Now this is a 1.0 liter turbocharged compact crossover, but were not going to be doing the full on review just yet thats it today here has lined up something very fun for us, and experience has said it its going to be like a scavenger hunt. Instead of finding things were going to be finding experiences, so lets go oh yeah, Music, its from here they say that hi JJ were excited to bring you on the scavenger hunt to experience life with a castronic mile, hybrid, so theyre gon na send us to a Few places first off, we want you to experience how easy to handle this car is so were gon na. Send you to a really peaceful place, in fact its so peaceful its called the Peace Center lets go. I guess we have our first destination Music Sonic, that care pass to us comes with a little caveat and they say that they have a really unbelievable promotion at the end of The Challenge, so stay tuned for that. So right now were just starting off on our way to our first stop and I have to say, Im rather pleasantly surprised by this car. It is in its category, so you kind of do expect certain things to be missing, but its really well finished and for its size, its powered, its not its, not laggy or anything, its quite responsive, and I believe that is old to its Mount Hybrid drivetrain. So it does get a little bit of assistance on the moving off.

So even though it is a one liter turbo, even before the turbo Smooths up youre still getting that electric assistance, so it doesnt feel it doesnt feel not enough at all in sufficient thats. The word because this is a rather compact vehicle and it is a mile hybrid. It is boasting some 21.3 kilometers per liter on paper Music, so weve arrived at our first stop Peace Center car park, which is uh rather notorious for the size of its little car park and lets have a go for the compact form factor of this car. Its kind of no problem at all – and that was the proximity sensor on the car you know and also like singing at the front its too near, but no contact because its so easy to drive. This key Center is a quiet spot in the middle of the city, which offers some Scenic views. Its also a nice place to take some photos of your car if you can get up to the top and skis so here you are weve made it to the top of Peace Center car park without issue right. It looks pretty futuristic and it has the new KR logo that I really really like, and this color kiosks calls it smoke blue. I have to say I really like this color and finally enough. I havent seen a lot of this color Sonics on the road because I have seen quite a lot of Snorks on the road, but not this particular color, so maybe its something new and it looks nice, its a message: yeah congrats, on making it to the top Of Peace Center car park um, we hope you made it without issue.

Well, yeah. We knew youd. Do it winky face well now that youve seen the city how about heading to somewhere with more Greenery head on over to Gardens by the Bay, because weve got our next stop inside City Driving actually feel a lot of this talk of this car because keep in Mind this car, while it is small, its engine, is also just 1.0 liter, of course, its turbocharged, but at the low end in City Driving Bumper to Bumper, stop you dont really feel it because it hasnt gotten enough for the turbo to spool up to give that Extra bit of kick, but because of its Mount hybrid system, you get that extra acceleration, so it feels larger than a one liter. It actually feels pretty good and even in eco mode, because Im traveling China see how eco friendly I can drive, you can feel the assistance and it feels good. It feels like its a maybe a 1.4 or 1.5, so good job with this here, Ive been driving around Eco, and sometimes you also expect normal because its equal and then its normal across right, but this also comes in sport mode. So if you want to put it to a little bit more spiritual driving, you can with this and then perhaps a hole that revs higher and you get a turbo kicking in a little bit sooner and also after I brought my sunglasses because they actually included Sunrise Holder right next to its Sun control, so yeah Gardens by the bay is one of many tourist attractions around Sunny Singapore located in the South around the marina and has a plethora of floral exhibitions both indoors and out.

Even the roads too, and the car park itself is a garden nicely tended to for those who are driving. The car park is another spot for your photo shoots. Music. Now, where are Gardens by the bay with a Kia stoning Mount hybrid and I have to say I am pretty impressed with its fuel efficiency for a mild hybrid, and this is a good choice for a pit. Stop because lets take a look around you. It is refreshing to see all this Garden within the city, oh its from here, so you see that youve made it to Gardens by the bay congratulations for driving. I guess congratulations. Now that youve seen the city and youve seen some Greenery. How about something on The Road Less Traveled? What does that mean? Follow our link here and well? Take you to somewhere some pretty nice sites. Okay, I guess we have our next stop. Music Applause so now were on our way to our third point and its a really fun to drive car and not to say that small form factor youre compromising on things unnecessarily, because at the end of the day, you can still see five and you will stop The stroller in the boot just to prove a point Music, so weve arrived at hot park with the Kia sonicma hybrid located in the southwest heart Park, is a hub for recreational educational and Retail activities. The area also offers hiking trails leading to the southern ridges, and also the forest walk for those who drive small unseen roads around the corner from the park offer some exciting views to be held or picnic.

Yet, oh, Music, again, is this. By the way, this isnt the end, we still have one more little task for you, a Scenic little Drive. I guess that was in the scenic. Drive well lets go check it out foreign Music hybrid, and I have to say I think we make pretty good time and its a very functional car. Mount hybrid saving, love petrol and still very very comfortable, looks good feels good on the road enough power with that mile Hybrid Power assistance. Now I think this goes to show that this is a very capable car and for its segment, its very good for young families or new car buyers. This Kia stone is going for 115 999 dollars inclusive of Coe, so that is going to make this car the cheapest mile hybrid in town. Yes, that is quite unbelievable, inclusive of Coe, so if youre, a new car buyer or a new family man looking to expand your family a little bit, so you want easier access to the back bro something thats a little bit higher than a sudan. This Kia Sonic makes a very, very convincing Choice as the cheapest mile, hybrid in town at just 115 999 dollars.