Although there are some cars at the more affordable end of the market, they tend to be small cars and not particularly useful. If you have a family or stuff to carry and if you need the range and the practicality of a larger car well, they can be eye wateringly, expensive, but weve managed to find a couple of practical electric motors that wont set your bank balance on fire and Its these two, the mg4 and the Nissan Leaf theyre, both five door, five seat, hatch and, at the moment theyre the cheapest pair on the market, yeah and weve, run the figures on these cars countless times and in terms of the amount of car you get for. Your money, they really cant, be beaten, but in order to maximize that value for money, you need to do two things. You need to be very careful on which battery size and trim level you order, and you also need to treat that options list like the hind legs of a donkey and steer well clear. Do you know what I am sensing might ask you? It is time for a start off a spec War to find out, ultimately, which one is best, so you know what to do next, please do subscribe to our electrifying Channel. Put those notifications on whether you love electric cars or you think you might start loving. Electric cars – we are the channel for you, okay, come on lets, get on with it all right.

Okay, let me go first, because Im quite excited about the list price of this. The official list. Price of the mg4se standard range is 26 995 pounds which is 65 quid less than the cheapest Ford Focus, not bad. Plus, you get just under 51 kilowatt hours of usable power and a range of 217 miles boom. What you got well um well! This is the Nissan Leaf, its a ‘ kilowatt ascenta version, which is the cheapest car in the range for that you get 168 miles of wltp range and it costs the princely sum of 20. 995. Sorry repeat that a little bit for us Mike its 28 995. Okay, I admit its a little bit more expensive than the mg is now. My mass has not always been my strong point, but youre basically paying two two more four 49 miles: less range. Yes, but the thing is that range will work for a lot of people. A surprising amount of people and as theres a lot of advantages to having a smaller battery its got less of the worlds resources in it. Its also lighter its 176 kilograms lighter than the bigger battery car thats, the equivalent of three adults. So that means its more efficient, it does more miles per kilowatt and when electricity prices the way they are thats a real advantage. Interesting three adults depends who were talking about: definitely not three Wookies but anyway, thats beside the point. Um, okay, fine Ill, give you kind of give me that one lets look at charging then, because this is where it gets quite interesting, because the ng4 standard range gets 6.

6 kilowatt, AC charging, but 117 kilowatt DC. So it means its going to juice up pretty quickly. If youre doing a longer Journey on a faster charger in 37 minutes, you get 129 miles of range, which is going to be useful right. I think you might have me there because, like the mg, the leaf can charge at 6.6 kilowatts on AC, but is limited to just 50 kilowatts on DC 50.. Yes, 5. 0 cool. So, even if you do find a faster chadamo connector – and there are some out there – you wont be able to take advantage of it, but in terms of numbers, a 45 minute charge will give you about 101 miles of range. Okay. Another point to me: I feel right lets talk size for a few minutes, because actually the mg4 does pretty well on this front too. There is ample space in the front and the rear, and when it comes to the boot, its actually got just above average boot space compared to your average internal combustion engine car were talking 363 liters worth of space. So, ultimately, you can need a pretty normal practical life without needing a second car. Now the leaf wins for boots base 435 liters of space back here on the downside there isnt quite as much leg room in the back, its not quite as generous plus. You also have a slightly strange transmission hump, which tends to take space away from your legs.

So if youre deciding between the two, you really need to work out. What your priorities are: passenger space or boot room. Should we talk? Toys lets? Do it lets? Do it because Im excited about this, the rather lovely mg4 has LED lights all the way around a rear parking sensor and 17 inch Alloys on the outside on the inside weve got a 10 and a quarter inch screen, uh theres climate control, driver assistance systems, Android Auto Apple car, hey cloth, seats, okay, its not insanely equipped, but its not bad, either. Well the ascenta which this isnt, because its the only car we could get to film today it comes with 16 inch allo wheels, so you get LED rear lights. Only dont get the headlights, but also you get a rear view camera as well, and you also get a rear wiper, which you dont, which is really annoying, because I do like a rear wiper for someone that never takes a car to the car wash. I Rely heavily on my rear WiFi. Okay, good point for me, then inside you get cloth seats, you get an eight inch infotainment system which has Apple carplay and it has Android auto as well. You also get rear USB ports. You also get Nissans e pedal system with the one pedal driving system, which is about the best regen system, weve really used. I enjoy it. That is fair point. It is, it does seem like the mg is really going to outgun the leap.

What I will say in the least favor is some of the Safety Systems theyre a little bit eager to jump in on the mg4. It all feels a little bit more Polished in the Nissan, but I do think thats about its a sportier car to drive. Maybe because its rear wheel, drive and the Nissan is front wheel drive tends to Scrabble a little bit out of Junctions, but these are definitely a sportier car yeah. Everything is just fearing in the favor of the mg4, now theres one other area, apart from boot space, where the Nissan beats, your mg4 and thats on a PCP deal, you can get one of these cars for 316 pounds a month, five grand deposit 10 000 miles. A year for three years, and it will be 10 pounds a month, less than the rmg4 10 pump got out of three coffees or, to put it another way on cheap rate, electricity that could get you up to 450 miles 450 pounds thats, most peoples, monthly mileage. All right Mike, I will give you that one, but the other thing I was thinking about is also brand loyalty. Now MD has been around forever, but its only recently that theyve Diversified into electric cars, whereas trusty old Nissan, has been doing it for decades. So you can understand why somebody might just prefer to pick Nissan over mg, but you know what Nikki I think on balance, I would still choose the mg4.

It does more of the things that matter and, if youre looking to simplify your experience, if youre going to go electric its the car to have, but you know what Nikki, when people say to us there arent any affordable, practical electric cars. I think these two prove otherwise well, Mike, I always say: youd come to your senses. Couldnt agree more. I think it is today a clear win for the mg4.