It was a plug in hybrid that offered 63 kilometers of pure electric range. Today I check out the mg Zs EV in its lower of two trims, called the excite its a full electric SUV on offer in the Australian Market pay attention, because this is one of the most affordable, full EV Vehicles available in Australia at the moment. But I want to find out if any compromises have been taken to give you that price tag. Let me take a look at whether its actually a good EV option being the Zs EV. This car takes on the design of the internal combustion engine Zs with just a few stylistic features to let you know its all electric the overall design, isnt revolutionary, but its a design Motif. That mg seems to have used all across its range Id call. It clean and simple meaning, rather than having a futuristic design style, its more modest. The lack of a front grille is the most obvious identifier that this is an EV, so side on again, nothing too ambitious, theres, some curves and creases, and some nice 17 inch Alloys. Its a nice conservative design, its not a head turner, but rather something that Id guess is palatable by the majority of people. Okay, but most importantly, lets look at whats powering this electric mg. There is a single motor and Battery combo that give it 130 kilowatts of power and 280 newton meters of torque. The battery is 50.

3 kilowatt hours, which is a little smaller than what weve been seeing in other EVS weve been reviewing, but then again helps explain that lower price point being a slightly smaller battery means. The listed range is at 320 kilometers wltp. We found this to be pretty accurate and, with our testing weve been getting just over 300 kilometers of range 300 kilometers is actually incredibly functional to live with when it comes to EV driving in Australia. The average distance that people commute to and from work is 33 kilometers now, even if you had to travel 100 or 150 kilometers. That still makes this EB an incredibly feasible option. Think of it like this, if you, you were to have only 300 kilometers of range on a car with an internal combustion engine every few days, youd have to stop at a petrol station and fill up, but EVS give you the option to charge at home or Even at work, depending on your circumstances, which means you dont have to make additional stops to charge your EV when it comes to charging using the supplied charger, gives you just under 10 kilometers of range per hour plugged in this is fine if youre topping up nightly, But to get to a full charge from empty will: take you over 30 hours, but still its always handier, to get a home charger installed if youre choosing to buy an electric car. Your starting point is a seven kilowatt charger.

This will allow you to get a full charge from empty in seven to eight hours. Fast Chargers can offer charging times to 80 in under an hour, well be breaking down exactly how charging works and charging speeds versus range in an upcoming episode. So make sure you stay tuned for that now back to the mgzse, EB, the battery architecture isnt as fast as we see in some of the more expensive EVS, which means those listed charge times. Arent super quick but Im sure for most people in most daily circumstances. They wouldnt make too much of a difference. I also have to mention that there is a v2l or vehicle to load feature here, which means that, by putting an adapter on the charging point, you can use the car to Omit its stored energy and power. Your devices, a very handy feature not available on many EVS. Now I have had the chance to drive the internal combustion engine mgzs turbo, I found the engine refinement was just average and transmission shifting wasnt the smoothest, this isnt, the mgz turbo. No, this is the zsev and, like I said before, it benefits instantly just from the pure and simple fact that its an EV there are certain inherent attributes which make driving EVS just so much better on many levels being an EV, you get instant torque and even Though the numbers dont scream performance, you actually do feel that this car is very responsive Off the Mark.

The one thing I have noticed here is, as opposed to some other EVS. There is a slightly longer pause after you press the accelerator before the car responds 0 to 100 is listed at 8.2 seconds, but most of the speed is built up in the zero to 60 range, which is good. The other benefit of being an EV means. The low platform battery allows for a weighted control, drive thats, especially noticeable when taking Corners, theres a mildish regenerative braking present. I cant actually find, if theres a way to make it stronger or even turn. It off seems like its always on its easy to get used to, especially if youre an EV novice, but I just like some options to adjust it. Let me know if youve driven this car before, if Ive missed anything though steering feels heavy and overall, this is just a very pleasant car to drive now for the interior. The overall look of the Interior is really nice again, simple, which I guess means by not overdoing it theres less to get wrong. The Plastics in general are on the lower end Im, not a big fan of these buttons underneath the infotainment system, but the whole clicky uppy Downy thing just feels a bit clunky. The infotainment screen is 10.1 inches and has the expected apps, like Apple carplay and Android, auto theres, also some EV specific information you get shown, which is cool, theres, a digital instrument cluster, which gives you your range left in kilometers, which is a little perk.

I actually feel I have to mention when cars have it now, after reviewing the Volvo C40 recharge theres, also an app you can download called iSmart, which gives you control over some vehicle features as well, as gives you a visual of your charge, status thats. Also, pretty cool, oh and its great, to see a choice of both usb a and USBC ports overall, its pretty spacious and comfortable back here. Youve got good, Headroom, good leg, room, theres, no armrest or cup holders, but you do get your usb a and USBC ports back here and your air vents dont complain. Now you get 359 liters of boot space in the back. Now you dont get a spare tire, but you do get a tire repair kit and a space to hold your charges. So this is a frunk free, EV thats, like a little storage space that some EVS give you where you can store cables or beach towels. Where am I going to put this now now, let me get into safety theres, an impressive list of safety features, emergency brake assist, adaptive, cruise control, rear cross traffic alert traffic jam, assist and many other good ones. There were some that werent as refined as I would have liked, like the lane, keep assist which kept buzzing at me when I would get close to the line as opposed to going across it. There are actually plenty of options to adjust. Many of the safety features through the infotainment system.

As you can see, I can adjust the lane keep assist from mild to medium to hard turn the vibrate on or off sound on or off having all those options was cool, but overall the lane keep assist just wasnt as refined as I would have liked. So I ended up just turning it off, but look theres still that impressive list of safety Tech a lot of it very Advanced, giving you peace of mind when it comes to safety pricing for this entry, excite model starts from only 44 990 drive away and for The top of the line Essence Drive Away. Pricing starts at 48 990, despite some of the small small Seasons I may have made Still Remains one of the most affordable, pure electric car options available on our Aussie market, and for that I love it and for a daily electric driver, its hard to fault its Very well priced and, as a whole, its actually a lovely car to drive one of the main things helping to drive that price down is that smaller battery size, giving just over 300 kilometers of range, but in reality for most people. That range is very easy to live with, but it seems our Aussie Market wants more range and mg are listening, so were expecting a long range mgz, with a bigger battery to be released soon also were looking forward to the full release of the mg4 another pure Electric model, a little later this year, also theres going to be a bunch of other affordable, EB models from different manufacturers being released throughout the year.

So let me know in the comments below which one youve got your eye on and youll.