Well, this particular one isnt introducing the new Maxis T90 EV, the UKs first, electric pickup, Im Ben Quirk. Welcome to Planet, auto Applause: now, yes, the electric pickups been on the map for quite a while. We saw a few in America, but when it comes to the UK, not a Dickie bird, no electrics, no hybrids, no hydrogens, yes, weve seen the old concept vehicle, but not a pickup that you can actually buy in a dealership and then take on the road. Now, its only a matter of time until one of the pickup manufacturers thought actually well just Electrify, one of our existing platforms and thats literally what this is, which makes perfect sense. It develops 201 brake horsepower, its got a similar shifters to say an mgz and its got capabilities and versatility that well, the electric pickup Market needs but thats the thing we want to prove to you that this is actually a Workhorse itll go off road itll carry In log loads for fun ladder frame chassis its what the best off roaders are built on, I mean currently weve got 300 kilos of gravel sat in the back, and could I tell it? Was there no now the one thing that isnt is 4×4? However, there is one on the horizon: theres one to choose from this one and itll cost you just under 50 000, but that excludes that. Is it classed as a commercial vehicle? Well, yes, and zero percent BRK.

You also get a five year warranty and theres. A one thousand pound scrappage scheme too, and five thousand pounds OLED Grant its quite astounding that you can get an electric pickup for the price of a diesel pickup, because when you look at cars as soon as you Electrify them, they climb three four, five, six ten. Whatever, whereas this has come in a rather pleasing price, you can accessorize sport bars this cool thing Fang. I think Ive said that since the 90s wind deflectors side steps theres, even developments coming for things like power, winches, also Im looking around it and thinking its. Not all it seems, for example, it may have a base level of technology and say safety and convenience. But when you look a little closer, you realize that things like now that looks like a mount for a front camera. So, who knows what were going to see in the future emergency braking yeah? You dont, get front parking sensors, but, to be honest, most pickups you dont get anyway, so its capable its versatile and its certainly got the looks big aggressive mouth, its sturdy theres. Hardly any movement and my favorite bits is this chunky lip that runs around now. It says full LED, but it does mean just the daytime running lights. These are halogen, youve got the low beam and the high beam and they are automatic. You also get rain. Sensing wipers General mix of the blacks and the whites and the Chrome.

Well, they give it a sporty yet Im a pickup. I know what Im made of just look at its right hand, its got a rather loud electric tone up until about 20 miles, an hour which is perfect for a commercial vehicle, as this is essentially the first of its kind. We expect it to evolve a fair bit over the coming years. I do love this semi clamshell Bonnet too. Just looks aggressive, flared arches now, interestingly, no plastic cladding, but it gives that really clean. Look. I think weve got the best color scheme. To be honest. 17 inch rims weve got a big tire that makes it good on road and off road. Youve noticed it bubbles over here. So that protects you when youre off road thats a really good thing, because currently theres no steelies available double wishbones at the front and leaf springs at the back, sporty side steps and, as you can see, theyre pretty sturdy. Its very well built this. No keyless entry and we dont have power folding mirrors, but they do manually fold its muddy today. Speaking of that theres one thing this pickup does lack well doors that cover the Sills anyway lets climb. In now, when I say its got good build quality, you can do things like this now, yes, its full of hard plastic, but that makes it robust and easy to clean to have a padded armrest, so thats excellent. The one thing that is missing is a grab.

Handle for the driver, youve got them on every other door, but not this one thatd be a nice addition in the future, climbing in absolutely no problem. The seat is on the floor and if youve noticed its electrically adjusted, one thing that is missing is reach, but you do have rake little coin holder and you can adjust the headlamp height. Everything pretty much is a hard plastic, but this is say a better quality than that. So youll find different grades, its nice to have the addition, the silver accents and cup holders. No cruise control. The thing is, youve got a panel here, so it makes me wonder: whats going to be there in the future and you can control your media center, also its not leather, wrapped solid and if youve noticed its like a cockpit layout, big chunky center console new rotary Dial for your drivetrain good old school handbrake and an armrest its a rather comfortable driving position. I do like these touches of color. It just lightens up and the fact that youve got these padded areas as well, its not real leather. It looks rather nice. You even get sporty stitching. The seats are comfortable, theyre, supportive, yeah theyre, a faux leather. The other thing is Ive noticed theyre quite firm, but that feels pretty good lots of storage areas. Cup holders under here, USBS 12 volt and an infotainment screen and its a decent size. To be honest, its touch screen its responsive enough.

The other thing is – and I didnt expect this – its got – no dab radio, it has am and FM, but it does have Apple, carplay and Android auto. You can set some of the cars settings overall, it does all it needs. Weve also got curtain, side, airbags and theres airbags in the front seats. One thing thats always a must and a pickup a lockable glove box, foreign Applause, the beauty of an off roader. We can just stop here and do another bit of the practicality review. Its got a great profile, touches of Chrome, styling and also itll rapid charge. Itll type 2 and itll home charge Ill put some details on the screen and if you want a home charger, well its an optional extra, but that makes perfect sense. Its a commercial vehicle foreign stepping in absolutely no problem so Ive got a grab handle here if you notice, yeah hard plastics, but youve got a padded area and an electric window. Well, that was nice and simple grab handle here and get my feet under the seats and Ive got lots of leg room, its roomy its comfortable. If youve noticed this isnt too far, upright either 12 volt and a three pin, which means this can do vehicle to load, so you can run your coffee machines, laptops power, source drills. If youve noticed, the windows are quite tall, weve got isofix points, Center, rear light and its like an area its nice to see a bit of continuity as well.

The Chromes in the front are also in the rear. Also, these touches of, I suppose, its like a satin finish, all in all its executed well yeah its full of hard plastics but thats. What you want something strong, dependable lets, take a look at the back another styling. Yes, it does look typically pick up, but it does it in a new way. For example, this big panel here with maxus clearly see its the T90 EV and part of Psych Motor Company Accents in red. It just gives it a really sporty feel no, its really smart, even The Styling here, its a very good looking pickup and its not just that theyre built in practicality, for example, a step here. What your classes are rather chunky tow bar, I mean look at that. Build and thats what you want, especially in an industry like farming, construction yeah. I think these are going to fly off the shelf now when it comes to capabilities, well, its not quite as strong as its diesel brother, but that makes perfect sense with an electric powertrain. Its a bit different now, you should be able to tow up to 1500 kilograms when thats confirmed, but currently its around a thousand which still isnt bad theyll, also carry a thousand kilograms on the bed, but not simultaneously to release just press this button Tada. Now this isnt soft though, but the other end of the scale, its not the heaviest. It is a little bit weightier than other tailgates, but that means its sturdy and yesterday I think I had four bags of gravelen, so I can quite happily sit here and eat.

My buddies, sadly theres, none of those circular things that I use as cup holders. Also, you can get things like bed liners, because youve noticed we havent got one weve got like a strong hammurite paint and it does make it pretty robust, especially when our gravel bag burst tethering point one there, one there one there and one there and youve noticed Theyre anchored to the body, so they are proper, strong, likewise well, theyve made it rather easy to reverse for a start, youve got parking, sensors and yes, thats, a reversing camera thats. All you need to do is look around and see where this one goes. Welcome behind the wheel of the T90 EV from Maxis, and, yes, it is made by psych, so the same people who brought us mg and weve seen how much their vehicles have flown. So essentially, this is the first electric pickup in the UK. Now under the Bonnet youve got an electric motor and it develops around 200 horsepower and the battery is around 88 kilowatts, but the interesting thing is actually built on a diesel platform. Now that may seem an interesting thing to do. I suppose its a very good way to test the system to start with the other good thing is what it does do is offer the driver, a pickup experience just with an electric powertrain and youre still perfectly poised to carry weight on the bed and tow. Now, if youve driven any type of pickup before its going to be a familiar feeling, its a nice pleasant ride, yeah like every other pickup, they do jostle about a bit, but it feels well under control at all times.

You can increase that exponentially. If you stick a load in the back suspension, well its comfortable and thats, the driver and passenger one thing to note is: when you put the heaters on your range, will drop a significant amount say 20 miles, but as soon as you turn it off again, it Goes back up, so I suppose it just puts it to one side. Refinement in the cabin looks pretty good. You do notice a little bit of wind noise, but thats, mostly due to the size of these Wing mirrors when it comes to regen. Youve got no paddles to adjust it, but you do have driving modes. It seems to be a similar regen in each mode. But if I back off now going down this hill and its quite steep, you will feel it slow the vehicle. So you can tell that its putting power back into the batteries now. The one thing you will notice is: when you put a load on the back, you start Towing, it will use more than mile per mile, because what we have noticed is when its empty. It is pretty much mile for mile, which I dont think is bad for 2.3 tons and especially in this weather, oh yeah, its, not particularly warm, is it good point not at all its quite bitter yeah thats, another thing to know because Annabelle mentioned when its colder? You will get less range looking at our Junctions. Well, you can get up to speed pretty quickly now were on the a roads and Im just like Feathering the accelerator.

The range is maintaining so weve done about two miles and its still showing 93.. The other thing Ive noticed is when in eco mode, even if you need to get out of trouble, you can blip the throttle and itll still pull away at a decent pace. Great visibility throughout youve got a really commanding position of the road theres, no blind spot detection. The safety and convenience wise weve got aeb good brakes too straightforward cluster. On the left hand side you can see when its charging – and you can see when its drawing power. The other thing I like is youve got an old school, I suppose its like a petrol gauge, but its just got battery symbols on it. Instead, if your computer in the middle – and you can see things like your voltage motor speed and of course, you range joining a roads and motorways, just isnt a problem and if you dont, think youre going fast enough just hit power and that transforms it now, its Time to address the elephant in the room no 4×4 and you can see there was one but before you start saying well, why is it not in this well its because that was actually in the diesel pickup? The rest assured there is one coming, but, to be honest, the rear wheel, drive feels rather sure footed capable off road about 45 miles an hour in eco were getting about a mile and a half per mile thats, pretty good isnt it, as I said yeah, especially In this weather, once the gasometer is actually calibrated, what were doing and what speed were traveling pretty accurate.

It is its kind of spot on yeah its best, not to break so coming up to that bend. Then it gave you enough Regen to just back off and you can just let the vehicle creep around steerings, nice and responsive its way too, when it needs to be great on a roads equally, as good well say a Motorway, and then, when you start to maneuver It lightens up, it gives good feedback, its nice and direct bit of tire noise and that I think I can hear a little bit of wind noise but its not excessive. And if you look at the state of this dual carriageway, it makes sense when we get onto some smoother more well maintained roads, it does quieten down quite a bit, I just feel sure footed at 60 as well. Now, if youre used to Japanese motors like Mitsubishis, you could be pretty sound, but otherwise you will start flashing flashing, your lights. Are you trying to do your wipers and when you start indicating youll start doing your wipers, so lets drop one mile and weve probably done about two two for one cant be bad. When you get on the open road and stay at say 50 miles an hour, it does become rather efficient, even on this Breezy blustery wet day its not blowing around, because its a windy day were not about 60 miles an hour, and I can hear a little Bit of wind noise, but the one thing I want to do is stay at 60 miles an hour see how it affects range of 300 kilos in the back.

It is starting to slow down a bit so Ill put my foot down a little more, so we can crawl up here at 55.. Lets see what happens if we hit power, okay, its obviously for Eco, because were back up to 60., rather quickly, wow its now accelerating up the hill and its this big hill, so wow, okay, its really not got a problem in Powerball. Does it? No? It really hasnt and you could feel that and yeah okay, its used about a mile and a half to two miles, doing that boost its not like its dropped, 10 or 12.. Well, thats it when youve got 220 miles of range, youre not bothered about using that. Just to get up a hill because the bottom line is, if youre in Eco, it will throttle you down quite noticeably its very smoothly done. Isnt it its not jarragon anyway, no weve done. What is it about 37 miles? Weve used around 30 in that, but youve got to remember I put it in power. I put my foot down. I was testing it left right and Center, so actually, when you get it on an a road itll just sit and itll economize. Now Im on these little Lake District roads with the ups and downs were just not using range at all. This doesnt tend to regen in Miles. Instead, what it does is hold on to that mile for four or five, so it really wont go up to 60, but itll sit on 59 first as long as it lasts.

Another thing Ive noticed. Is it doesnt Scrabble for grip, even on wet roads and theyre, pretty muddy too nice to see youve got an old school handbrake and it does have Hill start assist. You want all the versatility, the the power, the performance to capability, yet electric and thats exactly what you have for the t90v. As for the price tag, I dont think 50 Grands a lot. To be honest, I mean a pickup even with a diesel pickup. If you spec highly, you can quite easily be pretty close to 50 Grand its different dont get me wrong and it might take you a while to get used to it, especially if youve used diesel pickups. I do reckon that psych Maxes have now taken this and theyre just going to run with it. Well, they have theyve got their electric vans as well. Exactly the thing is its only going to get better from now. Thank you to psych Maxis and the Harris group. Now, if you want one of these go and chat to the guys, theyre very helpful theyll give you all the specs. You need and thats the kind of experience you want, especially if youre buying commercial vehicles, because the likelihood is youre not going to buy one youll buy 15 or 400., and it does make a difference.