This right here is the Genesis: G80 EV and man. It is a wicked car to drive. Lets. Take a look, I think the looks of this thing are incredible. I was asked this morning at McDonalds if I was driving a Bentley and nope just a Genesis. Also a press car. Nothing on here shows you that its an EV, except for just a little logo here and there we have the charging port 350 kilowatt charging. That is freaking fast in see right here we have a little air curtain to put air around the wheel, so it doesnt create too much turbulence. Overall coefficient of drag of 0.26 is excellent, not as low as something like the eqs, but it also doesnt look like a shoe that earns at a range of about 450 kilometers really good. Here we have two headlights its. I thought it was kind of weird at first, but its really grown on me, and I especially like how it goes all the way to the side with the indicators looks fantastic. In my opinion, these Arrow rims are only for the EV model too bad. I quite like them. I also appreciate that theyre only 19 inches, which only they are still massive, but at least it isnt taking up all of this helps with ride Comfort a bit also. We have some Michelin excises on here, not surprising, but 515 foot pounds of torque cannot be contained by winter tires, poor guys.

They tried, though, also I really like how the indicators go all the way along the side. Just a nice little detail, the total length of this guy is just over five meters, meaning you should legitimately make sure that it will fit in your garage before you buy it. Also. You would think with that much car youd be getting lots of storage lets see if it has a front. I havent opened this yet Im, just assuming that theres, nothing in here yep that looks like an engine right there EV, but wow. There is no extra space in here whatsoever, thats, one of the many problems of this being an EV conversion lets look at the other ones. The 87.2 kilowatt hour battery is stored underneath the car, which means you dont, get a whole lot of room in here. Uh seats as low as itll go, I have maybe inch and a half two inches of space right here. Im six feet also means no sunroof that friggin sucks. I love sunroofs, but uh. You dont get one here, because otherwise your head would be. I dont know just hitting the stuff that holds it also trunk space, not fantastic, especially given the size of this car, big old hump right there, where Im, presuming the high voltage Electronics live story mode bosses. This is not your car. You might be able to fit a body in there, probably not even one have to chop them up its terrible.

Also, sorry, Genesis, Canada, uh. The material blue of this looks fantastic kind of changes from green to blue, depending on how you look at it, but uh its winter. In Vancouver, we did the best we good hopping into the back seat. Oh wow, I dont have nearly enough legroom here, good thing. I have controls for the passenger seat, so I can just move it up like that. Oh there we go rear seats in this very comfortable, only small complaint. If youre a little bit taller than me, your heads going to be hitting the ceiling Im millimeters away. Also, very nice middle wrist rest that has our seat Heating and our rear peasant blocker got all three of them. Wait. Oh my God. I have to do it myself, backseats terrible, not actually also have rear climate control very nice popping into the drivers seat. This thing is exceptionally comfortable. I absolutely love it. We have all of the controls that you expect to have full stir adjustment, even seat firmness, adjustment, no massage sheets, though so uh thats points off for that in this price range. Oh wait, I lied turns out. There is a button over here that allows you to do massaging stuff isnt in the infotainment for some reason, but whatever select seat then Ergo motion seat. I think its only for my ours, the mode Cycles as follows: pelvic stretching lumbar stretching whole body. Oh, that feels pretty good one thing that Im not sure Im convinced of this steering wheel looks kind of weird, very functional, though so thats a plus we dont have stupid, capacitive buttons or anything like that.

Good old roller for volume, thats sort of the whole theme of this everything in here just makes sense to use. It took me only like a day to get used to using this car. One normally takes me four to a week depending on the brand just stuff like. Oh, I want it to be warmer turn the knob there we go want turn the fan up or down boom right. There super easy same with all of this. It just works and its a dedicated button for it, and everything in here feels fantastic. This is the sort of thing where, like the eqs, was showing off all of the tech that Mercedes could shove into something, whereas this right here is using Tech in much more thoughtful ways where it actually like makes sense, and you want to use it also, the Buttons dont feel like garbage. Overall, the quality of materials in here is just exceptional. The stuff that you want to be soft is nice and soft stuff that you want to be hard, its nice and hard, and it just well. It feels like the interior of a hundred thousand dollar car. I, like it lets give her a drive after a giver in this segue to our sponsor grammarly, thanks to grammarly for sponsoring this video when it comes to work, communication is key. Even if you dont have a writing job miscommunication can lead to confusion with your team, which can lead to delays thats.

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Damn now the suspension isnt perfect in sport mode, its not really sporty its kind of wallowy and its a bit reboundy, which I found is sort of a theme in Hyundai cars. It also isnt perfect at filtering out bumps like when youre at lower speeds. It tends to get a little bit rough, just because theres so much weight in this thing, but overall, especially for an electric car man, this drives nice, its the sort of thing were able to just I dont know sit back. Let it take you along its pretty great what makes that comfortable go from A to B experience. Even better is the driving assists Lane centering this fantastic Im just going to let her do this turn here and I trust it for the most part, also adaptive cruise fantastic, some of the best that Ive ever experienced. What makes this all even better and more relaxing is the Lexicon sound system. It is its a bit complicated, but in a word it is fantastic, its pretty clear. This is a car made for old people, and that particularly shows with the sound system and how its tuned the highs in this much brighter than it should be, if its to just be flat bass, not quite where it should be. Our sound engineer Sam took this, and he found that plus three plus four in the base, minus seven in the treble, is what got us the most accurate to what were looking for in a car, even though there are 21 speakers in here.

I was a little bit concerned at first because, like the tweeters aim down, the mids are going into my leg. The mid base is down there sub. I dont know where that is somewhere back there, but somehow it becomes all coherent at lower volumes. The Sound Stage is sort of down here, but you turn it up a bit and it starts surrounding you, its fantastic Music, its not the best sound system that Ive ever heard, like S90, absolutely thrashes it eqs doesnt quite have the extension but much better Sound Stage, But then again, apparently they only make the sound system for this car and the Rolls Royce Phantom, so yeah its pretty freaking good. Now, one thing you might have noticed is that the infotainments pretty far away. So if I want to uh all the way over there, not the best, except they have this little dial down here and it actually works really well, so you have physical buttons for home menu and back, and then this sort of even an Android, Auto Works quite Well, but in genesiss system here Works, fantastic Ive just been using this dial for everything instead of using the touch screen, and I actually have liked it way more than I expected. Okay weve got some Corners here. How does a handle? Oh pretty freaking good, given the size of this thing, especially given that were on winter, tires here, but its not a sports car by any stretch of the imagination.

So you do have the problems of like some understeer. It kind of feels like its leaning over the front left tire which isnt great, but at the same time it does all of the handling in a way that you know, even if it isnt the most dynamic ever it makes me just want to chill out. This is probably the car that I have been thrashing, the least of all the Press, cars that I have like Ive been respecting this thing, because it wants me to do that and thats a pretty tall ask when you have a press car for a week. No, some nitpicks. We have Flappy paddles here to change how much regen youre getting and uh just leave it on level. Two all the rest are bad, so we dont have a true one pedal mode which and also, if you put it to like level one of regen, it feels kind of weird level, three level, four, pretty terrible. You dont have proper like Auto, hold or proper one pedal driving, so its sort of like is decelerating you and then right before you stop. It starts accelerating its weird. I dont know just live with level. Two youll be happy, also Auto hold pretty bad. I just turned it off and then I was happy so whatever oh well, traction control off corner these poor tires. Given the yacht like length of this car, you might expect it to be terrible to park, but with the rear, wheel, steering and the excellent 360 cam.

This things actually very simple: to get into a tight spot. Can you come a bit closer to the rear of the car? What uh we wanted you in front of the car? Actually, I just meant to say the rear of the truck so with the Genesis. G80. Ev this thing right here is a hundred and four thousand dollars, Canadian, which is pretty steep. But when you compare it to the competition, it is very good compared to the eqs this thing, absolutely Slaughters it, but then again like some Heelys and a pack of Red Bull slutters at eqs, so uh I dont know not too many points there Genesis, but man. This right here, as far as a car to just comfortably get from point A to point B, is absolutely fantastic. This is where EVS really and truly shine, just comfortable grand Tours to get you to work and back from work quietly and man. I really like this car, if youre an older, dad or a grandpa man, look into this thing.