Some of you may ask what is that or who is that? Well, pole Stars started as the performance division of Volvo and took the leap to become a standalone brand and back in 2019. I got to see my very first pollstar at the Geneva Motor Show. So here I am, can you believe, four years later, checking out the second offering from pollstar, and here it is in the conveniently named pole, star 2, its an all electric Fastback, and I have it with dual motors and a tasty performance update. Now, notably this same week that weve been reviewing the pole star to Polestar, announced what we can expect to see in their model year 24 variant, which will be available for order later this year. Now we will be checking that one out as soon as we can get our hands on it. In the meantime, I will sprinkle a few of those details and specs in this review, so stay with me and lets check out polestar2. Let me start with the looks. This thing definitely looks like a piece of electrified artwork now Simone just reviewed the Volvo C40 recharge last week and thats closely related to this pole, star too, that car was beautiful. But why do I like this poster so much better? Theres definitely a lot of that Volvo Essence across the front with these Hammer of Thor headlights, but still the overall design looks distinguished and different enough, not to feel too volvoy its got such a strong stance, and it really gives off an air of power but sophistication Side on you can interpret that its not a sedan, but rather what both are calling a Fastback, and there was a time when fastbacks were all the rage.

Are they having a comeback? The side mirrors are beautiful and frameless, like Katherine Kim, nor its different unusual, not 20 inch forged La Wheels, highlighted Swedish gold, Brembo breaks, Brembo and tire tube caps. There are several different battery and motor configurations which in turn, give you different range performance capabilities. The entry point is a standard range single motor that has a 69 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery. It offers 445 to 478 kilometers of range, its front wheel, drive it produces 170 kilowatts of power and 330 newton meters of torque. It skips from 0 to 100 in just 7.4 seconds the pole, star 2, my 24 standard range single motor wisely becomes rear. Wheel, drive and 519 kilometers of range increases the power output from the motor to 220 kilowatts and 490 newton meters. It shapes 1.2 seconds off at 0 to 100 times. If you want range, but arent too worried about power, then your best option is the long range single motor that one has a bigger 78 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery. It offers 515 to 551 kilometers of range wltp its front wheel, drive it produces 170 kilowatts power and 330 newton meters of torque, and it also Skips from zero to 100 in 7.4. Seconds my24 will give you an 82 kilowatt hour battery with up to 635 kilometers of added range, now thats a lot of specs. So let me break it down if you want decent range, but performance is your flavor of choice.

Then the long range dual motor that I have here is what you would be after it has that bigger 78 kilowatt hour battery and gives 455 to 487 kilometers of range. Having two Motors allows it to be all wheel drive. It produces 300 kilowatts Tower and 660 newton meters of torque. It flies from 0 to 100 in just 4.7 seconds, theres, also a performance update that gets that number even speedier down to just 4.4 seconds. For my 24, this performance setup with the update shapes 0.2 seconds of that 0 to 100 time off and gives more power torque and range across the board. So, regardless of the model, U you choose, you will always have the three options to cater to your different needs. For my 24 poster have improved the battery tag and architecture which result in even faster charging speeds, but now I will concentrate on the model I have and what its like charging this larger 78 kilowatt battery, so just factor in charge times will be slightly less for The smaller 69 kilowatt one, if you plug it into your house, using your supplied portable charger, which runs just off your standard 10 amp PowerPoint. It will take you about 40 hours to get a full charge thats, not as crazy as it sounds, because, theoretically, if you were to just plug it in for 10 hours every night, you would gain about 130 kilometers, which, on average, would be more than you would Use daily, so you could get away with doing this, but for the majority of people who buy an electric car, they would get a charger installed.

Your entry level wall charger for your house will give you about seven kilowatts of charge, which actually gives you about 47 kilometers in an hour and will get you to full charge in just under 12 hours. If you use a faster 50 kilowatt DC charger, you will average 330 kilometers in an hour and a half. Lastly, a public super fast charger can get you to 80 in 35 minutes now, living with an electric vehicle and getting used to charging them as opposed to stopping and filling up. Petrol can actually be quite convenient, its just a shift in mindset and practice. More than anything else, and yes, potentially more of a daily habit, as opposed to a weekly or bi weekly habit from the convenience of your own home, so whats it like to drive. Now, although I am driving the Zippy one, and you may not think that what I have to say would have much relevance to the single motor one, but there are still a lot of driving dynamics that translate across boat. First up its a heavy and well planted car thats, just the benefit of EVs and their battery being positioned, low and the weight being distributed throughout. So they all just feel, grounded to drive. People who are familiar with premium European car driving in the past will know exactly what Im talking about and with EVS that feel and drive is just intrinsic. The steering is nice and precise, and here is where driving a car like this is different to driving, say a Tesla theres.

Just this level of Engagement with the drive and I have to say, connections and I guess fundamentally, just more driver control like with some of those other vehicles. I really feel like Im secondary to the tech, and you know the the AI, but here I do feel like Im still in the drivers seat and its a nice feeling. Okay, and just like with the Volvo Simone checked out here, you have the option to turn on one pedal driving. It definitely is a weird feeling, especially at first and almost everyone who tries It For the First Time, doesnt like it, it applies the regenerative braking. Every time you take your foot off the accelerator, I have to say it has a smoothness to it. It doesnt completely just like cut in when you put your foot off the accelerator, its quite a smooth, braking, feel and thats also the same experience with the acceleration. Yes, this thing will fly if you really floor it, but just to put your foot down its a nice gradual, smooth, like move off on the same hand once they get used to it. Almost everyone goes on to love it and appreciate what it brings to the drive. Now, if youre not familiar its, not just that it helps regenerate the battery, but also just makes her a more relaxing drive, because you have to do less, braking which is great, but just dont. Try it in your ice car. You can almost get away without having to press it at all, and I havent forgotten I Music, its so fun interior on one hand hints at the Volvo, but still pole, star takes on its totally own personality now in the cabin.

There are definitely those strong hints of Volvo, but everything is just done a bit differently and in a lot of ways better. For example, the seats now interesting choice of fabrics quite unusual instead of leather. This is the top trim, but theyre actually very comfortable and theyve maintained a nice cool feeling, even though this is extremely heat. The 11.2 inch infotainment screen is its own big design and looks great. It uses Android OS software, but still has Apple carplay connectivity, and I really like the layout once you get used to where everything is two usb chargers and the crisp digital instrument cluster, which actually shows you how many kilometers of range you have left, which really just Should be a given in an electric car, so it definitely trumps over C40. In that regard, the one gripe that I sort of had was the placement of these air vents, which I can see that theyre there because of the placement of the infotainment screen, which I really like the placement, but they just dont hit you in the body at All they kind of just shoot straight out here and in summer. It is nice to have a little bit of air, like you know, hitting both sides of your body theres, that panoramic glass roof that we dissed in the Volvo C40, which also cant be closed or covered. But for some reason I havent found it as unbearable. And now it might be the kind of glass or the thickness of the glass theyve used or the coating also be because weve had some cooler days, but today is a very hot day.

I do think theres a difference. Our producer also found it more tolerable. An EV Enthusiast Ian also found that the seat could be adjusted to a suitable position, which is just a really vital function. So in the back here, its okay look, the leg room, isnt, amazing and the seats are theyre all right, but theyre not super comfortable for long drives and also that middle seat again is not super functional. We do have cup holders and air vents. Two usb chargers. Heated seats pockets little like door bins as well and speakers. I I do like a sound system back here. There is a frunk here as well. That gives you space for a cable, as well as a tire repair kit, which is cool theres. Actually, some really advanced Safety Tech, some of the more notable ones, are runoff Road mitigation which will help guide you back onto the road at higher speeds, oncoming Lane mitigation Lane keeping Aid post impact, braking driver alert, control, road sign information, speed limiter. Now pricing will go up for my 24, but the current pricing for this Polestar 2 is as follows. The standard range single motor starts at 69, 597 drive away. The long range single motor 74 277 drive away. The long range dual motor from 79 477 drive away. The long range dual motor thats fully optioned, with all the packs ends up costing 102 218 dollars drive away. So in summary, polystar have created a very attractive and very user friendly car.

I mean even price wise, despite its place in the market, its actually quite affordable, and what I really noticed is that I guess, as a level of refinement and just this special like element, that a lot of EVS are missing, that this one actually has. I mean even luxury ones: youll get in it, theyve got all the tech and the bells and whistles but theres, just something lacking theres, just sort of an emptiness. This one has just a bit of personality and something that really connects you to the car, and I really appreciated that thanks again for watching cartel TV. So what did you think of the pole? Star 2? I was so impressed. Have you had a chance to drive it and what did you think of it compared to say like a Tesla or maybe like the Volvo C40? I have to say its very high on my list, so were going to be checking out the Polestar 3 as soon as we can get our hands on it.