The scooter is called the Indina if youre wondering why you havent heard of them well thats, because the company did not want to create any hype until it thought that the time was right and that in itself is a good first start. So who is River? Well? The company has started in March 2021 by two x ultraviolet employees, theyve been working at this scooter and in just less than two years. In fact, they have this thing ready now, under normal circumstances, to create a brand new scooter in less than two years is quite a stretch, but todays startup EV ecosystem is very different to what it was once five years ago, for example, theres now a lot more Knowledge and skill in the market, the supply chains have improved and you can make something like this quicker. So what is this scooter all about River calls this the SUV of scooters. They tend to differentiate it in by saying that it is an aspirational product, but also utilitarian, driven starting with utility. This is the first electric scooter that gets 14 inch wheels at both ends, and it comes with these chunky tires 120 section at both ends, although this might become a 110 section by the time the scooter goes on sale when it goes on sale well get to. In a bit, youve got a telescopic Fork at front two shock absorbers at the back. It is a big rugged scooter. Now, what gives it the sense of size and mass is the front end.

You have a really large headlamp here twin, LED elements in the front. It is quite a unique looking thing and, unlike most scooters in India, theres no cowl up front its just the display here the company will sell you a little accessory visor. There are quite a few accessories and I think that visor makes it look a bit nicer. If you come over here, uh more interesting elements are a motorcycle style clip on handlebars, very nice switch gear and you have an LCD display. This is not a TFT, its not touch screen its a segmented, color LCD and the company tells us that by the time the scooters go on sale, the layout will change a little, but its mostly quite the same. The big party trick, though, is the fact that this scooter has massive boot. Space in here is over 40 liters of boot space thats bigger than the Ola. Now, unlike the Ola, that is flat this one slopes further downwards, but its much deeper than the Ola. You can get a full face helmet in here and a half face helmet at the back. The company will also sell partitions for the rear, so you can get different accessories in terms of how you want to arrange the space. You also have a 12 liter storage space in the front combined. That means the scooter has more space than anything else on the market. Now. The good news, especially for me, is that if youre a tall rider you fit on the river quite well, I dont have any issue with the handlebar touching my knees.

The floorboard is at a decent height, even though the battery pack is underneath there. The ergonomics are done very well now lets talk about the chassis. This is a tubular chassis, tubular steel chassis, like I said the battery pack is down here. Youve got a mid mounted motor that sends power to the rear wheel by a belt. Drive. Whats interesting. Is that the companies used a cast aluminum swing arm, and that looks really nice. In fact, the overall look and finish of this bike is quite nice, especially for the fact that this is a pre production vehicle. Other interesting elements are that the rider gets removable foot pegs here. If you want to stick your legs out, you can also get an accessory that closes off this area, so you can store things on the floorboard. These are designed to protect the scooter in case theres. A fall and these are designed to put accessory panniers onto the scooter. If you dont, like the look of this, you can pull them off and put a blank plastic cap over there. So in terms of performance, you get an electric motor theres, a peak output of 6.7 kilowatts and the battery pack is four kilowatt hours. The company claims a top speed of 90 and a range of 120 kilometers, and that is a real world range that they say. You will get an eco mode. There are three modes: eco mode caps, a top speed to a 55 kilometers per hour, which is still quite usable, whereas the other two, let you get to the top speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

Overall, this sort of performance seems in the ballpark of The Ether 450x, but I think this scooter will give you more range. Now the company is going to produce a scooter at its facility, which is coming up outside Bangalore in a place called hoskote. They have a plant that has a capacity of One lakh units per year and they say that customer deliveries will start in August this year, which is six months down the road. The scooter has been priced to 1.25 lakh rupees like showroom, and that is a very competitive price. We dont know how long itll last, but for what youre getting here, thats a really good price. Initial sales will begin in Bengaluru and they say maybe three to five cities this year, but 2024 will have up to 50 different cities. The scooters will be sold by a traditional dealership model and based on what Ive seen right now. This is a really interesting looking product. It looks larger than most scooters out there. It seems to be very comfortable, it seems to be very practical, it has good range and the promise of good performance. There is a lot to look forward to here and I think well be riding it in a couple of months time.