I know range number, its 500, 500 kilometers, so guys traffic 350, kilometers, 350 kilometers. So this is the perfect vehicle now its not for everyone, because hindisha by any means, mura but its a car that somebody would love to have why but, first and foremost, 22 inch wheels Factory standard, Brembo front brakes Brembo by byd by Brembo. No, I mean from the outside look at the styling at the front, detach the eagle eyes. I call them the eagle eyes. Oh you look at the rear. Has the first Bible so Im, starting from the back guys, though, but there Music 500 good morning, guys 500 horsepower dual motor, no, its dual motor. All wheel drive guys look at the interior look at the interior its in by no means a minimalist vehicle. Look at that, if theres one thing that the Chinese is really good at is Aesthetics, especially its a lobe no and its not cheap leather, its its good leather, yeah, Alcantara, stitching, contrast stitching, I dont know anything about the sound system, yet its Direct its European, its Owned by in house Brandon, you have to hear the sound guys were gon na. Have this car for a couple of days and well review the whole car, but I get to test drive this car in its entirety: glass, roof. I know its the whole roof guys. So it stretches from the front its the drivers side, all the way to the tip to the end of the rear passenger.

No look at the interior! Look at the! Oh, my God! Look at that mood lighting Sha! How do you open the Frank this one? Music, Frank: okay, open the roof, though oh guys start buttons over here, open the roof. Ayan roofie roofie. Look at that guys, its so quiet its crazy. Look at that flat bottom steering wheel, grabby, okay, stop doing nothing! Lets take a look at the Frank we were in Italy and I see guys with EVS because we went to Carrefour and the kids were putting stuff. In the Frank, this actually has the engine in front the mall, its not an engine but its a motor. So guys I mean, because I think this is the this is the future. You know say hello Mark so Marks been driving this for two weeks Marks the owner of byd Philippines, so hes here to lend us a car for for a couple of days. So we could uh show you guys what its capable of and share the easy love guys share the EV love. This is and, like I said well, do a full well do a full video of this car driving it around, showing it around. So its an absolutely great looking car Amela so there how much three point three points. Three, six. Eight eight three point: six eight eight, like I said guys its not for everyone Fortuner. Nobody is telling you guys not to buy the car that you want, but for the people who are actually convinced that they want to go Eevee, you know you cant be half pregnant.

You know. Why are you going to buy a hybrid if you can go full Eevee and, like I said not, everyone is convinced to do full EV so, but if youre, one of those guys whos fully convinced to go full Eevee. I think this is a viable choice. You have dealer support, you have a great car, you have a great company to back it up. Where will you buy a car except from the company that actually pioneered the use of batteries and cars, which is byd so anyway, guys watch out for the full video? I just wanted to show you guys the car its here and I get to drive it thats.