me what do you think of the 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution? How do you think itll compare with a Ford F? 150.