It is definitely built for the car Enthusiast. The performance obsessed today were looking at the GT and Snow White Pearl and right behind me. We have Runway red, AKA, runaway red because you absolutely could run away from some people. If you know what Im saying they have a starting MSRP of 61 600. – oh, my God, the GT is powered by dual electric motors, so it is only available in all wheel drive its also important to note that this is going to be more horsepower than the Dual motors in the trims below it so youll be getting 576 horsepower, which is a little bit mind. Blowing like thats, crazy to me. Youll have 545 pound feet of torque, and Kia is rating the 0 to 60 at 3.4 seconds, which is insane uh. However, other Automotive journalists have been able to clock this even as low as 3.2. You do have four Drive modes, you get ecosport normal and your GT mode. Now your GT mode is going to lend you access to that full 576 horsepower. So you can get like a little bit more range. Obviously, when you go into Eco or normal, even sport, there are five levels of regen breaking all the way from Strictly coasting to Pure one pedal driving. You are capable of Towing up to 2 300 pounds and then a few little mechanical upgrades that the GT has is an electronic rear, limited slip disc, as well as electronically controlled suspension.

It is going to feel slightly more of a rigid ride in comparison to the other trims, but not by much its still incredibly comfortable. The back roads that we took up here were still very smooth. Definitely dont have to worry about spilling your coffee. Now, if this is your first ev6 video youve, literally ever watched, were just going to show you what they consider to be the frunk. It is incredibly limited. Its really only meant to fit your level 2 charger. If you decide to purchase that separately, this trim does have exclusive GT body styling, so youll easily be able to tell the difference between the GT and the wind, but from the front the GT line and this GT have a lot of resemblance and then moving around The side you will have body colored, wheel, arches and then moving on down. You will have a larger 21 inch wheels. Those are wrapped in summer performance tires and then obviously super noticeable. The neon green brake calipers that are exclusive to the GT Music. It has a completely hands, free, locking and unlocking feature, so I never need to have my keys to unlock or lock my car, and then it does feature the nice flush door handles which I dont know. If youve seen the videos on social media, this is probably happening in Australia, where giant spiders hide underneath your door handles thats, not going to happen with this car and then Ill walk away, and the car will absolutely lock itself.

This also has a smart Park feature. So all you got to do is turn on your car with your key fob and I can move it in and out of a parking space. This is going to make it a lot easier to get in and out of a tight spot so that I dont have to try to squeeze my way. You know in a tight spot and then to show you. This is how it goes backwards. It just takes it a second Music before we get into charging. This does have the larger 77.4 kilowatt battery pack. However, it does have less range than that Max 310 miles of range, its reduced down to 206., its also absolutely worth it for that serotonin boost that youre going to get when youre driving it and just to put it into perspective, because the car is getting some Hate for having only 206 miles of range, its actually a lot. I have a significantly long commute to work 60 miles. One way I could get to work charge my car and then drive home. I would never even actually have to charge it at home. So just think about your commute in that way. Think of ways that you can maybe charge at the grocery store super fast, while youre doing errands like that, so your charge port door is located right on the back. Pocket opens up nice and smoothly. All of these charging times are going to be rated from 20 to 80 percent charge so with a level two charger its going to take up just over seven hours.

If you have the 50 kilowatt DC fast charger, you can charge in as quickly as 73 minutes or if you can find that unicorn 350 kilowatt DC fast charger, youre in and out in 18 minutes, and this does still feature the vehicle to load which allows you To charge or power other electronic devices from the back is where youre going to notice a lot more differences, especially the like. The one thing that you can look at is these reflectors here are vertical on every other trim its horizontal. So you also have this nice brake light. That goes all the way across your spoiler is going to be the same across all trims. You do have a GT badge right there on the right as well and thats honestly thats. Hardly a g but thats. Just like this is hardly an Ina thats, just an it, looks like an end, a backwards end anyways. You can access your trunk right there. You can also have a power liftgate from your key fob and then, when you open it up, youll have just over three feet deep to right behind that second row and its like three and a half almost four feet wide and then just from like this part To there its like a little bit less than two feet high, so slightly more effective numbers and cubic feet, you can a lot back here. Its got a lot of room. I also love that you can drop the second row just from the back.

You just pull those little levers right here. This is like such a simple way to do that you dont, have to go all the way around to the passenger side to do it, which I have like this weird little pet peeve of having to do that. Applause. Music sitting in the second row, this drivers seat is currently adjusted for, like the average height of between, like five nine six feet in between there, and you can see, Ive got a lot of leg room. This seat was adjusted All the Way Forward. Id have a grand total of ‘ inches of leg room, so quite cozy back here. If you are a lot taller than me – and I also have a lot more Headroom to spare as well these seats, your outboard seats are heated, theyre, also reclining, and then in the middle. You have a little arm rest and then some cup holders. But you can retract the cup holders and thats, where Ive hidden my cell phone, so thats kind of a little fun feature there um. Also, oh, your heated seat features. You have two different levels of heat: thats right here on your door. You also have two USBC charging ports Music sitting inside the GT. The biggest differences are going to be these GT bucket seats that have the coordinating neon green stitching as well as this flat bottom heated leather, wrapped steering wheel. I want to mention that these seats are totally manual which potentially unpopular opinion.

I strongly prefer manual seats over powered seats because I can adjust this like so quickly as opposed to the power ones that youre, just ever so slightly awkwardly moving backwards to adjust it. So cool cool thing getting into this steering wheel situation, you have your drive mode buttons, so thats how youll get to all those different Drive modes. You can press and hold you press this GT button to get into GT mode and then theres a secret drift mode. That you can get into as well, so you press this GT button and then you turn off your traction control. You press both paddles back towards you for like three seconds boom drift mode, so thats, not that big of a secret but still really good. To know. Then moving over to your center console here, so obviously you have same same gear selection, Puck as normal for the ev6. You also have a button here that this is a great way to turn off the annoying beep when youre getting close to something. If you dont want your parking, centers sensors just raging at you, you have Auto hold, which can come in handy for really long red lights. You also can access your camera from this button here on the left. So you have your heated seats, controls right here. Three different levels for both seats. You also have your heated steering wheel there. You do have wireless charging, but you dont have a wireless connectivity.

As you can see, I have my phone connected to access Apple carplay, so, like just put Wireless Apple carplay in the car, you know um conveniently located cup holders here, theres another funny little pocket right here. That fits your key perfectly significant amount of storage in your center console as well right underneath this very cozy armrest, and then you have even more storage down underneath here and its nice because it has walls. So if you wanted to like put a bag or something down here, you dont have to worry about it like flying out and then maybe getting to an unsafe spot under your feet and then right in front of that. You have a 12 volt power source, USBC charging, another USB C charging port and then a standard USB connection right. There thats how youre gon na get your Apple, carplay or Android auto and of course it comes standard with Kia. Drivewise driver Assist Technology which is going to give you some pretty cool features like Auto emergency, braking, blind spot detection, you get rear cross traffic collision avoidance and even smart cruise control. A unique feature in the GT is a variable gear ratio steering so what that essentially does is adjust the steering response based off of your speed sort of kind of basically the way youre going to feel. That is how it adjusts the feedback of the steering wheel. When youre making a turn at any given speed, some fun facts about the windshield is its sound, absorbing as well as both front door.

Glass is also sound, absorbing thats, going to create a nice quiet ride when youre on the road, also its solar control, so thats gon na reduce that greenhouse effect that tends to happen when your cars been sitting outside, maybe the suns beating down into it. So its going to prevent all of that heat buildup that can happen. So when you get in your car youre, not like dying of heat Music, you also have a standard moon, roof. Second unpopular opinion love the climate control and radio controls on the just. In literally every new Kia theyre, all this way, uh I its not hard there. You go now Im ready to adjust my my music or boom now Im ready to adjust my climate controls. Uh, you have a grand total of 24 inches of display here between your gauge cluster and your infotainment system, and starting with your gauge cluster down here in the left hand, corner is where youre going to see your level of region were currently level one you just Bump your left paddle to go to level two level three. Now I have my eye pedal, which is like full one petal driving, and then you just reduce your regen breaking with the right paddle um. When you switch your drive modes, the theme can switch along with that Ill. Also show you in a second theres, a setting that you can leave it fixed on a specific drive mode. Thats, your your GT mode.

This is the mode that youre gon na always want to be in and then moving over to your infotainment system. So here you can see, weve got apple, carplay and then moving right back into your Kia settings here. So lets give you a little tour with the camera, so you can see you have the full panoramic view here. That shows the car. I do wish that this looked more like the GT specifically rather than just like a generic ev6, and then you can pop that window out to see even different. You know angles of the car and then going into you know some really cool settings and stuff up in here, so lets go into vehicle. I want to show you guys some cool things, so heres all of your drivers, assistance. This is how you can either turn them off or adjust them. You can also go into your active, sound design and change how the sound is being fed into the cabin. So this is were not going to hear anything right now when were in park, but you can just like literally change how you hear things or turn it completely off which honestly thats what I prefer. But if you like, a little bit of white noise, then thats cool. When you go into your advanced settings, you can literally change the tune like cyber. Just straight up sounds like at like a spaceship on the inside, which is kind of interesting, and cyber and stylish actually sounded really similar, and then you can also go into Dynamics.

So each of those are just three different like sound, so you can also just have that turned off. Also change your cluster theme so that its either set to switch with the drive modes or you can have it set to like a specific theme. So if I wanted to leave it to be like red in sport mode or something that would be theme B, just so that it gives you just something fun to look at. So when I switch my drive modes now, its just gon na stay at theme B. It wont actually change my gauge cluster there and then going back. You do have an augmented reality heads up display. I strongly prefer mine to be off because I find it to be a little bit distracting super easy to turn off right there. You can have standard mode or the augmented reality, which is also going to give you turn by turn directions right in front of you. So as long as you have navigation running, you have really awesome ambient lighting that you can see here right across the dash. Its also in your doors as well, so this is super cool to change. You can have it be linked to your drive mode So currently in GT mode, so its green. It coordinates with that. If I go into normal its a deep blue sport, it turns red and then Eco will be a lighter blue, color, Music Applause, Music. Thank you, Music.

The only way that I know how to wrap this up is, I love my car. I have a Golf TDI and I feel like its a unicorn. I love it super fun to drive of all of the cars that I get to test for this channel. This is literally the only car that I would ever consider getting rid of. My golf for even the other golf are like this car has my heart. I just dont have the wallet for it, so big shout out to Capital Kia seriously. Thank you so much for letting me take this car out today.