We also have the n74. This is beautiful. This hasnt been launched in Ireland, yet so it has come out in the UK a couple of press trips, but starting at the front youve got those beautiful creases. This is an aero Streamliner youve got the pixelated lights, very reminiscent ionic, five later glass black. This is the pearlescent um. Some Pirellis got the translucent Wing mirrors here with the screen on the inside. Well, have a look in a minute pop out door handles again very similar to the ionic five youve got your charging port here. That is motorized AC DC. Any closers, then youve got that upper spoiler with the built in brake light that rear spoiler. That is dovetail and then youve got this beautiful, pixelated Im, not sure if it comes across on camera well enough, but some gorgeous features going on here. Some more pixelated lights down here in the fog lights. Look the button for opening it up. Thinking about it! I have to give it a good push, and this is the hatch sorry, it is a saloon and so good space inside theres, multiple different types of textures and features theres. Your screen there for your light, its looking for the key apologies for the beeping. So, on the top of the door, then you come down. Youve got this textured youve got some fabric, youve got the speakers, I think its a Bose system and then youve got that ambient light down there and purple cluster here screen here same pretty much screens.

I think, as the ionic five same steering wheel as the ix5, this seems to be different here. Qi wireless charging, some charging ports here – some cup holders, then some more nice design charges in there as well storage in underneath got your sliding tray lots of stuff going on here. Sunroof. Let me even sit in the back just to see what the space is, because it is a Streamliner that door is super long. That beeping is gon na, go again. Six foot two 188 centimeters tight enough on space now, but yeah it is that sloping. You can see that you have the ability to move that passenger seat there and then weve got the N Vision. 74. beautiful, like this, is absolutely stunning stunning. Would they ever make it? I think that says H2 there, so whether its H2O like look at this thing, this is absolutely gorgeous something like Back to the Future. Very DeLorean, like its very nice, some more stats of the ionic six. It has a 446 liter boost with a 45 liter frunk. You can put something on the roof at 80 kgs. It has the ability to tour as well: 750 kgs, unbreaked and 1500 kgs break comes in two different um. Sorry, it comes in three different versions: globally, rear wheel, drive standard range and then the regular rear wheel drive with the bigger battery and then an all wheel drive maximum power on the start. Entry level is 111 kilowatt um that gives you 149 and then on the rear, wheel, drive with the longer battery its 168 kilowatt and then the all wheel drive.

It is 74 kilowatt on the front and 165 kilowatt on the bush. Its a lithium ion polymer battery across all rear wheel, drive standard rains and then the rear, wheel, drive and the all wheel drive battery sizes is a 53 kilowatt hour on the standard range battery and then a 77.4 kilowatt hour. Of that, then there are, I think, its something like 70 74 of that is usable, um maximum speed 115 miles an hour charging because it has the 800 kilowatt. Sorry, 800 volt charging system. It can rapid charge from 10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes up to 350 kilowatts nice going back to the ion X6 something a bit more realistic. It has a dry core efficient of 0.21 uh energy of 13.9 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers uh 18 minute charging 10 to 80, because it has 800 volt architecture and a 614 kilometer range. That is a quick look around the ioniq 6 here at Eco e car Expo in Sweden, huge thanks to my patreon supporters. New patreon kudzo Heinrich leisner Adrian Carey, black Bolin, from EV life, Ireland, Eve daily and Mark lots of ways to support the channel. Make sure you comment like subscribe and share, but you can also support me on patreon thanks very much. This video is in partnership with nevo.ie Irelands dedicated EV Marketplace, nevos on a mission to create a seamless transition to Electric driving for everyone, browse Griffin, trim levels, cars Vans, use, electric vehicles across all the different makes and models available make sure you visit nevo.

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