. But something tells me their latest addition to the all electric lineup is going to be even more groundbreaking, because this is the all new Hyundai ionic 6. Music – and here you have it. The all new Hyundai, ionic, 6 and Tron, is a fit design of this car has shot quite a few people if you compare it to the ionic 5. These are two completely different cars, the all machine Worlds Apart in the car industry. This almost has a Fastback Porsche Type. Look Im just honest. I am a massive fan now, if you cast your mind back to 2020, Hyundai actually released the concept, car called prophecy and compared the ionic6 to prophecy, and you can see where the Inspirations come from. Usually, you see an image released by a car manufacturer of a concept car, and you think this is one of these futuristic designs that they sort of played around with thats never going to come into fruition. The only six is proof the contact cars cant actually come to life. You know the design of the headlights, the sloping down Bonnet and also the design of the back and rear headlights. You can see where he and theyve got the inspiration from now. Have a look at the sound that ionic six. I am a massive fan. I somewhat like the almost compact headlights. You know the ionic 500, the big strip right across, although it does have it on the back the front.

I think its really nice almost looks a bit cute whilst also being sporty. I, like the fact you have obviously the iconic ionic Square headlights, the dips in the Bonnet, give it a nice sporty look also this bit at the bottom. They are your air vent, its now obviously youre thinking well hows this car going to cool down when its driving hows that battery going to cool down well. An actually very good point is the fact that when you drive it, if the car does need to cool down these flaps open, allowing for more air to get in, but the fact that they open and closes you please dont just have a permanent front. Grille just makes it a much more entertaining and good looking car. So if we take a look at the back of the Hyundai ionic six and like the front its Unique, however, it still sticks to that very Universal ionic styling. You know these Square lights that go right across, but the iron X6 has this nice Fastback look. You know nice sloping down. I also really love the Dual spoilers. You could point at different features. Go oh thats like that car thats like that car, however, bring them all together, and you get a very unique looking car in the ionic Six coming to the boot space. Then one thing I do like is the fact that its fully automatic on your key fob. What you have here is 403 liters of boot capacity.

Now it goes very far back, however, thats a slight issue now: 403 liter boot capacity is a good size, boot space, but the fact it goes so far back. You know Im gon na have to climb in here to reach something at the back. You know if Ive just got someone rolled at the back, thats gon na be very hard to get. Youve also got a slight lip here and obviously, with you know, no plastic bit here: youre not going to be scratching this bit, so you are gon na have to lift stuff out its quite low, so I think thats what gives it that sort of Porsche Fastback? Look the fact that its quite a small boot opening its gon na be hard to get things in, however, time to boot, this space and have a car look this good. You know what I could live with that and, obviously to close the boot. You just press that overall, I just think the exterior styling of the ix6 is Bob on apart from maybe a few little things like these little bits here feel like they could have done without them, but lock it on the whole, its a stunning car coming into The interior then, and on the whole, its very reminiscent of what you see in the ionic 5.. Obviously the steering wheel is pretty much the same. You know if your drive mode select button here or you you know, use your things on your steering wheel.

Your volume controls, you know your lane, patches, six, etc, etc. Also doesnt come with the he on date, logo. It comes with them for Dots, which obviously because four dots in Morse code is the H so thats why they have it. Also, in addition to the rx60 dont get on the ionic 5 is when you change driving modes, these flash a different color and it also happens on your voice, recognition, Etc. These change color a lot, sometimes just after that premium feel another thing that does change color, that you can probably see. Youve got a nice lovely LED strip right across there, and also on your top and bottom of you know these new style door handles and to honest. I can imagine how nice this would be to drive in the dark. Its quite hard to tell you know were in a quite a light room, but playing around the purple. I think just really stands out. I could imagine it being all dark and them shining fruit. That is going to look brilliant, obviously another similarity from the ionic five to the all new ionic. Six is the infotainment system and drive display you have this nice big screen that goes right across obviously infotain system. No surprise here comes with the usual built in navigation. Smartphone connectivity, etc, etc. You have a lot of clamp controls for your screen. They can access them and change them through here, although I do like the fact, you have separate clamp controls down here, because I feel like when its just in the infotainment system.

It can be a bit of a faster change on the road. I also like the shortcut buttons to me: immediate navigation, one thing a bit of technology, I think brilliant is your parking cameras because you dont just have front and back inside you also have 360 parking cameras and it almost seems like your cars in GTA or some Video game, you know its just proper 3D, one really small thing about it is when you turn your steering wheel, the wheels actually move on the icon, no be quite easy for them to just keep them straight, and just have you know, lines that go in out. I love the fact that its you know your wheels do actually move on the diagram. You know it feels like Im in a big video game Boss its clear to see the big difference between the interior of the ionic 5 to a whole new ionic. Six. Is this center console now obviously spoke before about the exterior design? You know its very streamlined. Its very fast back. Look so having this, rather than just a flat floor changes it from you know the ionic files. Things feels like a bit of a SUV. This makes it a bit more sporty and try this. I really like it comes with a USB which can allow you to connect your smartphone to Apple carplay and Android. Auto youve also got a wireless phone charging mat, more storage with two USBC, so animal passengers can charge the phone, and I also love the amount of storage under here you can fit so much there.

Obviously you have these little plastic parts here where, if you look at it from a sort of first persons view you might be thinking whats the point in them there for the high spec models that have the camera Wing Bearer. So you would normally have a screen there, but obviously lower specs dont have that I dont feel like it detracts away. I feel like it. You know encloses all of your front dash in but overall its such a comfy car. I just absolutely love one. The size of your Bose speakers, it has a brilliant sound system and how big this armrest is its so comfortable. You know, use the armrest. You can fit about your elbow on some. You cant even fit that this. You put your whole arm up there. I know you should really have two arms on the steering wheel that just feels so comfy. The Hyundai ion X6 also comes with regenerative. Braking Head Up Display and two save seating positions coming into the back seats then – and you can already see obviously Im, not the tallest person, but you can already see see how much leg room Ive got here. I can almost lie down. The only Annoying Thing is the seats are pretty low to the floor. So you know, if you do have long collection, you wont be able to tuck them under but saying that if you were a little bit taller, which I really wish I was.

If you had your legs right down here, they need to leave just slots, and you know what rest on that seat. Obviously with it being an electric car, you dont have that middle section, so the middle person dont have to awkwardly put the legs apart. Im trying to theres so much space, two air vents in the back, along with two USBC ports, and also a little bit of storage down here Center armrest, the only downside, you know, obviously, its a big size lever, wrap two cup holders. I just think cup holders just feel so much nicer if they can pop out of here, because, ultimately, if you dont have a bottle in it, you just your hands. Just resting in a cup holder itd be nicer. It didnt pop out here again really love the storage. Now the doors are slightly different to the front. You know with this smaller speaker: armrests are still the same size, so you know youre still going to be really comfy and you know what I just love the LED lights in the top and bottom I just fit in that purple in the dark will look brilliant One thing I really do like about the back seats of this car. Obviously, a lot of cars nowadays have heated front seats, theres, nothing necessarily special there. This got heated back seats. I think thats so nice, because, if youve got the technology to put in the front seats, why not put it in the back? One thing I do find quite funny is: if you are a passenger in the ionic six, your parents might be in the front, might be friends, whoever one thing you can do its the passage you see their seat.

Controls are here which are quite easily Within Reach. So theyre annoying you and you want them to go further away from you. Just push the seat up. You could squash him against the front dash if you wanted to fold them in half like a deck chair. Dont know why thats a thing because they have you know, controls down the side but kind of a laugh on it. So then heres three things that I really like about the ionic six first off is when you indicate on your drives display. It comes up with your blind spot. Camera very handy, so point two is how much leg room that is in the back now. Obviously, with it being the thing you dont have that middle section, so you can stretch out as much as you want. Also, even if you are six foot two six foot free, which I really wish, I was theres no way youre going to be squashed. You know your knees are not going to be pressing against that. Look at that. I can have a right good. Keep in the back of here very good Hyundai point three, its just something little, but you know what its so satisfying, how effortless that goes in and out. You know: Im constantly push your hand over and get it out. Look at that. So then, three small things Im not the greatest fan. I thought that ionic, six one being the boot space now, obviously its a good size, boot space, and I also think having it this way allows for a better exterior design.

However, for me having to get all the way to the back of here for some throwback Im gon na have to essentially get myself in thats me reaching the back bits for fluffy. If youre five foot four point, two isnt necessarily A downside. I just think maybe human they could have done a bit more. Is your automatic gear shifter now youve seen this in previous electric Hyundai models, and I just feel that it could have done a bit more of this. You know you have these nice big center console. Could have easily implemented it there and the third and final point of things that Im not the biggest fan of ion X6 and its only really one thing. I dont own one Music now coming onto the technical side and lets talk about the mechanics of this car. This car, with that electric motor, can do upwards of 338 miles electric range, which is obviously more than its previous counterpart in the ionic 5. Im coming to charge it. You can actually get 10 to 80 in just 25 minutes now, along with that really good electric range. You also have a very powerful car. Now the ionic six comes in two driving variation of all wheel and rear wheel drive the all wheel. Drive could do upwards of 0 to 60 in 5.1 seconds and also produce 335 PS of power. So then, looking at the technical side of the ionic six and it trumps its award winning counterpart on the ionic 5 has more.

Electric range is powerful, its a very good car, so then there you have it the all new streamlined, Hyundai ion X6 and to say Im a fan of this car. Well, I think this is one of the most good looking new releases in the car industry. Although you could look at the car, diff components and think, oh that Hyundai taken inspiration from Here There and Everywhere they so many different elements together from different Inspirations and made a very unique looking car. This was built on a success of the award winning ionic five. You know of increased range with naught to 60 time in as little as 5.1 seconds now. If youve watched this video thinking, you know what I need to give the ionic6 a try and contact your nearest whole craft Hyundai dealership.