A brand new Hummer is something we never thought wed see on American roads again, but the off road brand was reborn last year as an electric pickup truck called the GMC Hummer f. This version is no feeble economy minded model, its powered by a 1000 horsepower. Electric powertrain can Sprint to 60 miles per hour in 3.3 seconds and can Brute Force its way through pretty much any Terrain. Thanks to a rear wheel, steering system, the Hummer AV can more easily be maneuvered around obstacles beat them Boulders or hatchbacks, and it can even drive sideways using its novel crab driving mode where this vehicle ranks whats new for 2023 for its second year on the market. The GMC Hummer F suit, pickup truck gains, a host of new exterior colors, including afterburner 10 coat meteorite metallic void, black tied metallic and deep Aurora metallic. This is because last year, GMC only sold the Edition 1 model, which came in interstellar white. Now that the Edition 1 has run its course, the Hummer evix takes its place as the top trim and instead of coming fully loaded, it can be optioned with or without removable roof panels and many of the addition one standard off roading equipment pricing, in which one To buy even though its the most expensive model wed still recommend the evic, since it includes a lot of the best items offered on the Hummer F, including an adjustable air suspension. Gm super Cruise hands free driving system and a giant 13.

4 inch. Infotainment display F motor power and performance for now. The only powertrain available in the Hummer AV is a setup with three electric motors that make 1000 horsepower all wheel. Drive is standard and in our testing the Hummer have rocketed to 60 miles per hour in 3.3 seconds. Thanks to its watts to Freedom, launch control, driving mode, Towing and payload capacity, speaking of Towing and payload GMC says the Hummer EV can tow up to 7500 pounds thats less than the towing capacities of other F pickups, such as the rivien r1t and the Ford F. 150 Lightning, which are rated for 11 000 pounds and 10 000 pounds respectively range charging and battery life. The Hummer EV uses GMs new ultium battery pack technology and boasts an estimated 329 miles of driving range per charge in our testing. We observed 290 miles during an all h Highway range test. At 75 miles per hour, the Hummer uses an 800 volt electrical architecture with 350 kilowatt fast charging capability, which GMC claims will add 100 miles of range in just 10 minutes fuel economy and real world EPA. Fuel economy estimates for the Hummer ever 51 City 43 inch Highway and 47 ish combined for comparison. The rivian r1t is rated for 70 forms, City 66, inch Highway and 17 inch combined interior comfort and cargo, even though Hummers of yesteryear were mainly SUVs. The Hummer F takes the form of a crew cab, pickup truck with a five foot long bed interior materials could be of higher quality, considering the Hummers price tag and its cabin isnt as spacious as GMC Sierra Crew Cab, pickup truck infotainment and connectivity.

A large 13.4 inch display serves as the infotainment screen and theres a 12.3 inch digital instrument panel as well. Gmc has contracted epic games maker of the wildly popular fortnite video game to create the graphics for the Hummer EVS, infotainment interface, safety and Driver assistance, features GM supercruise, hands, free driving mode is a standard feature and we found it works quite nicely. Less Advanced features such as Lane keeping assist and blind spot monitoring are also included. Key safety features include standard, automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection standard Lane, departure warning with Lane keeping assist standard, adaptive cruise control with hands free driving mode warranty and maintenance coverage. Limited warranty covers three years or 36 000 miles. Powertrain warranty covers five years or 60 000 miles, hybrid components are covered for eight years or one hundred thousand miles. Complementary maintenance is covered for the first visit 2022 GMC Hummer have Edition 1. vehicle type front and rear Motors all wheel, drive five passenger four door. Pickup price base. Slash is tested dollar, 110, comma 295, 118 comma 0′ front motor permanent, magnet synchronous, AC rear Motors permanent magnet synchronous. Ac combined power 1000 horsepower combined torque 1200 pounds to foot battery pack liquid cooled lithium ion 212.7 kilowatt hours on board charger 11.