I drove for 800 miles yesterday and slept for about two hours, so I am completely exhausted, but Im very excited for this new car. Aaron picks me up at the airport and we head down to Carls to to grab the car. My plan is to fix it up and try to make it work well enough to drive it all the way across the country back to the East Coast. Yes, thats awesome: you can choose either door to get in or out left or right. Thats convenient whats up whats going on. How are you good awesome? You know Aaron youre, remembering right, yeah, cool, yeah yeah sure do. I came out here to California to buy this electric vehicle. Its a 2012 Coda, EV theyre only 117 sold in the US. It has about 100 mile range and Im gon na attempt to drive it back to the east coast about 2600 miles. So, oh my God here it is so quiet foreign, its funny that you charge it where the gas tank should be so Alpine radio Coda you hit source button and then, if you see this Leaf thats your green screen that will show your percentage of your battery. So right now, youre at 100, expected range is 123 Max is 131 Max yep and then right here is your motor temperature, your climate control auxiliary, okay and the battery temperature, okay, okay! So if the battery temperature, where where is bad yellow, does it ever get there? No okay! No you right where it is! It may go in the green a little bit, but if you dont want it all the way to the uh right: okay, okay, gotcha, okay, uh! If you hit the button map, see the by Audio of the next one map, so youre gon na hit the agree accept because its in the English, unless you want French or Spanish, no Ill, take it Ill.

Take English and thats your your map, oh thats, great! Okay, its not an updated map, but its its the last one at Coda, um, the software, so its around 2013. yeah, exactly okay, all right, so you got Dakota and you got the Alpine quick reference for the radio. It has airbags passenger driver side, side, curtains, okay, the cluster wise from here this way this is your remember. I was saying this is your eco gauge. You want to make sure that youre in the green and not in the I mean youre gon na go in the red, but your ideal wouldnt be in the green, okay, okay and then is that auxiliary battery. This is your your. This is your main battery. So 100 charge – you again remember were talking about you: dont want to go lower than 30 percent yeah. Okay, unless you want to you know, touch it right, yikes. Whenever you start it, you want to make sure you have that ready light, see that ready. If you dont have that ready light, its not gon na go its not gon na move, so how youre gon na do it is youre gon na put the key in turn it to the first, the second Notch the dash is going to do a self uh Check: okay right once it does. The self check youre gon na press on the brake uh turn the key again okay and see its ready, okay and shes gon na Flash, and then its gon na go ready, okay, okay and then its ready to drive.

Okay, its like a normal car. You have the thermal coolant system thats this and this okay theyre the uh theyre connected okay, the washer solvent uh. This is your uh big inverter right here, the inverter it sends from the battery. This is the uh, the battery pack underneath the car since voltage 333 volts right here, and then the inverter turns around and switches over to these, you see these cables right here. These three cables – uh huh – you probably can see it right here – those go to the motor okay. The motor is right here. The uh uqm motor, the drive motor okay, yep youre gon na see ukey uqm all over okay. That was one of the vendors Dakota used for all the uh drivetran, okay uh. Besides the transmission, the transmission is a board one or transmission. Is that good yeah? All right, very good? I like this is a really good transmission, okay, cool um, and then this right here this whole unit right here you see this is for the battery uh, passive heating and cooling system. Okay. So this will maintain the battery pack underneath the car uh to the correct temperature at once: okay, okay and thats – around 68 Celsius around there; okay, okay and theres; an air filter, yep air filter, yep, yep uh. Of course your master cylinder is right there. This is your thermal heater exchanger, so this will heat up your coolant right and you got a coolant pump over here, so its not a conventional car, where you have a water pump right.

This has a electric pump and a thermal like a resistor a pass through that heats up the coolant – weird, oh, my God, okay um, of course, the radiator, normal uh radiator, okay, um AC system, uh AC system and its all electric the high voltage electric, the the Connectors Pryor right there. If you see it, the compressor is down there uh um. So this is really the front um right here is your your Driveline control Mount. Even some labels even show what it is like this is Driveline control module below. That is your thermal management system – module; okay, okay, thats very similar to like an ECM, but they call it the thermal management system, okay, yeah yeah um. So this is one service connector and then the other one is underneath the seat, the back seat, okay, um and then theres another one underneath the car in front of the front of the vehicle. You know thats, just all service connectors thats, all they are nice, uh theres, someone whos taking something apart: they they will remove the service connector and the service ports, and so its at least its a little bit safe yeah. The battery is still alive. If you touch it, you know 332 volts it. It will go yeah, yeah, Music, yeah yeah. Exactly so when you do check the colon Its really, both of them: okay, um and its just like a regular uh, radiator cap. Okay! Does that have cool enough? Yes, yeah yeah thats, what I need so when you drive the vehicle and youre in drive or reverse, you want to ensure that you put the vehicle into park with the dial, so uh example as youre, showing here its a rotation dial.

So you want to make sure that you put it in park before you turn the vehicle off. If you do not put it in park, if its in Reverse neutral drive, it may drain the 12 volt battery. Oh thats, bad, not good any kind of system to let you know that you left it uh. Well, only thing that you would know is, if you turn the key on, and it shows that, if its in uh, you know the cluster, because the cluster shows your gear position or the dial LED its going to be not in part thats. The only indication that youre gon na have there is no other warning. No other beep sound. Like hey, come back. You turn the car off without putting it in park. Exactly oh, no, so your batterys just gon na die it may it may drain the battery. Yes, these are upgraded door uh panels. These are really from the leather interior. So I put these on because it looks really nice with the gray cloth seat interior. I like it. Is it on the back too yeah exactly so. It makes it pops it a little bit more on the back seats fold down, the back seat does fall down um. So if you, let me take the seat belt, so the little switch is right here. Okay and you just press it down, and this folds down like that other side, you see that other button right there yeah just press it in and it folds down.

Also, is it front wheel, drive front wheel, drive yep, okay, Music, you select start were trying to program tequila Sentry, so that I dont have to use the key to unlock the car every time. Well, we didnt have any luck but thats all right, because Im used to using a key anyhow. So the only thing is theres only one key for this car and if I lose that key, that Im essentially just sitting on a giant paperweight and from like this perspective right here, because you cant see the back wheel, Music, thats cool with a mirror nice. Okay, its like a regular car right, just half of it, thats right behind the license plate, oh cool tab and you charge it. The vehicle also has an app an app where, where, when you plug it in it, tells you how much left you have charge where the car is located. Should you like walk away yeah, you can walk away and you know go to the store go inside. Do whatever you want to do and its going to tell you how much is left to charge motor is a liquid cooled, uh uh, motor okay, it has um 53 horsepower 94 foot pounds of torque Music. The rear tire is a a 16 inch. Tire car is uh 10 feet long by five feet. Uh the ground clearance is five inches Music thats low yeah, so the underneath of the car has a skid plate from the front of the car.

All the way to the back of the car, okay, yep cool, so you can do protection you could like uh, you could do curb slides and stuff yeah there. You go yeah youre like a skateboard right, yeah grip and rip it. Its a rear, driven, um, uh belt, driven um in the front is just a steer that is so cool, yeah Music. It goes from blue and then, when its below ‘, it turns yellow and then when it gets below like around 70 roughly 17. It turns red on brake cars in ready mode put it in drive. And if I take my foot off the brake parking Brakes still on until the Press – oh its so cool all right until you press the accelerator Ill, be back in a second be safe! Okay, all right here go all right! Whoa, it lifts up whoa! Oh, my God. Okay, the back end lifts up a lot: thats wild Music, okay. Im in this that dude that backhand lifts up. I do not want to give it a whole lot: Music. Okay, yes, all right Ill, be back Music. Yes, he gave me one more lap. This is awesome. Oh, this is fun dont hit me please. This is a narrow car, but that guy did not give me very much room there, which is a huge benefit for this car, because you can grow places that other cars cant its only five feet wide dudes cruising all right lets catch him: Music, okay, yeah! You have a tendency to want to stay to the left its fast, its peppy, like I mean as soon as you hit the gas a little bit that back end kicks up, and you just kind of lunge forward right, so zero to 60 is under 10.

. That was so much fun. I mean when you said, go around the second time I was really hoping I could go around again and youre like go around a second time I was like. Yes, I felt myself going to the left a little bit because it used to be in the four wheel vehicle on the left hand, side, yeah, yeah. You have to change your your vision, so to speak and say: oh wait. Wait a minute Im in this Im! In this car, just what, if you drive one of these for a while, and then you get a regular car any different? Are you going to be going off the road to the right? A little bit? Yeah right! Do oh thats, crazy! Yeah! You just got ta shift your brain yeah. Oh man Ill. Take you a picture of it, but you got song absolutely dude. Yes! Is that electric you can you can plug it to an app and – and I am um sometimes extravagant, but nonetheless Im a good person. Thats, what matters? How long have you been playing like seven months? What but um Okay? So do this thing called the Breakthrough boot camp and Im a certified hypnotist, and I claim that we can educate our brain to learn whatever they want. I mean Im 59 and I learned this like in three months: right, wow and Im in excellent shape, right. Okay – I all did this through this work that I say in my book.

So Im, Mexican and Mexicans do this Music. You are really good! Seven months less than seven yeah what I am the female version: female version Mexican version of Jim Carrey Laughter, thats funny I love Jim Carrey. I know I didnt say that yeah rubber face yeah, oh yeah yeah. I got to be in a movie with him: Music, uh yeah. I was an extra, I was an extra and yes man yeah. It was really cool. It was the scene where Jim Carrey was uh, he was in the airport and Nebraska and they, the FBI agents, came in to take him away and uh. I was standing right behind. Him were approaching the flying car in less than 10 years Music. Oh my gosh! Oh, my gosh, Okay, so oh no, not foot on break yet so TurnKey yeah, let it sweep thats all the lights to self check and then go ahead. Put the foot on the bed and turn the key again. The ready light will go to solid green there. It is oh man, youre ready to go. Yes, oh okay, reverse this is the first time Ive ever driven this vehicle. Actually, I bought this car without driving it first. So here we go Carl thanks for everything. Man, awesome man, dude all right man, all right Ill. Let you know how it goes: okay, yeah right! Thanks all right, see ya, later Music floor, it yeah, Music, okay, thats, a pickup, oh man.

Okay, this is awesome wow, I dont even know. Where am I going right now? I have no idea. I got ta find out where Im going these tires are dry rotted. I need to go to the tire store. I ordered some tires. It should be there. I have an appointment in 10 minutes all right. I better hurry. Music Im really liking this car its. It has great acceleration its wild Ive, never driven in an electric car until today, and I drove the solo and now I drove this. This is really cool Im excited about this. I get to kind of figure out all the little quirks about it and uh therell be plenty of time for that, while Im driving across the country. But I want to learn a little bit about it. First on the highways around here and try to get used to it and if there are any problems, Ill find them out now and Carls. The person who I would like to see, and if Im somewhere in Arizona and Texas New Mexico and Beyond you know anywhere out of California, he wont be able to help me anymore. This is electric car and the batteries are underneath. I have to move over to a flat Bay. It wont it wont, go in this lift all right Applause, so one of the reels is being a pain. I dont think its ever come off the car I dont know Music. Okay, see you guys thanks is that Hankook Ventus V2s, look at the tread on this Music 119 miles.

Well, Im good Im at about 64 battery – and I came here to this charger. I was really banking on this thing working and it wont, take my money. So I cant charge it here: Im gon na have to figure out another place to charge it unfortunately, Music before I leave tomorrow. I think Im gon na leave tomorrow, so I dont know Ill find a place Im sure. But this is the struggle.