Maybe youve heard it already on Twitter uh, where this post blew up quite a bit and if you havent seen it then thats clearly a sign that you should go to Twitter and follow us. My handle is underscore mm85. Miriam can also be found on Twitter and well. This is really not our first touch point with the Neo et7 in Germany. You remember if you follow this channel by the way you should actually subscribe to this Channel and make sure to hit the notification button because then usually have watched our coverage of the Neo Berlin event, where weve luckily been invited, and Not only was it the first Time that I saw some of these newest NT 2.0 platform – cars in Germany, for example, also the Neo et5, but also Im – managed to get us a ride in the Neo et7 the day after close to the Berlin airport. And finally, that was still when Lee bin and Cindy Hong were around. So at the moment when we picked up the car, they were just walking around there and well. I have to make a shout out here to Neo they, you know, let me drive the car, a really short term notice, um organized, but we only had the car for like one hour or so. We could make a little bit of footage and some testing, but Ive never posted the footage actually here on a channel right, well, thats, because, first of all I first let the other YouTubers do their thing like the professional car, testers and so on, and you may Have watched some of those videos out there and Im? Surely not that guy whos, you know giving you all of the details about every little aspect and comparing it to other cars.

However, what this channel is all about is about covering Chinese Tech, how its going to change the world opportunities to event, invest along with it right and also, of course, the EV landscape and so Im going to make sure that this is also covered on this channel. Here our personal experience with the et7, what we like about the car, what we dont like about the car but as Im always preaching on this channel Neo in my point of view, is much more than just a car, its its actually more about the whole company And I can tell you weve already included that in our recent testing and in getting the et7 already but more on that later, and so this will all be more about some sort of investors due diligence and comparing it also to our previous impressions of what we Had with Neo in China with the old models, the NT 1.0 platform, and then, of course, how does it compare now to news entry in Europe um? Do they have a chance in Europe? How do they models compare so the et5 is just around the corner. The el7 in Germany is all also just getting kind of launched, the first customers are receiving theirs, and now we have the et7, and so in the next couple of weeks. You cannot only expect videos here on the channel about you, know the macro picture of China and the world and investment opportunities, different companies and, of course, content around Neos stock.

But of course, in this case also about the product. And so the next couple of weeks and months will be really exciting because, as you know, also Miram – and I are not only doing this YouTube channel but also running a kind of Boutique consultancy. Where were helping German Brands, European Brands and other companies to understand China. Better um so from a tech from a user perspective, but also the the trends that are happening, and so we only have a couple of weeks left to do this road trip content before we actually are heading off to China again, and you know going back and Forth between the countries and taking you, of course, with us thats our main business, but luckily we also have our patrons that are supporting us. So this is also a very important part of why we can actually do this content and bring it to you guys. So shout out to our patrons again Im also making sure that you get some special content there, which will not be public on the channel. So yes thats the exciting news.