This is already having a strong electric offering and with their commercial van line up taking on electric power as well. It seems fitting that the premium luxury brand should add the MPV theyre ever increasing electric Fleet. So lets start by taking a look at the exterior of the eqv. It first glance looks very similar to its diesel powered sibling, but there are some key differences that set it apart. The grill is now a black panel with chrome fins, leaning more towards the EQ family, but still with v class similarities. The headlights of Mercedes LED intelligent light system and theres a black AMG spoiler lip. There are Chrome accents around the lower Valance and a discrete flap that hides the eqvs charging port. The eqv has two sliding doors for rear entry, access from either side and features EQ design, lightweight 18 inch, black high Sheen, yellow wheels side, skirts and EQ badging. The rear features a huge pane of black Darkly tinted glass and a electric tailgate that opens to dual level shopping and Luggage space. From passing your point of view, the rear ceiling configuration is a three seater bench and two Captains chairs all leather, comfortable and plenty of leg, room so ideal for a long day, trip or perfect when you come off a really long flight, importantly its reconfigurable and from Our experience it should be able to comply it as a passenger service, vehicle, meaning, taxis, tour operators and shutters can put the eqv to commercial work and that operator will be comfortable with these big electric seats in the front climate control.

Air conditioning is standard for both the front and rear and the very clever mbux infotainment system on a 10 inch touchscreen, which includes Android, auto and Apple carplay. The eqs electric drivetrain Powers the front wheels with the motor outputting 150 kilowatts of power and 365 newton meters of torque performance is a little leisurely, but fast enough for a van of the size. The battery is a 90 kilowatt hour temperature controlled unit, giving a potential range of 405 kilometers though I was just 300, is really the figure you should be counting on in normal use. Charging speeds are good, but not outstanding. At 11, kilowatts, AC and 110 kilowatts DC lets see how this thing drives, so getting comfortable in the eqv is actually really easy and I think its one of the benefits of this being tied to a commercial van. This instead of professional drivers, you sit quite nice and high. The steering wheel is nicely positioned and youve got great visibility out of all these windows, so it makes what is quite a large vehicle, not particularly daunting, to get comfortable in the flip side. To that van underpinnings, is it isnt, particularly car like to drive its not bad, but the steering isnt particularly sharp the brakes arent particularly crisp. It drives nice, its really comfortable, but dont expect this to be a Tesla Model X, like sports vehicle. It really is a big work vehicle capital of carrying lots of things and lots of people.

Nothing to note is that, while the eqv has a fairly extensive range of driver assistance, features, youve got automatic, autonomous breaking in the car youve got Lane, keep all those kind of things, they do feel a little bit last generation and they dont have the Polish and The technology that we see in Mercedes, Benz Passenger cars, so the Mercedes Benz eqv, if youre after a seven seat premium electric vehicle, is it the best option in the market? Well, not necessarily, it is pricey at 167 thousand dollars and if you are after ultimate luxury, then, yes, that is good value. But if you just off the size, Mercedes Benz Vans will actually sell you something very similar for a lot less. The Vito etour its basically an eight seater version of this without some of the luxury niceties, but still a very pleasant vehicle for forty thousand dollars less now, if youve got to spend less than that, it is worth checking out. The LDV me for 9.. That starts at 79.990, so about 72 000 drive away. You get seven seats, not quite as much space, but that is a genuine 400 kilometer range vehicle.