You need that crew cab or double cab pickup. You cant wait for the Cyber truck. Maybe the Maxis T90 EV is the one you should be waiting for. First, fully electric pickup truck in the UK and Ireland Maxis T90 is available as a diesel in other markets, Im not sure if it actually ever came to the UK as a diesel, but it definitely didnt come to Ireland as a diesel anyway. So this is based on a combustion engine vehicle and theyve changed the gobbins around to make it all. Electric big maxus badge across the front was an absolutely ginormous Grill and when you look into it, you can see your parking, sensors, your Radars, Etc. But massive fan inside lets have a look inside to see how much space is in underneath the bonnet, hopefully its, not a double pull down there. We go cute, absolutely massive space, so as you can see that what theyve done is they put the electric motor in underneath and well talk about the stats of that electric motor? But there is plenty space for our front inside there. This is a rear wheel. Drive only didnt get that alone enough um, so its not an all wheel drive. Unfortunately, you have full LED daytime running lights and indicators on the top, actually really nice, and then you have a high low beam module. Unfortunately, it is halogen there is some fake aircraft and stuff going on underneath there moving down along the side.

You actually dont have, and you see this on the fake SUVs or the SUVs that are trying to be SUVs. You have that platner on the wheel, Arch. No cladding around this relax um 17 inch Wheels full Alloys, not sure if theyre big enough. To be quite honest, they are 245. 65. 17S uh. We talk about the suspension Row for a drive. We have a running step on the side. Large index um Wing mirror with indicator built in not blind spot. Unfortunately, body colored, a B and C pillar no roof rack up on the top, which you do have these and they come in with the they dont come in as an option. Next to theyre. Coming on it, body, color door mirrors, lets see what the opening apertures are like its not bad in the front. The back is a small, but it wouldnt be 90 degrees, but you definitely get in uh. You cant open this. Only with regards to the um theres a switch on the inside of the door, which I should have done before. I started this um and what I find with that switch. What I find with the door actually is its a small Bish folded metaly, because thats what it is, there is no um and youve got AC and DC in that. Well, talk about that charging speeds in a second big bed at the back and youve got your drop down three in the back is 1000 kgs and the Maxis T90 EV can actually tow 1500 kgs braked on the back.

You have your reversing camera here. Youve got your handle, youve got that Big Max assign in black and then youve got the LED rear running lights. But there are a halogen brake lights, T90 in the regular standard, and then the E and the ionodized blue, anodized blue and the v in the silver weve got some lights for your license plates your sciac Motors, who are the parent company handle up here and a Fully lined bed from tie off points around the sides, good capacity with that 1000 kg and the fact that you can tow up to 1500 kgs as well yeah its imposing on the road lets have a look on the inside like the outside. The inside is very much a commercial utilitarian offering youve got a lot of hard plastics going on. Youve got the adjuster for your wing mirrors. Youve got a bit of glass. Black youve got a bit of shiny plastic Chrome. Here youve got a bit of matte plastic and then youve got your electric windows front and rear youve got your Center lock and then youve got your window lock as well, and the button in on the door for the charging port on the right hand, side big Door bin for a bottle and for lots of storage youve got your step and then youve got your silver sill plate over my right knee you have your headlight adjuster youve got a small little pocket here, and youve got a coffee cup order that slides out moving.

It down across you have your polyurethane steering wheel is what theyre calling it no buttons on the left hand, side and on the right hand, side is just audio track forward and back phone mute volume up and volume down, theres, no adaptive cruise control arm the Maxis T90 EV left hand. Side is wipers right hand. Side is light for whatever reason I just keep on getting them mixed up this year. Maybe predominantly all of my cars that I test drive the indicator and the lights are, on the left hand, side. So Im going to indicate and the wipers are going crazy. The screen itself is very analog. On the left hand, side its, how much charge or power youre putting back in it has the analog battery level. Youve got some indicator lights. Youve got that Central screen, which reminds me of the LDV ev80 van, and I think this technology and some of the pieces here are – is a small bit behind where Maxis has gone with the likes of the e deliver. 9 e deliver three Etc. On the right hand, side, because this is a UK model – weve got our miles per hour on the outer ring and then kilometers per hour on the inner ring. Steering wheel is rake adjustable, not reach, but the driver and passenger seats are fully adjustable electronically. Uh down in front then at the very right in front of my knee is the Bonnet release, some storage on the top of the dash, but pens, maybe but internet I think, could be scooting all over the place.

Youve got your 10.25 inch screen. It has um basic enough controls, it got apple, carplay is standard, but it has this QD link. It has it isnt Android, auto its kind of like a phone mirroring thing. Youve got your radios, youve got your Bluetooth connection to your phone and you can edit the widgets that are actually on the screen. You have thats pretty much it there isnt any sat power built in which, again you can get that through theres, a user manual home button underneath and youve got touch. Um climate control, AC youve got two USB type As and a 12 volt cigarette lighter your gear. Selector reverse neutral Drive is that one from the LDV ev80 van youve got power mode, youve got eco mode, youve got traction, control off and youve got Hill descent In fairness to wish youve got a manual handbrake which is great to see. Youve got your um little cubby holder in here, and it is adjustable. Youve got a lockable glove box, which is actually pretty decent. Um seats are comfortable enough up on top youve got your sun visor youve got your lights, whether theyre on under halogen and then on passenger and Driver theres, no mirrors to be looking at yourself. Youve got a felt: roof, no grab handle the drivers side, but there is a grab handle on the passenger side, but um on the a pillar of the passenger side as well. You have a grab handle but theres no handles at all on the drivers side.

This seat is set for me Id like it to go down a bit more, but again we talk about that on. The drive on the out when were outside lets have a look on the back to see what space we have in that second row of seats. In the back of the T90 EV doors, actually not bad good opening and Ive got space in underneath that drivers seat, even though Id like it to come down a bit more for the passenger, its great um there, its not really a third seat in the middle, But youd sit there, a small bit of a transmission tunnel about two inches high youve got a 12 volt and then youve got an AC 220 volt, but the actual opening is a continental opening, its not a British UK in Ireland, little armrests with two cup holders. I cant see anywhere to put the uh well, there might be a place to store the Chargers in underneath the rear seat, no tire repair, kit and thats pretty much it so the bag is Belford on the back and so youd leave it. Maybe up in the central pillar there Im 188 centimeters six foot, two a small bit more tie support would be nice thats, not bad its about two or three centimeters at the legs and at the roof, then theres a good four or five centimeters, and these are These headrests are adjustable yeah in the back now its actually not a bad place to be.

You got me electric windows as well. How far down do they go? Theyre, not one touch. My lawyer and youve got a little halogen courtesy lights. Youve got grab, handle on the top youve got a grab handle on the bead pillar on both sides, depending on how much the driver is going, but with a rear, wheel, drive or two wheel, drive, um pickup, Im, not sure theyre going to be going too much Off roading lets go for a spin, some stats before we take off. It is a 90 kilowatt hour, ternary lithium battery from catl its saying its guys at any DC range of 323 miles or 520 kilometers. The when I got in it was around 251 Miles, because this is set up for UK and Ill convert that and put it on the screen. Consumption, its saying 17.9 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers and on the screen were seeing it in Miles, which is an unusual. We are getting 48.1 or 40.2 kilowatt hours per 100 miles so again Ill convert that on the screen as to what were actually getting its a 180 kilowatt motor at a maximum torque of 350 newton meters. The size of it is 5.365 meters, long, its 1.9 meters wide and 1.809 meters high, with that cargo box, its 1.48 meters long 1.51 meters wide and 530 meters. Now we can get roller Locker shutters, you can get hard top canopies, Etc. We talked about the halogen headlights, we talked about the 17 inch Alloys and we talked about the 10.

25 inch screen weight and it is let me just click on this. Um gross vehicle weight is 3 300K akgs and then without passengers and drivers, 2 300 kgs with a Max front. Axle load of 1100 kgs rear axle load is 1950 kgs. Payload of a thousands weve talked about already uh gross Towing weight. Oh sorry, GTW is 4050 and towing capacity with a brake. Trailer is 1500 charging. It can take up to 11 kilowatt at AC and 80 kilowatt on DC charging time they do 20 to 80 and it is in 45 minutes theres. A 5 meter type 2 lead with it. You can get Maxs intelligent on board, which is our telematics and that is via subscription front and rear disc brakes. Ventilated, a suspension on the front is double Wishbone. The suspension on the rear is leaf spring and the angle of attack on the front is 27 degrees, and the angle of exit on the back is 24 degrees. We have isofix in in the rear. We have a reversing camera parking, sensors front and rear rain sense and wipers automatic automatic lights in the sense of the command when its dark, not Auto dimming, airbags, driver and passenger front and side pretty much everything else. Weve got the power outlets. Weve got the LEDs. Lets take it out for a drive and see what its like. So you have to make sure it has the ready seating position Id like it lower.

It just wont: go down any lower, so Im six foot, two 188 centimeters, and it has that LDV Evac wine that pedestrian noise, Central locking Clicks in once you go over a certain kilometer mile per hour. Visibility is really good just because youre up so high youve got so much glass around you, um Id like if there were blind spot on the Wingers, but unfortunately not, but at the back good visibility. You just have to remember the length and its great that it has that reversing camera. It is because it is leaf spring in the back and double Wishbone the front and its set up for weight and when it doesnt have weight in it like today. I find it very jumping around the place and thats just because I havent been able to put any weight in the back of it, indicators on the right hand, side and getting used to it anyway. Derek rear, wheel, drive. Some people may be turned off by it. Sports acceleration is nice and smooth. Is there enough power on it? Itd be interesting with the load. Itd be interesting with loading, the back and Towing doesnt have Auto hold. The three modes are power, Eco and then normal Hill descent is decent to have. As we talked about already its got, that manual um handbrake so were out of traffic lights here, just in Sally Noggin lets see what the takeoff is like, because it hasnt got that auto holder starts to roll yeah, its Grand like its good.

Its got good Newt, music torque and the electric motor is good, a decent size, good size battery in it. In all fairness, it is very jumpy, hes, very jumping thats on the 17 inch Wheels Im, just wondering with the larger Wheels, would make a difference, so visibility. All around is good steering wheel its. It is utilitarian. It is that um, what do they call it? Some type of plastic polypropylene or something like that on the on the actual specifications, its not leather anyway. Thats for sure I wonder what the buttons on the left hand, side were probably came over from the diesel variant, the T90 diesel, but yeah. This is the kind of thing you need now. Do you need a rear wheel, drive pickup a two wheel, drive pickup? Maybe you need the loading capacity, maybe you need to be able to carry people and the load, and you dont want to use a van. There are a lot of these out and about. I just wonder how much of them are actually used for all wheel. Drive off roading, let me know in the comments if the Maxis T90 EV is something that youre interested in the um different on the actual little menu button between the two analogs. We have four range or range as we like to call it and thats in miles for, because its a UK car, you have remaining distance to service average vehicle speed. You have vehicle speed currently, if you dont want to have it on the screen, rather than the analog battery voltage battery current motor speed by 1000 revolutions per minute.

This trip one trip two average energy consumption we talked about that already and then the instantaneous energy consumption. If you want to see what its like, when youre driving along and then back up to range, we are away indicators, not aggressive sounding by any means its its fine. Hopefully, youve enjoyed my look around the Maxis T90 EV IE make sure you subscribe to the channel. If youre interested in other commercial vehicles theres a playlist Ill, stick it up on the screen hit. The like button comment share, if you think of somebody else interested in electric pickup and remember if you think you need these, for you leave it to me and Ill review. Thank you very much for watching huge thanks to my patreon supporters. New patreon kudzo Heinrich leisner.