Actually, the ground clearance of this SUV is less than that of Mustang.. There are two battery capacity versions. One is 75 kWh and the other is 98 kWh., But the usable battery capacity is 70 kWh and 91 kWh.. If we talk about the 2023 model year, the small battery is called Standard. Range. Standard Range, rear, wheel, drive is the base model.. There is a variant called Mach E Premium. In that Standard Range. All wheel drive is available.. This car is the standard battery all wheel. Drive. There is an extended range, rear, wheel, drive and all wheel. Drive. 98 kWh battery.. There is a GT model above all of this. Halo model.. Of course, there is no Ford without GT., Even if it is Mustang in name. What do you think? Is there a look or feel of the Mustang? This is a crossover shape.. I, like the design., It looks good from front and back and also from the sides. There is a black part on the sides on the roof.. When we see the car in this colour, we think it has a more sloping roof., But actually it is not.. So thankfully there is still enough headroom at the rear. It looks like an optical illusion. On the outside. I see only the Pony logo not Ford Its there in one place when the infotainment system starts up, it says Ford, It is a software bug.. It has a prominent pony badge.. There are curves like in the Mustang in front.

, The rear lights looks like the one at the back of the Mustang.. I think the door opening is a bit wierd. Actually to open it from the outside. We have to press the button and then open it.. It does not have a proper handle.. It is a very small handle.. If we have some thick gloves in winter, it will be difficult to hold it. Actually in the rear door. There is no handle.. We have to hold the door to open it.. We can also connect the phone.. There is a keypad.. If we connect the phone, we can use it as a key. We can use the keypad if the phone is not working.. We can set a code and use it.. How do you like the interior? Actually, it is better than what we expect from a Ford. It is a Mustang., It is a premium brand.. So the touch and feel there is no cheap plastic anywhere.. There is a carbon fibre look in this area.. There are different textures.. There is a texture like a textile.. There is a question about the door handle.. It is a strange door handle. We can discuss about that. Inside the central console parking gear, selector, electric parking, wireless charging position, cup holder position are well laid out, Even though it is a portrait model. The screen looks good.. It is a crisp display.. The text is big, it is responsive. The arrangement is easier than in other cars.

. When we look at the infotainment menu of the system, it is a little more user friendly., Since the screen is big. The icons are also big. We dont have to press small buttons. With the screen. A common complaint is we dont know where to press. Here, since the buttons are wide, it is not a big problem., The odometer speedometer display. It is a small display., It is 10.25 inches.. It is a wide display, but not tall, But it is the right size to be visible through the steering wheel while driving. All the important information is displayed, there. Speedometer range, ADAS features. The glove box is big.. The gear selector is rotary type like we saw in the Kia. The seat has good material., It has good finish., It has good support.. There is good under thigh support.. This is an electric seat.. It is fully adjustable.. There is AC vent and charging ports in the back.. I like the interior even steering wheel. The steering wheel is good to hold.. It has the pony badge., The pony badge is everywhere., We checked the boot.. The boot space is 402, liters., 402 means its smaller than others like Kia EV6.. It is small, but in the front there is 100 liters.. So together is it about 500 liters. When we were shooting the back, the front seat had been pushed to the back.. There is an optional feature in this car, where the driver seat goes back when we exit the car.

. So the space looks tight when you see it, but there is space There is less under thigh support.. There is a huge feature: list.. I have to read: it., There are LED headlights LED tail lights., There is ambient lighting, but only in premium model.. It is only in premium variant.. There is heated side mirrors and electric folding.. There is heated, windscreen and steering heated front seats. There is a 360 degree. Camera in the premium variant. There is no 360 degree camera in this.. This is a 2022 model.. There is wireless Android Auto., Our phone is connected., It connected seamlessly.. There is a front and rear parking sensor and a rear camera.. The front camera will be in the premium model in 2023 model year.. There is no electric tail gate.. We have opened and closed it manually., But there is an option for it.. You have to get an optional, package. Or then choose the premium version.. The premium version is almost fully loaded.. It is missing only the panoramic sun roof., The GT variant, has all the features.. There is a BO premium audio in the premium model.. There are some differences between the premium, RWD and AWD.. The premium AWD has the music system upgrade and hands free tailgate.. If you go for the premium RWD, then these are available in separate package.. There is a traffic signal. Recognition. ADAS features are included in all variants.. There is adaptive cruise and lane keep assist.

. There is blind spot monitoring., There is an orange light in the rear view. Mirror. There is a cross traffic alert.. All the ADAS features are there in the base. Mach E variant. ADAS is more prominent than speedometer in the drivers display.. How is the range? The standard range is 440 or 400., That is the range of the RWD and AWD.. The extended range is 610 for RWD.. The all wheel drive range is 540., That is more than many electric vehicles. We have tried., It is more., Of course it is in standard condition., But in these conditions.. This vehicle has a disadvantage.. It has no heat pump. In winter range drops for all vehicles., But it may drop more in this. One. Lets talk about charging.. The DC fast charging is 150 kW peak for extended battery. 10. 80. Charging time is 45 minutes., 45 minutes.. The Ioniq 5 and EV6 has 800 volt technology., So they are very fast.. The rest of the vehicles take 30 35 minutes., But then this has bigger battery.. The others have around 77 kWh battery.. This has 91 kWh battery.. We will forgive that since the range is 540 600km. For the smaller battery, it is 110 kW, peak., 10. 80. Charging time is 38 minutes., The driving modes.. We are in active mode.. That is the normal mode.. This has the Whisper Active and Untamed mode. Untamed is the sports mode.. But today we are not brave enough to try it.

, Not today It is electric. So there is no sound.. If you want to hear the sound of Mustang, there is an option called propulsion sound.. If you turn it on, you can hear the sound of the vehicle from the speakers.. You cant hear it outside. Only for those inside to get the feeling.. How is the driving in general, The driving is comfortable., We have heavy snow conditions and we dont have studded tyres.. It has friction winter tyres., But I dont think it slips anywhere.. This is an all wheel, drive version., I dont think it slips anywhere.. We also drove it in slush.. I dont think it slips anywhere. The steering is well weighted.. Is it light or not like Kia? It is not light., At least for my preference, it well weighted.. It is the opposite for me. I like light steering like in Kia., We are driving in a one pedal drive mode.. We can really feel it slowing.. We tried it recently in Ioniq 5.. How is the rear visibility? It is ok.. We had driven the Audi Q4 e tron Sportback.. I thought it had very bad visibility.. This is not that bad.. This is actually usable.. We are in a traffic situation now.. How is it to drive in this situation? There is a regen braking.. I think the brake feel is okay.. Is it still in one pedal driving? Yes, But I dont think the braking is harsh.. What is the price? It is 60000 for the standard range rear, wheel, drive, model.

The version we are driving, that is all wheel. Drive standard range costs 66490. If it is an extended range, RWD costs 66990. Extended range, all wheel, drive mode costs 71990.. If we look at the standard range, the range is very low.. It is 400km for the all wheel, drive model.. If we compare to the EV6 or Volkswagen Group cars, it is very low.. They have 480 490km range.. Even if we take the RWD model, the range is 440., But if we take the RWD model of other cars, the range is around 520.. There is an 80 90 km difference in the range., But if we look at the price, this costs 59990. We get top end variant of RWD model of other cars at this price.. The price may be high because of premium Mustang brand., Or is it so that they added Mustang badge since price is high? If we take the extended range model, it is a good option for people who want more range.. The range of the rear wheel drive model is more than 600. That is not available in the competition.. The USP of this car is extended range., But even then, if we look at the 66990 price for rear wheel drive model, we will get AWD variants of cars. Such as Kia., That is also better here, AWD. The EQB300 we looked at was 62250. Mercedes., But the range is very different.. If range is the priority. The extended range model is a good option.

, But of course it is a Mustang. The interior is good. The driving is good., But when consider is it value for money we do not know., That is, for the viewer to decide.. Today we test drove the Ford Mustang Mach E. For more videos like this. Please subscribe to our channel Nordic Malayali. Thank you for watching..