Now this car has fascinated me ever since I first saw this concept car for it at Geneva. I think it was 2017.. It was almost the star of the show because it was so different from a design point of view, from what Honda have been doing and fairly vanilla cars, and suddenly they had this design, icon, couldnt, believe Honda was Reinventing itself and doing this sort of cut. Yes, it was electric and then it came out in 2020 and there was sort of slight confusion over it because it was super cute, but it wasnt quite class leading in a number of areas. So it was never going to win a group test. And yet I have friends who have these and they adore them, because theyve got some fabulous detail on it, so its a car that appeals to the heart more than the head, but just look at it, and it has some really neat things, including a turning Circle. Ive just brought it in here and I couldnt believe I can turn it around, and here I can do slaps inside my garage. This is the first car. I can do that with eight point. Something meter turning circle on it. Lets go and have a closer look and go around it. Now the design harks back to the Civic of the 70s, the round lights. This sort of cute face on it, obviously being electric theres no need for any grills or anything at the front, but this is, I think, is the radar area theres full of tech on here cameras Etc, and this sort of blank screen.

If I press this little thing here, oh, that is where you charge it, so youve got fast charging or regular charging on there. Just a neat little touch and the other peculiarity of this well have a look at it in a moment. This opens as well come round, and this car is the advanced version with 17 inch wheels on it first shock when it arrived its on Mitchell at Pilot Sport tires what on Earth sits on those for be aware, if you do choose the 17 inch wheel 16, As standard you lose 12 miles of range and when this youll get to the range of this car, its not a huge electric range, they quote around 125 for this, but you gain 12 miles. If you go for the 16 inch wheel, theyre also, they just said they wanted to cover up the disc. They didnt want to show that it has disparates all around. So the first car I can think of thats designed no, we mustnt show people its got disc brakes. Other nice details, no Wing mirrors. So when were driving, we have the cameras on either side. First, car Ive, driven with that and its quite a tall car, its sort of bigger when it rocked up. I thought it was miniature looking at broaches and photos of it, but actually its bigger than you think, its one and a half meters high and theres lots of glass and it also its when you step into it Its relatively High seating.

Because, of course, all the battery pack sits in the floor so thats why its raised brilliant interior up just the materials you can see on here. Its all a cloth and brown and oh, the dash, is full of screens right across Im, going to show you that in more detail, when we get outside its got like a Tesla, you can get in and out of this car without the key. And just if you have the app on your phone, it will just recognize you and you know, know your parameters. What you want in the back, a bit of a sort of bench seat, uh weve got isofix weve actually been using it with isofix. In the back. There but the seats fold flat so theres a degree of practicality to it and against Rivals like the mini e. This is proper four doors, not huge space in the back, but yeah enough come round very clean design. Again, there is grumblings generally because the boot isnt as big as youd like it to be, I think the plus size is all the seats fold flat, Etc. And you have to remember that this car is actually rear. Wheel drive. There is a motor hiding under there and all the electric seems to be up the front, but it is rear, drive a rear motor right Im going to quickly open the bonnet there you go up on struts. I really wasnt expecting that to open up its, not very pretty under there.

I I dont know what this is all the invert and all the charging, Electronics Etc its amazing. How much gubbings you actually need on an electric car and if you come around here, just a conventional batteries, but my understanding, theres lots of systems on it like the dash and the lights and Etc that youve got borrowed components with regular cars. You need a 12 volt battery to make it all work. The other thing about this car is quite expensive. They all seem to be expensive cars these days, but this one, as you see it here, is 37 545 pounds. That seems a huge amount, but extra on this car is this metallic paints. This white metallic paint and the fact its got 17 inch wheels instead of the 16 inch wheels, does add up its about 34 000. If you were going to get the the so called base model which matches about the price of a mini e anyway Lets Take It Outside go now, look at that interior and see how it drives. Guy looks different in here all comes alive because Ive got the key on me. Warning driver is responsible, and then it puts this look at that cherry blossom up across the dash theres sort of a wood finish here, its sort of square and boxing. The first thing you sort of notice is the lack of mirrors. Suddenly youve got this incredible view out, because youre reliant on these mirrors, this one is also um, can be a camera or a mirror.

I prefer it on conventional mirror. I dont know why and also I like the way I get a sunroof if you dont spot it from the outside, it doesnt open but its a glass roof. But if you look from the outside, it just looks like a black roof, but no I get that. But actually the my favorite feature is this dash one two, three four five screens, although thats the same screen there, oh theres, all sorts of stuff on there, you can do. I think Im not sure if the camera is going to pick this up so Im gon na Im gon na actually record this on my phone. If I go to all apps on here and I go to aquarium like that, and it changes to this scene, the bit I didnt realize – and I have to thank Johnny Smith for this one is: I can feed the fish. If I just touch that thats feet. Look look they dashed to it, so I can put two bits of food. There oh go on then whos gon na get it. Oh you missed that bit and then in they go youre. Looking a bit hungry over there, so yeah hours of amusements to be hacked. We should just mods anyway. I quite like that. Im. Sorry, the little kid in me likes that I also like that. Ive got a little sort of pouch there to put my phone in and all sorts of ways of connecting uneven a regular UK plug with a 1500 watt capacity, huge power um.

I theyre told that its because well youre going to be waiting around at sort of charge. Charging points charging this car away from home, so you can plug your laptop or whatever you want to do, but also thats. Quite a lot of power. 50 100 Watts. Not enough here, a little pull out here: Ive got a little cup holder there Etc, but yeah a unique sort of environment. I absolutely love it in here, its its its refreshing, a huge amount of glass, just like yeah great. So what Im going to do? Press drive and disappear off and go down my usual bits of Road. Unfortunately yeah the aquarium is not allowed, while youre driving, where I control everything from forward and reverses down here and theres, a few other things you can do on here as well. I have a sport mode on here, handbrake down here, Etc, so thats your main control. I also like that. Ive got conventional heater controls on here. They havent hidden those away inside the sort of screen and touch screen and heated seats, no less and a heated wheel, because this is the advanced version which is the Posh one. If there is such a thing in honduri. Well, I suppose it is pot. It feels like a junior, its sort of electric luxury car, its just complete refresh, and I do like this Dash layout off. We go so yeah soon gets up to speed its performance wise, this being the higher horsepower.

154 horsepower 136 horsepower one as well. Look 60s. Eight points something seconds, although Ive seen people have recorded seven point something so its a bit quicker than Honda actually lets on very clean decluttered here, just the one screen with a digital Speedo, no choice, no analog, not round dials at all. I like that. A lot and noise wise well, I did measure it and its around 70 decibels at 60 miles an hour. Well, thats, all good. I like it. Also. This is Its ignore the rage, it says 62 miles and we have 92 percent battery. Yesterday I was filming the project eight on the phone bits around and we use this as the camera car, because it youll see in a moment it rides very well and it could sort of keep up in sports, so it wasnt a bad camera cut. So that is not typical range on this thing, so thats whats up thats all about, but I like the way its telling me if I did turn the fan down Id, get an extra seven miles of range. So when youre, when youre just on the castle of not getting home on Range, itll, give you little hints of how you can increase the range on your car by turn the heater off. I presume that he can seat and I suppose, where its most useful, this car is like going into Burford and trying to decide where Im going to park in here.

Ive got this little tiny car. I should be able to park it anywhere. Its 1.7 five meters wide, but he doesnt you havent, got the sort of mirrors sticking out. So it is a relatively narrow car, but really only because of the mirrors in here its the fairly spacious. For what you think is this tiny little Japanese car its not like that at all its quite plus sort of arm Cherry front seats very generous in size, this sort of Tweed trim not nearly as adrenous generous at the back. This is a very much occasional four seater, although its got full size doors. I have noticed, though the mirrors they have. These camera mirrors theyre not exactly high def, so Ive Ive using them, but when Im looking Im reversing up the driver while Im going into a parking spot, I just wish they had the definition of a regular mirror, which is, which is you know great. Its high def isnt it its not quite like that. Looking through these side mirrors, but I quite like the quirkiness and the hondaness of having them in the first place anyway head out of here and go on some better roads and see what it behaves like. Rather, more testing bit of road than this getting free, Burford right Im going to select sport slight oxymoron in this car, but it has a sport setting. Basically, it doesnt give any more power. It just makes it quicker to react to the throttle and then well do a standing start down here here we go theres only one gear in this gearbox that, unlike the Coles like the tanker and stuff like that and uh yeah, it rides remarkably well.

I look at the spec of it. Actually, theyve theyve tried very hard on the chassis pretty hard when you thought they might, but basically its got independent suspension all around an awful Corners first and strut and theyve balanced everything out. So its 50 50 weight distribution its. He wasnt expecting to to read Agra thought this car has no idea what the Nurburgring is, but do you think its of some sort of flowering bush from Austria or something but yeah now this is the really testy bit of food, very good ride, quality yeah, a Nice surprise, as it should be its that sort of car, they make great claims of it being an urban cuff, but actually it feels right out here theres more than all right really also like the mini wasnt it I quite enjoy the Dynamics of the mini as Well, that was sort of a sort of feisty hop hatch feel very much front wheel drives you used to get that sort of torque steer in the through the wheels when you put it into sports on that on the mini e and turn everything off. Not so in this because its rear drive, it feels very balanced and theres no way I can see them turning anything off, so its a life were getting a bit layer in here. I think thats, not what Honda had in mind at all for this car. Oh yes, its nice having a narrower car, you can, I can pull out there and get a better Vision through there forget the little differences a smaller car makes for placing on the side road look at it go through there.

No way am I expecting it to behave like that. I mean those Pilot Sport S Tires, do reduce the range which I would really think about if I was ordering one of these cars, but they do cling on and give it quite a nice feel through the steering. Thank you well likes and dislikes this car. Well, one I cant help but mention the rain. The best Ive seen is around 100 miles on a full battery and its 35 kiloh hour battery that is actually slightly bigger than the mini, and that claims a better range than this, and also youve got cars like the Renault. So he theyve got 55 kilowatt hour batteries and the achievement is so such a shame that it is compromised by the battery size and its range, Its relatively efficient Im, getting over three miles per kilowatt, so thats good just wish it could even have a slightly bigger Battery and just moving on for that, its such a fresh design and glorious for Honda. I wish theyd also developed like a three cylinder turbo 48 volt hybrid. I tried Hyundai out recently super efficient. We couldnt get it below 50 MPG and up in the 60s, pretty easy. Imagine that sort of super efficient petrol engine in this car. I think it would really sell but nope its just the electric from Honda now not a dislike the price. It is expensive. Theres! No way you can justify it on on its ability and its price compared to Rivals, but they are all pricey.

It does have every now and Tech to man in here its got to say the radar Cruise Lane assist all the cameras. Speed recognition got all of that, so its sort of ready for Euro seven before it actually arrives, but there are lots of likes and I suppose my favorite one is the japanese ness of it Im almost bite for that aquarium. Just to show my grandsons look at this lets just lets just try it around here yeah its a bit slippery. It hangs on there you just cant unsettle it. It does grip for Japan. This car the way its thought out as a place to be its a happy place I get in, and I smile and I just relish all of this and the visibility of what it is, its proper Honda and then I get out and look at it. But Im even more pleased because its such a fresh design, its interesting Honduran Sony, have got together to do develop future electric models. This looks like the product of a Honda Sony marriage before that even happens, and just the easy to live with its a smile card. Its not particularly sensible but and hes beautiful he built. Would I recommend you get one well thats, why I hesitate, but the only thing Id say on that buy a second hand one and they all seem to settle around the 22 23 000 pounds mini ease. Honda ease, and also do not forget the BMW i3, which I think looks more attractive as time goes on.

It had more range. It was lighter than this. One thing Honda have seen to have missed was a weight Target on it. Its 1550 kilo I3 was 1290 kilos minis a bit lighter than this as well, not sure why this is so heavy, so theyre a fun three cars theres a second car. If you can deliver a hundred mile range in your electric car, all three offer a fun drive. This has the quirky interior details on it that I think lifts it across Mini dynamically, mini slightly more enjoyable because its a bit unruly. If you turn off the off front of your driving towards to this is actually better but more enjoyable, probably in the mini. So there you go thats my test of the Honda E. I hope you enjoyed this video if you did well keep watching, keep Skyping or is coming on very soon.