Yes, this car is very cheap. The SE standard range Edition starts just 27 000 pounds. The long range models get the bigger battery options. You also get a lot of Kit as standard such as adaptive, cruise control, heated Wing mirrors and LED headlights, but youll have to go for the more expensive trophy spec to get things like heated seats, heated steering, wheel and a dimming rear view, mirror range. So, Im testing this in the English winter temperatures about one degree Celsius, so this is probably the harshest test for an electric car around town. I was getting about 3.7 miles per kilowatt, so that equates about 230 miles the long range models and 188 for the standard models and on motorways, a roads and B roads due to almost no regen breaking. This came down to 2.5 kilowatts per mile, so 191 miles and 157 miles, respectively. Ports and connectivity yeah lovely little tray for your mobile phone here and on the trophy models that will do. Wireless charging uh get a couple of cables. Uh sorry get a couple of ports down here for your cables, uh USB a and USBC um, and you get a nice little um hole to root your cabling through, which is just a nice kind of touch isnt. It theyve thought about things. You also get a USB a port for the rear seats storage again well thought out: youve got storage for two good sized cups here. Look at these adjustable little tongs, so it holds it.

Nice and tight youve got a slidey kind of thing here, which is very convenient like that. Lock some space in the arm rest thingy in here, and also you get a little net just here um. I cant think why you need a little net here, but you have a little net here anyway, physical buttons, such as the trend. Today, most of your controls are hidden inside the touch screen, but you do at least get a few physical buttons volume up and down, which is very handy heating, on off no heating adjustment, physical button, which is a bit annoying, not Ill, come on to that later. But they have thought about um the shortcomings of having a touchscreen and you can customize these two special buttons on the steering wheel to do certain common things that you like doing left button controls whether you want the high board, which is like your um General features, Control which Ill show you afterwards or if you want a straight skip straight to uh, carplay or Android, auto and the right button will take you straight to the heating controls or Swap all the music sources thats what they call the high board, which is controls. You know Music Volume phone volume, brightness of the screen regen braking. There are three levels of regen braking. You can adjust the lowest level, acting like a normal automatic and generally cruising, whilst the third one is a very aggressive Regen, not quite one pedal driving, but quite nearly you can mostly drive the car with just the accelerator, its not as good as Nissans e pedal System which is full um one foot driving so a little bit frustrating this one.

You have to move between the one pedal and the brake, but this is okay, its okay phone app, the iSmart app you get to control the car. Does all the kind of usual features youd expect such as being able to turn the charging on and off schedule charging heating the car remotely um, the only small downside with it is that it doesnt always respond immediately. Sometimes you know I try in the morning it wouldnt work at all, just couldnt connect and then Id leave it 10 minutes. We work fine, the boot. Do you have any good sized boot? I think for this car um put most family stuff in it. No dedicated space to the charging cables, though, which is a little bit disappointing warranty. This car comes in a very generous seven year or 80 000 mile warranty and now on to the bad thing right, big screens in the car, and even if you go into the menus and turn them down as low as they go. If youre driving at night, especially on unlit roads, theyre still for me too bright, they kind of Dazzle you and its hard enough to drive at night as it is especially at my age but um with these. In your face, it just makes for an unpleasant um kind of experience, and I wish maybe you know – maybe a software update in the future theyd give the ability to really turn them a bit more theres an option to turn the screen off, but this doesnt actually Turn the screen off it just shows the time and date suspension Jimmy rides very good, its very soft um, but again its not really um, that great for kind of a roads B Rose a bit jittery its.

Not really. That assured I mean around town. Fine Motorway is fine, but if youre getting on the back road, you do notice the shortcomings touch. Screens. If I impress the touch screens, they are um very clear, very crisp. Um. The whole design is very well laid out. The graphics are nice, all the essential information. You need is on the front page. You very rarely have to go deep into the menus, which is obviously an advantage when youre trying to drive um the only one I would say about it is that on the main screen, the touch isnt perfect, its not always. First time response and you have to press it again and you miss it and you hit something else and so small Improvement there again not show stopper, but its just something. I know its compared to other cars, Auto high beam, the ultra high beam doesnt work, simply doesnt work, you try and have it on driving on unlit a roads or B roads, and it comes on randomly when you dont need it and it doesnt turn off what Its supposed to so I actually dazzled a few drivers. I was frantically trying to turn it off and it wouldnt turn off and things like that. So Im just lucky. You can turn it off in the system and just do manual high beam but um a bit disappointing that the auto I beam doesnt work volume bug again this might get fixed in an Apple update or a software update for the car.

But currently, if youre listening through, I um Apple, carplay and youve, got music going and then youre using Maps as well to guide you and theres, obviously guidance volume. If you try and adjust the music volume by using the little buttons on the steering wheel, it only controls the guidance volume so youre driving along youre, going to turn the music up. You push the up button, nothing works. You hit the up button again, nothing works. Then the car wants you to turn left and deafen you, because youve been telling the guidance volume up to maximum and not realized and theres no way of kind of putting it back to controlling the music through here. Unless you turn the guidance off. Luckily, the volume buttons here on the physical buttons do control the music volume, so theres a work around, but hey annoying warning messages. I guess theres a trend for modern times, but you know the main screen can be quite distracting, sometimes um its got the speed recognition stuff, which are now compulsory, which is very annoying and very distracting, but um. It will warn you when its icy, okay, fair enough. It wont you doesnt need to warn you three times uh in about 10 minutes. Thats, just distracting and annoying car sounds when you first get the car. The indicator. Noise is very loud, very, very loud annoyingly loud, but luckily you can turn down all the uh system. Volume inside the menu, so just whack it down to low and that sorts that out rear belt buckles.

One thing you may notice, if youre a parent – and I have a toddler – and they have a little booster seat in the back – is that you know reaching round to put the seat belt in is hard enough uh and in most cars the Buckle itself is retained. Of a metal kind of bracket so that the Buckle itself doesnt move here, the Buckle just recesses into the back of the seat. So when you reach around try and push it in, you cant put the clip into the Buckle. The Buckle just disappears and thats just annoying, because you have to reach around use your other hand to hold the Buckle and put the belt in interior quality. You know for a car of this price is very nice in here. You know leather steering wheel most, the Plastics are quite soft touch. The oral Entertainment System again is high quality. You know nice use of materials um, some things do feel a little bit cheap. The the kind of indicator switches are quite quite cheap. These buttons here are quite clicky and you think how long are they going to last um, but generally things are okay, its just those small little things. I guess a seven year warranty will take care of any of that kind of stuff. Missing features: theres no option to get a few features that maybe some people might rely on. Theres no front parking sensor, feature theres, no keyless entry and theres no rear wiper option, which is a particular bug bear for me.

I quite like a rear wiper.