Two in the passenger category and one in the commercial sector. The two cars in the passenger category is, of course, Tata nexo, Navy and tigoribi, and that in the commercial sector is Express t on the basis of these three models. Tata Motors has captured 90 percent of four wheeler sector four wheeler sales. Electric four wheeler sales in India and Tata Motors is only going up because they, I have already launched the Tiago EV and the sales is already open now mind you Tiago EV. When it was launched, it was launched at an introductory price of eight and a half Lux and the Top Model being at around 11 lakhs. 80. 000.. Now, Tata Motors has increased the prices across the board by twenty thousand rupees, which means the most affordable, Tata Tiago AV will now cost eight lakh. Seventy thousand and the top most model variant will come at almost 12 lakh rupees. Now, despite that, the Thiago model Remains the most affordable car electric car. If you wanted to buy one here in India today, now Tata Motors is not satisfied just by having all these models in the market, because it is lined up six more models in the near future. All that look different in terms of of design n fall in a different price range now stay with us in this video, because we are going to give that to you right now. So, first of all two models that are going to be launched before 2024.

. Now the first car is Tata Ultra zv, they Showcase in Auto Expo. It of course looks exactly like the ice vehicle, except for the signature. Teal color, that Tata will be giving it and there will be multiple battery options, but Tata. Ultra CV is special, because this is a premium hatchback which comes with a lot of features and a five star safety rating. And if that is your thing, then Tata, Ultra CV is something you should wait for, and the weight will not be long. Why? Because I will tell you: second: is startup panchv? If you are looking for a compact SUV, then you would know that punch currently in the petrol or the diesel format is ruling the compact SUV segment and that same success formula will be carried over to the electric version. It will come with different battery packs to give a range of around 300 to 350, kilometers and Tata will be pricing in below 15 lakhs so that it does not compete with the next one EV and, more importantly, if the car is priced below 15 lakhs, then It will be eligible for fame to subsidy. Currently, the top models of nexo Navy are missing out so panchi V at around 13 14 lakh price range with a good film to subsidy will be a very stiff competition. Now, since we are speaking about Fame to subsidy – and that is the reasoning why Tata will be launching both these models before 2024 – and that is because that, on March 31 2024, the government will be withdrawing the fame to subsidy that it is currently giving at least That is how the news stands today.

If they do extend it like they have extended in the past, then you will come to know about that in this channel. So do subscribe for that, but otherwise the current expiry date for frame to subsidy is March. 31, 2024. So if you are planning to buy a vehicle, a two wheeler or a four wheeler, then now is the time so anyway, before March, to 31 2024. If these two models hit the market, then they will be getting a healthy 1.5 lakh subsidy from the stencil government. Additional 1.5 lakh rupees, or what have you from the state government and that will make these two models extremely attractive, and that is what Tata Motors will be aiming at. Apart from these two models, there are two more models. If you are looking to buy something in the premium SUV segment, a large SUV with premium features and good looks, then you should wait for Tata crib and Tata area review Tata criv. Now it it is. The name is taken from the older Sierra models that Tata used to sell in petrol or diesel form, and the same thing is coming over to electric model. Now it is extremely spacious. It has got large Windows all around you. It has got a panoramic sun view, which is a large window, and this is a rage these days and it will come in a very futuristic looking design. The criv not much details are known about it, but the model was displayed in Auto, Expo 2023 and it looked very good and the same thing Auto Expo 2023, also showcase the hair area.

Now the hairy RV is special because it is made in the same structure. May same architecture as a Range Rover, which means it will be carrying over the same engineering capabilities in a price tag which is much more affordable, the Harry review. If we speak about affordability, it will still be sitting at around 25 lakh rupees range, and this and the criv will be hitting the Indian market later in 2024 or in early 2025.. Now two more models which will come later in 2025 are what are known as the concept cars right now. One is the Avenue IV and the other is curvy. Now is a Sanskrit watch, which means Innovation and it looks almost like a sedan. The other one curvy has a coupe style, and both these are still Concepts that Tata Motors has already showcased and we can expect to see them later in 2025. But the road map in terms of electric vehicles by Tata Motors, looks solid but heres a question to you which car from Tata Motors, would you like to see in the electric vehicle format? Personally, I would like to see the Tata Nano in the electric vehicle format. If it comes with the safety rating that Tata cars are now famous for, which is at least a four star, if not a 5 star and the Tata, Nano can offer a decent range for City rides and comes at a price tag of around five. Six. Six and a half lakhs then thats.