This is Hyundai from 5 1 2022 World Car of the Year world car design of the year and World Electric Vehicle of the Year Awards. So now lets see whats. This ionic Phi has to offer us Music. This Hyundai, ioniq 5 is already available in the global markets and it took time to make its way into our Indian markets. This car is available in Black Gold and Silver colors, and personally, this black looks absolutely stunning. Unlike all the IC cars offered in India, this Hyundai ioniq 5 comes under premium, electric SUV segment and its priced at an extra room cost of 46 lakhs. This car was built on Hyundais, egmp, electric Global modular platform, and we can expect upcoming EVS from Hyundai to be developed on same platform: Music, foreign Music. Starting from the front, we get a unique parametric, pixel LED headlamp, along with A continuous, stylish drls. As this is an electric car, we wont get any Grill at the front. This Hyundai ioniq 5 comes with level 2 address functions with 21 features. That means well have radar, sensors and cameras all around the car Music. Thank you. Music lets have a look at it Bonnet once we get a 40 to 50 liters of storage space in the Bonnet as this is a rear. Wheel drive one. That means the motor will be attached to rear wheels when it comes to Dimensions. This Hyundai ioniq 5, has 4635 mm length, 1800 mm width, 3000 mm wheelbase and 163 mm ground clearance and we get a 12 inch beautiful Alloys.

Since this is the key of this Hyundai ionic 5, and if you talk about the details, we get an unlock button, a lock button and we get a three buttons. If we press and hold this, the boot of the car opens and if you press and hold this, the charging board will open. And if you press and hold this last button, the motor of this Hyundai ionic 5 will switch on. So if you see the size of this electric car its huge now, let me take you through the charging point. So let me first unlock the car and if I press and hold this button, the charging port of this Hyundai ionic 5 will open. So, as you can see its fully automatic, so if you see here, there is a CCS type, 1 charger which is AC fast charging. So, with this car we get 11 kilowatt charger through which we can charge this electric car fully in on and around seven hours. So if you use the fast charging, I mean CCS type, 2 DC fast charger. So, with the help of 150 kilowatts other, we can charge this electric car from 10 to 80 percent in just 21 minutes and if we use 350 kilowatt fast charger, we can faster. This electric car from 10 to 80 percent within 18 minutes. Fortunately, we dont have 350 kilowatt fastas around India. The maximum capacity of the fast charger is 150 kilowatt, which is available in India.

So to close this, we should press this button, so it will automatically close now. Let me take you, through the boot Ill, open the boot space and Ill show you how it is. Let me switch on the car to open the boot space and if I press and hold this button, the boot space opens automatically. So, as you can see, the boat has been opened. We get a massive suit space in this. You have two lights to access. This boot in the night, so we get a toolkit under this and we dont get a spare wheel in this unit and if I Hyundai has not provided any spare wheel with this and to close this boot, you must press this button so that the door automatically Close and at the rear we get a pixel lights continuously. So, as you can see, these are the pixel lights. So by combining all these pixel lights, we get a tail light at the rear of this Hyundai ionic file. So, as you can see, the tail light is continuous from left to right, along with ionic 5 edging and at the rear. Here we get a rear camera along with the number plate holder and at the top here we get a spoiler. This is a functional spoiler. So, as you can see here, they give a air vent through which air flows so that it increases the aerodynamics of this electric car and at the top we can see a shark fin antenna.

So this is all about the rear Board of this Hyundai car and now lets go into the interiors and lets see what Hyundai has to offer Us in the interior before exploring the driver cabin. Let me brief you, the technical specs of this Hyundai ionic 5.. This car is equipped with a 72.6 kilowatt hour battery pack, which is of a blade technology and comes with a clay mode range of 631 kilometers. When it comes to motor, we get 160 kilowatt Peak powered, pmsm motor, which is attached to rear wheel. This motor generates 3 15 newton meters of torque and can go up to 180 kilometer per hour. Top speed now lets get into the Interiors foreign Music ERS of this Hyundai ionic 5 is made by recycling the pet portals and by using sustainable eco friendly materials. We get a eight speakers. Both sound system with 12.3 inches infotainment system, the seats and mirror controls are fully effortless. By the use of these switches, we can adjust the positions of the respective seats in this ionic 5.. Both French seats gets ventilated and heating functions for our more Comfort. We get a stylish and comfortable steering wheel, integrated with cruise mode and call function buttons. We have wiper controls at the left and headlight dry mode levers at the right of the steering wheel at the right side. We get parking, Auto, hold headlight position, traction control and boot access buttons. We get to see the time charging percentage estimated range details in the center console with one swipe.

We can see all the options menu from which we can go through various options in this Hyundai ionic 5. The front cabin is very spacious and we get a adjustable Center armrest to store your wearables mobile phones and curves, Etc. Now lets move to the rear seat. To test its Comfort friends, currently I am now in the Hyundai ioniq 5 rear seat. So, as you can see, the rear seat is so comfort and so luxury. So my under the support is good and like space is good. So all we can say this as a luxury electric car, so we can adjust our rear seats from here right side. So all the seats are power seats. So you dont need to put any effort to adjust these seats and not only from here. We can also adjust these rear seats from these buttons, which is on the passenger side. So, as you can see, my rear seat is moving. If I press these buttons so like this, you dont need to put any efforts to control this car. So, as you can see here, they have gave a leather seats and all the functions are effortlessly good and they are of good build quality. We also get a privacy window over here so that we can close this one, and here we have a two USB ports and one more good thing about these electric car is here we get a 16 amp socket to charge your laptop and other electrical devices on The go so this is all about the rear seat of this Hyundai Unix 5.

So here they have give a arm rest. Three people can easily sit in this Hyundai ionic file, and here they give a two cup holders. So I would recommend you to open this. Three members can easily sit in the rear seat of this Hyundai ionic five and we also have a sunroof. We cant call this as a center of this is a moon roof so once Ill open this moon roof. So friends, as you can see, the moon roof is open. Now we can only open this white layer. We cant open this moon roof. This will be transparent in the day times. So, if you dont want any trans experience, you can also close this anytime. So this is the rear seat, comfort of this Hyundai ionic 5. While talking about the warranty Hyundai is providing three years or unlimited kilometers warranty on this Hyundai ionic 5 electric car, while coming to bat on battery pack, they are giving eight years or 1.6 lakhs kilometers warranty. You can go to the Hyundai official website and you can pre book this Hyundai ionic 5 electric car by paying 1 lakh rupees. The deliveries of the same is going to start soon. So guys, as you saw. This is all about this Hyundai ionic 5 electric car, which is one of the premium electric cars here out in India, so whats your thoughts on this Hyundai ionic 5. Please let us know in the comment section if you found the video helpful, please hit the like button and dont forget to subscribe electric vehicles.

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