Electric cars were going to ban gasoline and diesel powered sales of new cars by 2030 or whatever year. They picked right. Well guess what their electric car bubbles already starting to burst in England now theyre starting to go back to buying more gasoline and diesel powered vehicles, turns up. In England, people are now starting to buy more gasoline powered Vehicles because theyre saying hey, theres, a lack of a charging infrastructure. Now a lot of this has to do with months or so ago, Christmas holidays, where these people are trying to go places and they were waiting for four or five hours and more charging stations because there werent enough of them and they had to sit and wait. And its not like, oh well, you know Ill go to the next one. Well, the next ones, probably full plus you might not be able to make it to the next one like here in the states people will shop around for cheaper gasoline. I can drive five miles and get gas for 50 cents a gallon unless all go over there right well in terms of electricity, you may not be able to make it there thats. Why youre there to charge your car up right and the people are fighting gee. Its not working out too well, you know. Last year registrations new cars fell to a 40 year low in England, and now people are starting to buy gasoline cars, they have a surge of sales and gasoline cars, and this is the English you say: oh were going to go, all electric were going to blah Blah blah my calls an English executive says: the automotive industry is already delivering growth that bucks the national Trend in England.

You can make laws that say: oh we want you to do this, but even in England they cant force them to buy electric cars. Yet now I mean English have so many laws that make your head spin: they taxed absolutely everything can get their hands on theyre, trying to make them buy electric cars, but I guess its starting to turn the other way. Now because people are saying blimey those things dont work hey, maybe we can learn from the English. Let them experiment when they fail well say: well, it didnt work in England. So lets not try it. Here. 9176, Kevin Wilson says my Honda Accord takes 30 seconds to respond to the gas pedal 92 Accord. 123 000 miles takes about 30 seconds to speed up when I press on the gas transmission fluids are full. What should I do? You got to figure out what the problem is if its your transmission look at your tachometer, if youre tachometer, spinning fast going geez the car isnt picking up the transmissions going out – and it is a 92 Honda Accord and the weakest thing in that 93 Accord – is Its automatic transmission Im thinking your transmissions, probably going, but, on the other hand, its a tachometer isnt going real high and its taking forever to take off. You could have a weak fuel pump. You could have dirty fuel injectors. You could have all kinds of problems. You want a mechanic to put a scan tool and analyze.

The data could be a clogged. Fuel filter could even be a clogged catalytic converter, which you can have anybodys pressure test. You take the oxygen sensor off the cam and put a gauge in measure the pressure, and if the pressure is high, it means the catalytic converter is clogged up, should have hardly no pressure in your exhaust, maybe one PSI or something. If you find you got seven. Eight, nine or more PSI pressure means your catalytic converter is clogged up. It can all be tested, though Don Moore says my car shuts off when I slow down. I got a 2003 Toyota with 245 000 on it. When I slow down it switches off only when the vvs T sensor harness connector is plugged in when I unplug it, it goes normal. So I bought a new sensor, but it didnt change. Obviously you have a problem with the VVT system and when youre decelerating, somehow its changing your valve, set up too much and its strained the engine and conquing it out. You tried the sensor. Well its not the sensor right. You got a lot of mileage on that engine. It could very well be that the VVT system is just starting to break down. The thing is thats all operated by electronics and by oil pressure in the engine get some of my friends. Bernies ATS has Solutions engine flush, put it in the engine. Let it sit for 15 minutes wrapped up to like 2000 RPM, then change the oil and filter.

If carbon is built up inside the system of the VVT, it could act up if that cleans the carbon up, and it starts working that fixed it now, if it doesnt odds, are youre going to have to have something physically done to the VVT system, which is Going to cost a lot of money, they eventually will break down or you got to replace that whole cam system. It costs thousands to do. In that case, you might 245 000. Now you might think about getting another vehicle or you might think about just unplugging it and driving it. Unplugged Ive had people do that with Toyotas and Hondas, and you get worse gas mods, but they still run. You might just do that if its going to cost you a fortune, Arnold Lorenzi says why wont my Nissan Sentra accelerate its 2015. Its only got 60 000 miles. My car wont go over 3000 RPMs. Now I got rid of it and Im never going to buy a Nissan again Ill, stick back to Honda and Toyota. Why do you think it would it wouldnt go over 3000 RPMs generally, when it gets stuck like that you either have a clogged candle. If converter and it cant blow the gas out, you can test that with a pressure gauge or the fuel pump is not pumping enough pressure now, even something as dumb as the clogged fuel filter can do that. So the first thing you do would be change the fuel filter right that didnt fix it.

Then you would pressure test the system, you cant just pressure test. The system bite the engine, the fuel system, because the filters back there and if its clogged, you might get low pressure and its not the pump, but the filter and the filters cost nothing and the pumps cost a fortune. So thats, probably what it was now its in moot point, because you got rid of the car. You said youre going to get nothing but Hondas and Toyotas now smart move, but it could have been a relatively simple thing with only 60 000 miles on it. I doubt if anything major had gone yet so clock fuel, filter, bad fuel, pump, clock catalytic converter. If you bought bad gas only it could have been what it was could have been as simple as just a fuel filter, but you got rid of it. The centrals are kind of crappy anyway, so what the heck? You learned a lesson. Sammy Nate says what fuel efficient car should I buy Im thinking about changing my 2015 Jeep Cherokee latitude for a small car theyre, not driving. I want to save money on gas. What are some good recommendations for a newer used two to three year old Econo box, looking for sedans or hatchbacks, stick to just Toyotas and Hondas, because theyre the best you know you get a Toyota Corolla hatchback or just a Toyota Corolla. You could get a Honda Civic, you could look at any of the Hondas and Toyotas and see what you like theyre, both excellent made Vehicles, see which ones you like driving, which ones are available in your area because its used.

So you might have your heart set on a unicorn, but if you cant find a unicorn, youre gon na have to buy something else right. But if you stick just to the Honda and Toyota kind of box, cars youre really not going to go wrong. I personally am a Toyota man myself, but the Hans is going to last a really really long time too. I would stick to those two. If I were you that makes the most sense, it makes sense to get rid of the Jeep. You know theyre gas Hogs and you say: well, you want a small condo box now to save money, itd be a smart move to go to Honda or Toyota, and then you can keep driving them forever. I own a Dodge van says: I got 2012 Dodge Caravan of chips, weird its got 240 000 miles. It has to warm up for 45 minutes when its below 32 degrees before itll shift into six gear. Do you have any ideas? The was crap, but the dealer rebuilt it to 35 000 miles now its got 240.. It worked okay until this, if youve been changing the fluid and filter regularly, then its time to change it. Do that its warming up and then going in, I mean its obviously worn going into sixth gear, but Ive had great luck myself with an additive its a company called Lube guard Lube guard. You were just if the loop guard say is 10 12 ounces, youd sock, 10, 12 ounces out of the transmission and then youd pour the lube guard.

In and after you drive it. 200 250 300 miles a lot of times. It will clean the varnish off of the stuff thats going into six gear and it might work better now, if that has no effect at all, then its just physically worn inside and my advice is live with it because the 225 000 miles on it, then its Amazing that its still going even though look the first one, they rebuilt the 35 000. It broke down that fast, and now you got another couple hundred thousand miles on the thing just about yeah its still going. I mean it lasted a lot longer than the original one right, but eventually it is going to wear out the two tries the lube guard, its pretty good stuff, and often it will stop a problem like that. But if it doesnt help at all, it just means its wearing out. I would just baby it as long as it went. I mean the things not worth much anymore with all that mileage on it. Would you really want to spend all that money rebuilding it again? I personally wouldnt do something like that in a van like that it wouldnt be worth putting that kind of money into it again. The engine is going to wear out other things. Youre going to wear out it wouldnt be worth throwing the money of a whole rebuild again on that Martin 94 says the misses and I are squabbling over our next car.

My wife and I have a 2015 Dodge Challenger xxt its not paid off. We need a bigger car and disagree on whats the best way to trade in the challenge and get into a bigger car SUV. People like the challengers, a lot of young guys like them right and you want to get a bigger car or an SUV, Numero Uno. The best thing is forget the SUV and go for a car, because SUVs are overpriced. Everybody wants one, they charge too much money for them, much better idea to go to a car. If youre on a really nice family car get a Toyota Camry lots of room that can run forever, even though its a squirrely operation, you might try. If you can find one of those carvanas, the company is on the verge of bankruptcy. At last, straw, companies will try to make any kind of a deal to make money before theres. Nothing left right, so they know theyll be able to sell that Challenger, because somebody always wants fast racy car right going from a fancy, racy car to a plain, JM Camry, or something like that. You might get a decent deal there because theyre on their last legs. All they care about is selling and they know they can sell Dodge Challengers. Really fast. People want to theyre racy looking car right, so youve got that in your hand, and you go for a more Plain, Jane car. You might get a decent deal if its, not car rental, try all the other ones and see what kind of a deal you can get.

You dont want to get an SUV because prices everybody wants them. The prices are way too high, but sedans arent as popular as he used to be, and you want a nice four door, camera four door quarter, something you might be able to get a good deal that way.