Yes, its about uh cute little Eevee, which is called City spirit, and my intention to make this video is you know: Evies, electric vehicles are very popular nowadays in our country and there are people shifting from uh IC vehicle internal combustion engine vehicle towards electric vehicle. Its very common nowadays we can see that many questions that was there in my head. You know because Chinese Brands, Chinese EVS, are coming up aggressively. I mean Chinese companies, you know theyre mushrooming here in our country now, so I wanted to know whether youre Chinese brand American, whether we should go or we should opt for that brand or not so with me today. I have got a very good friend of mine. Mr mirish adhikari here, who is the very, very proud owner of this beauty, which is called City Spirit, uh Im, an advertising professional Ive, been in sales into sales and marketing for two decades now and uh I see Vehicles, as I always say, driving should be pleasure. Its not it should not be stressful feeling, Music. Whenever people see this vehicle, they just come and tend to ask questions: where are you guys from beer heaven so sauces? Also, I was not aware about that. They need a car that runs by beer good one. Are you filming this for yourself or YouTube um yeah, my YouTube channel, yeah and youre explaining the video? Yes, yes, Im explaining more more than explaining the vehicle. What Im doing is people are very inquisitive about Chinese EVS, so Im just trying to explain it to people that hes been using it for last four years without any trouble so come on guys.

You can go ahead with this yeah yeah thats. The intention of making this video, so your channel is all about cars and stuff or motor vlogging. I do Moto vlogging, I travel a lot on bikes and once in a while, I make this kind of reviews also sounds like fun. Yes, thats the kind of reaction you get. You just saw that right. This car is definitely a head turner. Whenever people are around it, they come and they ask like miresh was explaining sometimes back even when he is in traffic jam or something like that. People come and they knock you on the window. They ask you to put it down and they ask what is this car? Where did you get it from whats the kind of mileage mileage in the sense whats, the range that you get and all those things so Ill start from the front check out the way it looks from the front Chinese Brands. You know I should say that theyre, a little good at copying pattern, its giving me a feel of Jeep jeep has got seven, I think and uh on the front its a halogen light here. Halogen light indicator here. The front is simple basic, nothing much and the car looks absolutely fantastic from the front. There is a DRL and its on at the moment, daytime running light when we come towards the side of the car Im Im, getting the feeling that its it is a little bit of European model.

You know this kind of uh shape and size. I usually link it with the urea wincast, like uh skoda, Yeti and even Kia. Soul has got similar kind of shape actually made in China European model, especially Greece, Ive not been there. Okay, but thats. What I was told by the company people dont, you find it a little outdated, this kind of thing and it might look outdated, but it is functional. What is the problem here? Why do I have to open the door? Go inside press the switch and open? This makes sense: okay, okay, so you look at the doors. You know the door is massive door, its bigger than the regular cash door. I feel – and this is the access for the back seat. You can even uh fold the front seats and excuse us guys. Car is a little bit dirty today on the back. Also, you can see the logo of the company the year and normal light, the light setup, but let me tell you I, like Mira, said Im also falling in love with this car now so cute. I can get it from here. Okay, you can operate it from the front itself. Nothing Music, 12 inch, plus ground clearance, is around 55 mm because wheelbase sandwich, I think, 155 mm just to keep in trouble inside the car. All basic thing see this: one is a wonderful thing or VM. You can adjust your mirror from inside itself.

The steering is the basic one. There is no keys here to operate music system or anything else, thats not needed. Actually, because everything is here, this dial pad kind of thing – this is for vehicles, functionality like if you want to drive youre putting it here if you want to put your car in the neutral. This is your reverse, and this is the echo mode uh, where you can drive your car at the speed of 30 kilometers per hour only, and it gives the long range by the way whats the range Mirage, uh Im getting right now about 150 kilometers per full Charge 150 right. Did you try that? Yes, I have actually what I have done is. I have a measured it in every 10 percentage of battery utilization versus the kilometer that I have and the music system it has got all the functions that you want. Uh. There is a reverse camera also here, which is not steering adaptive and it has got everything you can do. You can connect your mobile anything that you can imagine of Ill say everything. Is there right so see their functions? This is little unique Keys here. You know this one to is to operate your left hand, side mirror up and down, and this one is to operate the right hand, side mirror Azad switch. Also youve got here. This is AC fan uh, the the bottom one is before the switch. What is this? This is AC4, I mean this is for cooling cooler.

It will give it a hot air. Okay, one single key, this one is to adjust your AC fan yeah to to which direction you want. So this this key, this particular switch, is the one which will help you to open the back boot, and there are two AC vents here enough for the little car youve got pins here. Also and weve got a little space for putting our wallet or mobile, maybe and see this very classic handbrake. Oh, there is a lighter also here, yeah um, one very unique thing that you have got in this car is this: what is this called uh Ill say? Yes, okay, there is a hook here. There are two steps I think one is you can yeah one step is here here, yeah exactly and other step is you can completely leave it behind and check out the light that comes inside amazing like a romantic Fields? Nice? I would like somebody to come up because Im not that person Im a car vehicle, your business, many people can go ahead and Ill definitely be recommending this because, as I said, maintenance any given hours, obviously four wheel is better than two wheels Music. This is a lot less experience. Ac and let me deliver AC is effective. The through is good and nice environment questions, Music, Music, foreign Music and its giving me a feeling of safada wait decent sized people accommodating well yeah, not that problem. We are comfortable space, foreign, Music, foreign Music system, uh, Music quotations, yes, Music services, foreign, Music, foreign, Music, Music, thats, interesting, so I think thats it guys uh, the Chinese brand that are coming up.

They are with some research. They are good vehicle. I believe, like mirish. Just said that hes very happy with the car and hes been using it for last two years. Yes, Im ending the video here. Is there any last minute up from your side? Well, if you see me uh four years, zero problem uh happy happy thats, it thats it from inside. So, thank you, miras for this opportunity for sharing your feedback about the vehicle with us and thank you people for watching this video Id like to request you guys to please subscribe to my channel NLP grow for now. Its bye bye have a wonderful time, be happy.