Yes, this is the Thiago EV, which was recently launched by Tata, and that makes it one of the most affordable EVS, not just from the Tata brand, but also in the Indian market itself. It starts at a price of 8.5 lakh rupees and goes up till 11.8 lakhs rupees X, showroom, but then again since its an EV, the Delta between the X showroom price and the on road price is not a lot as compared to the ice engines, which is A lot actually nowadays, the Tata Tiago EV follows the same naming convention like the other Tata cars as well. It starts from the XE variant, then XT, XZ plus, and then the exit plus Tech Lux variant. However, this is the blitz variant which was showcased at the auto Expo 2023 and is supposed to launch by the end of this year. It is primarily based on the exit plus Tech Lux because it gets all the features, but there are few cosmetic features here and there which make this blitz version sportier and a little different than the entire Thiago EV lineup. The price is still not revealed, yet it also gets offered in two battery options, one being the 19.2 kilowatt hour battery, which is only offered in the base XE variant, and the other option is a 24 kilowatt hour battery, which is offered in the XT exit plus And the XZ plus Tech Lux variant, while the top two variants get only the option for 24 kilowatt hour battery, the XT is offered in both 19.

2 kilowatt hour battery and the 24 kilowatt hour battery. So you can offer any of those if youre going for the XT variant. The other set of option is the charger that you want to go for. One option is the 3.3 kilowatt hour, normal charging and second, is a 7.2 kilowatt or fast charging option, with the fast charging option only available in the top two variants of the Tiago AV. As for the engine, it produces maximum output of 74 horsepower and maximum torque of 140 newton meters, which is lower than what tigor EV offers you. So that could have been a little bit better and at least equivalent to what tegor EV offers you, because even the price is somewhat similar now coming to the front profile. There are a few changes as compared to the normal Tiago, because now The Grille is closed, because you dont need any for the EVS theres. This triangular air dam, which is nice looking. It is finished in plastic, although it is glossier. So it looks very nice just like the grill uh, somewhat a grill, because its closed now now for the headlamps, you get completely halogen treatment for the projector, the high beam and the turn indicators. You get a DRL which is placed right here and the fog lamp. So, since this is one of the top two Villages, its actually a tech Lux pack, which is the highest yet that you can go, you get the DRL, you get the projector, and that is something that you even get in the XZ, plus the dot EV.

With the lightning bolt branding by Tata is done on the front grille itself when it comes to the Tiago, as for the normal Tiago and the EV, the Cosmetic features are almost the same with few differences here and there, which I just mentioned as the side profile. The dimensions remain exactly the same with the length of 3769 millimeters and a wheelbase of 2400 millimeters. It says Dottie be right there on the front door itself. The alloy is completely dark and its black. It does not get the dual tone treatment, but Im not disappointed. Since this is very much sporty, it is a R14 incher now for the rear profile. It is sportier, as you can see, because of this integrated spoiler and the redesigned bumper. It looks really really nice by the way as compared to the normal Tiago, and this rear skid plate is the reason why this Thiago rear profile is completely revamped. Now it looks so different than what we have seen normally for the tail lamp you get exactly the same features its complete halogen. There are no LEDs on this tail lamp, the only really that you get in the headlamp and the tail lamp is the DRL. Apart from that, everything is halogen, you get Tiago AV branding with the Tata logo, thats the rear, Punk camera and the button for the electric release of the tailgate, its not powered, but still you can release it electrically. This is the integrated spoiler, which looks very nice houses.

The stop lamp you get, the rear, defogger, rear, washer and wiper now lets open the boot. This is how you open the boot. As I just mentioned its it will not go up automatically. You will have to pick it up, but still the electric release is a good feature to have you get a partial tray. The boot space obviously houses the battery below and thats the charger that you see in the bag of Swords. The boot space in the Thiago EV is 240 liters, which is 2 liters lower than the normal Tiago EV, which was 242 liters, not much of a difference, but I still mentioned it because I wanted to uh. That was for the rear profile. It looks very nice from the rear and so different than the normal Tiago, which is a very good sign for this EV. It has a different character from the rear, which is very nice. Now, for the dough pads of the back door, you get a complete plastic treatment. No leather, no soft Plastics, but the dual tone treatment is still there, which is nice, black Plastics and white Plastics. You get a tweeter, you get a grab handle which is finished in plastic, with the power window button and a silver metallic finish for the door handle thats. The bottle holder, which is adequately sized and the speaker of course, which is very inconspicuous, does not uh same polarizing its start over design at all. Now it gets the leather upholstery for the top two variants, which is a very nice thing.

You get decent leg room, a very nice thigh support, which is actually quite surprising for a car of this segment. There are two fixed arm: headrests, no armrest. There is no middle headrest. You do not get any AC vents, theres, a small cup holder right there in the center console, that is the grab handle which is of decent finished. It does ACT violently, though, and there are no magazine holders on either sides of the front two seats which is kind of a Miss, but then that was for the rear seat experience. As for the comfort, the decline angle is okay. If the cushioning is nice, the thighs about is absolutely amazing and the leg room is decent, its not class leading per se. Now that is the front door pad which gets a similar treatment to that that of the back door, black Plastics white Plastics. That is again a plastic, but it still feels premium. It does not feel creaky or anything. The door handle is very nice, its very sturdy. You get a bottle holder, which is a very nice size and the speaker mesh right there. There is no electrical adjustment for the driver, side seat, everything is manual, but but you do get height support, which is a very nice thing. This is an automatic, so you get two pedals and thats the Bonnet opener thats some space to keep your stuff and those are the AC vets which have a blue treatment.

Just like you get in the EVS, normally the next one or the tigor. This is the leather up steering which you only get in the tech Lux pack and thats the infotainment controls. Those are the cruise control, because this one gets the cruise control thats. Actually a big surprise. This is the older instrument cluster, that youve seen in the previous nexons and the Tigers, and even the Tiago, the touchscreen that they have provided, is really really old. It says Harman, but this is a subparter screen. I wish they could have given the latest ones that theyre offering the newer Ultras and the Harrier um and the other cards. The AC vents do get black surrounds and do they look very nice dual turn treatment for the dashboard, but completely plastic. These are controls to check the battery status, to release the tailgate. I have to turn on the fog lamps, so these are the buttons placed below the touchscreen. You get auto air conditioning. The controls, for this are very neatly placed you get a type CS: blockade: 12. Volt socket, there is no electric charge about some space to keep your stuff theres a rotary dial in place of gear. Now, which is something that I dont like, because I like the old school gear knob, even though its an automatic you get a 12 socket. Also cup holder for the back seat and some cup holders for the front seat as well: theres no center console armrest.

However, the glove box is huge being a Tata. There are a lot of spaces to keep your stuff inside this cable theres, no illumination inside for the glove box, but you do get the cool glove box feature which is nice. The seat bolstering is decent, could have been a tad bit better but thats. Just me wanting more, the headrest is adjustable for the front two seats is no secret adjuster. However, you get mirror on the sun visor on the core driver side, but theres no mirror on the driver. Sun visor irvm with day night functionality and theres a cable lab right at the center because you do not get any in the front and theres, obviously no sunroof inside this car as well, since they have disabled ignition. I wasnt able to show the touchscreen and instrument cluster so sorry for that, but you do get eight speaker, sound system, Android, auto and apple carplay connectivity as well, and smart watch connectivity with the touchscreen, so thats really nice. As for the engine bay, now you do not get an installation on the Bonnet. There are no hydraulic starts, but you get this EV cipron badging on the plastic lighting that you see right here. This is not openable, because you get some space to keep your stuff at the rear, so this is completely an engine. As for the pricing, the base XC variant starts at an extra room of 8.5 lakh rupees, whereas a topmost, XZ, plus Tech, Lux variant with the fast charging will cost you around 12.

3 lakhs rupees. The most value for money and the most sensible variant to buy would be either XT or XZ, Plus without the teclux pack, because it doesnt make sense for you to upgrade to that level. If you want fast, charging, youll have to stick to exit plus, and if you just are okay with a 24 kilowatt rxt, it would make sense for that as well. The XZ plus and the exit plus Tech Lux also has a Delta of around 1 lakh rupees, which is not justifiable at all, because the only addition that you get in the tech Lux pack are the leathered seats, the leather app steering the dual tone roof and The engine start stop button. Electric tailgate release is something that you can do away with. That is the only difference that you get and Delta of x, 1 lakh rupees. So if you want a topmost variant, I still would suggest you to go for the XZ plus variant of the charter. Tiago EV, if not its much better, to stick to the x t variant, which gets you most of the things that you would want from the 7 star screen to the four speaker sound system to the key. It obviously wouldnt, be a ninja start, stop button. You will miss out on projector headlamps, the DRS. The 14 inch wheels that I showed you even the rear defogger. There are essential features that you will miss out in the XT, but still the XT comes at an extra room of around 9.

09 lakh rupees for the 19.2 kilowatt hour battery. So, if youre, looking for a city car which you want to just use for office drives and do not have any problems, charging it every night, the 9 lakh rupees XT variant makes the most sense. If youre on a budget, it is really the EV to go for because theres, nothing in the Indian market right now, which will give you so much more practicality and an entry into the EV segment of automobiles in India. So that was a take and a review of the Tata Tiago EV do let us know in the comments.