I really like this car. I like the way it drives, I even quite like the interior, so its actually quite an elegantly designed car. I think quite styled quite Tastefully. Tell you what I really like the exterior design of this thing. I think its a smart looking car really really love. This color got a lot of presence on the road, so all credits Jeep its going to be a winner. I reckon when Jeep launch a new car in the UK. We often dont take that much of notice of it because it tends to be okay, but I suspect this one is going to be a little bit different. Why well its one of the smallest Jeeps thats ever been launched. Secondly, its the first Jeep ever thats, completely. Electric its actually almost exactly the same length as a Volkswagen Polo or a Vauxhall Corsa, which is actually good news when youre trying to squeeze it into a tight parking space in a multi story. Car park. It looks pretty compact next to other cars, especially SUVs. Its a dinky little thing, its the first ever pure electric jeep and as of a few days ago, it was voted European car onto the year. I love this front end. I really like these kind of like theyre, not too aggressive its quite stocky isnt it its a good looking car and theyve made a point of of these lights being quite shallow, but also the grill theres, some design in this Grille.

So its kind of its fared in because it doesnt need it for cooling, like the Piston cars, all the extremities are plastic, not body colored paint. So all the wheel, arches look down the side here, all the way around the corner these pronounced and when you go down when you look down the side of the car, you can see this bit here this bit here is really pronounced. This sort of spine. This plastic spine its taken the idea of the Citron Cactus, if you remember the cactus with its protective door, covers so that car doors will open onto it and probably catch that before they catch paint, which is quite cool and theres. A really fun stat that I really like in the press material for this car. They say that this plastic will save you about a thousand pounds over the lifespan of the car in maintenance. I think its probably quite a lot more than that. If you live in southern Italy, Avengers get select terrain which lets you choose the off road surface youre driving on, so that the cars electronic sensors and systems can be adjusted to make the most of available traction theres a reasonable amount of good ground clearance too, which Might help in deeper snow or a rotted track, but this is certainly not a hardcore off roader and it cant tell anything either dont you remember, the Renegade had the cross, rear lights, really distinctive tail lights and apparently that design comes from a Jerry fuel can.

But this has another play on that kind of x. Inside the Avengers rear light class. They stick out quite far again. Theyve gone, they kind of got this gloss black surround. I like it, and I like the indentation that goes around there for the boot lid and speaking of a couple of rugged GP things about this little car that I really really like. First of all, get a load of this 7.8 inches of ground clearance. That is a lot for a dinky little car like this in a sea of pretend SUVs that are not SUVs, theyre, just tall cars. I enjoy the fact that this one actually probably is quite handy off road because its got the high ground clearance and the short overhangs and all the GP software love the color on this launch. Car sort of matte gold really really eye catching and just a very brawny muscular thing as we come around the side. Youre not going to believe me when I tell you that this car is only four and a tiny bit meters, long its shorter than an mg4 Music. I really like this car. I like the way it drives. I even quite like the interior. I, like this colorful finish in here: its got some really cool ambient lighting that changes when you change your modes and all of that stuff, it feels funky but also functional. I, like youve, got the aircon switches down here, proper switches, thats all straightforward.

I really like the fabric design of these seats and its supposed to simulate a mountain range, and I was just getting into this coloration. The sort of warm tone looks like a sort of dawn morning over the mountains, apparently for the UK Market. This will be Shades of Gray sad face. This is this is impressive. I like a lot about this. I really am just sitting in this for the first time now, so this is proper off the top of the head observations, but lets just go through this together. Visually great, looking, really really smart design in here. I like this body, colored piece. This will actually be gold on all the versions. Thats, not gold, because the outside is gold, thats, just how it comes, but I like it. What is cool is the main part of the central Dash is body colored kind of like a satin finished body color and its its pleasantly utilitarian and simple in here. The reason why I say utilitariance well, its useful jeep has gone. What do people want? They want lots of storage and they want physical buttons and hey Presto and storage is something that theyve really prioritized in here, which is boring but important. So weve got the glove box here. Weve got this one down here, which is adjustable. Weve got this with this funky ipad, esque lid, which oops and Ill tell you what I really like about this cabin. It looks great its got all the useful Tech that you want, but they havent overdone it.

This is the launch car, the top of the range version with all the bells and whistles, but it doesnt have too many bells and whistles. So, yes, weve got Android, auto and Apple carplay wireless thats, actually as standard and yes in this fancy version. Weve got the wireless phone charger and weve got the reversing cameras and weve got the adaptive cruise control, but we dont have leather seats. Weve got this kind of sporty outdoorsy looking material, we dont have a heads up display. We dont have 50 inch screens just sufficiently sized fairly compact ones. We dont even have electric seats, look its all manual now space back here, its not huge its about the same size as a coarser sized hatch, theres enough leg, room Headroom for a averagely sized woman. Well, someone whos at least five for eight, maybe seven and a half. What else have we got? Weve got two ten and a bit inch screens, not too big, not too big. Theyve not gone excessive on the tech in here and look at this weve got a bank of physical buttons power. Tailgate and youre met with some practicality its dark in here, because its mostly black inside this is a largely flat entry point. Jeep have made a point of making this nearly flat and this bit here, not body, colored and expensive, so durable able to get scratched 380 liters of boot space. That is, and there is a false floor where you can put your cable Edge away when you dont want it to be getting in your way and getting annoying so thats a half decent amount of space and a 60 40 seat split.

If you want to drop one of the seats down its really really useful, the seats go almost completely flat and then youve got a thousand plus liters of space, just a useful design. Thats the thing you get with a boxy shape like this space, its certainly big enough to take a chunky, outdoor buggy and this boxy shape means theres, decent enough height to the space, which is ideal if youve got a larger dog in the back. The more I look at this, the more I think this is a car actually fit for purpose. Small family car fully electric does a really good range and you can actually park it in a town, no full size, jeeps and Land Rovers and Range Rovers. You cant actually fit them anywhere anymore, so this makes sense to me anyway. So the Avenger – it really does have the makings of a great car which offers chunky SUV, looks with that City friendly size and also decent efficiency, too, plus its surprisingly practical and should even have a little bit of off road ability which lets face. It is as much as most people are going to need, so, if Jeep packaging, I just love it. I really do like this car, perhaps even more than I expected its a really chunky fun little thing, so all credits are cheap, its going to be a winner.