Yes, we have the Tata Thiago EV, which you can say a revolutionary car in the electrical automobile industry, and today we will discuss about this car the powertrain, the features, because this variant is the XT variant, which is, you can say, the most value for money variant. We have so lets start with the variant, but before that please subscribe the channel and also visit our website, which is and read out our articles about all the cars and bikes now start with the variants. So this vehicle has x e and XT variant available with the middle range, because this is the middle range where you get a battery pack of 19.2 kilowatt hour and other than that. You get x, t variant, XZ, plus and XZ plus Tech luxury variants with the higher range battery pack, which is of 24 kilowatt hour. So you get a different different range with the different battery packs so with the middle range car XT variant. So you get the range of 250 kilometers and with the higher battery pack, which is of 24 kilowatt hour, you get the range of 315 kilometers. These range figures are array figure and that can be changed as per your driving. Behavior lets see the front of this car. This is similar as the IC engine Tiago and look at these glossy black finish Grille, which looks very beautiful. You get halogen headlamps. The headlamp size is quite big and you get halogen headlamps with this XT variant.

There are no fog lamps, but you can buy in the accessories, so you get lower air dams in Tiago. So lets now go to the side of this car and lets check out this car from the side. So you all know that Thiago is a hatchback segment and the length of this car is 3769 MM. Look at the tire size, so you get a 14 inches iron rim and with the cover – and there is the EV badge given on the fender, you you get a glossy black finish on the orvms. The blinkers are quite big and you get the body colored door handles and lets check out the car from the rear first. So the rear of this car is very simple and look at the Helms. You get halogen normal limbs on Thiago and there is a high mounts top lamp. Also there you get these Portis pads around there. In this extra event you dont get any defogger or Viper and there is Thiago EV badge, and if you want to open the boot, you will have to open it from the keys, so use the key and you can open the boot. So here you get a domestic charger and a domestic charging wall box and down there you dont get any spare wheel in Thiago EV. So this is the only thing you will miss in Thiago EV, but Tata has given in Oscars a puncher Mobility kit, which is the a very good initiative by Tata Motors now lets check out the interior and the rear seat.

Comfort of this car, so the rear seating Comfort is quite good for a hatchback, but I always say that Thiago is a four seater, so for the fifth person there will be no, that much of space and look at the dashboard of this car. It looks very stunning: you get these electric blue colorations all around the car, which denotes that this is a electric car. You get a seven inches Harman music system and the sound quality of this music system is quite good and you get automatic AC for all the variants of electric Tiago, which is again a very nice thing. So – and this is the very nice selector knob of this electric car – you get drive and sports mode in all the electric cars, and you also get that in Thiago and there is manual adjustable day night irvm with Tiago. You get this very beautiful digital display. So you get all the information there and this AV has the Regeneration system also so, which will increase your range during the driving in the dense traffic. You can say so now lets talk about the color and the safety and the powertrain of this car and the most important, the price of Tiago. So before talking about the safety, I will show you. This is a PMS motor which generates the power of 61 PS and 110 Newton meter with the 19.2 kilowatt hour battery pack and with the 24 kilowatt hour battery pack, this same motor will generate the power of 75 PS and the torque of 114 Newton meter and The range Ive told you with 19.

2 kilowatt hour, the range will be 250 kilometers and with the 24 kilowatt hour, standard 15 kilometers now lets talk about the safety of this car. So this car has two airbags and abs EBD CSC control. So you get all the safety features with this beautiful electric hatchback. Now I will tell you about about the charging time so to charge the 19.2 kilowatt hour battery with the domestic charger it will take 6.9 hours and to charge the 24 kilowatt hour battery. With the same charger domestic charger, it will take 8.7 hours and if you opt uh, AC, fast charger which you can buy by paying 50 000 extra. For that you can charge your car in only 2.6 hours for the 19.2 kilowatt hour battery pack and for the 24 kilowatt hour battery pack. It will be charged in only 3.6 hours, which is quite good and for the fast charging options which is available on the restaurants and hotels and on highways right now, so, with those fast charges, you can charge your car within 58 minutes, which is quite fast now Before talking about the prices, I will tell you about the color of this car, so this is the white color. You get the tropical mist, color, the gray color and a blue color and a midnight plum, learn and now the prices so for Middle range. Cars 19.2 kilowatt hour battery pack, XT variant. You will have to pay 9 lakh, 29, 000 rupees actual room prices and for the higher battery pack 24 kilowatt hour battery pack, you will have to pay 10 lakh.

Nineteen thousand extra room prices and all the prices showing on the screen are Delia showroom. You can calculate as per the registration tax in your city and in your state, so that was it from our side about the Tata Tiago electric. How do you find this beautiful, very small electric car? Please comment below and we will see you in the next video.